Eco-Friendly Fashion to Wear Everyday

Looking cute doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment!. It’s possible to look good while living a fashion-forward eco-friendly lifestyle. This is true no matter what your price range or your favorite eco-friendly fashion brands.

Eco-conscious fashionistas have a range of options to choose from. There is no need to choose between loving your clothing and being earth-friendly. With some wise choices, you can have an environmentally friendly, low-impact wardrobe you love.

Fortunately, the fashion industry is moving towards producing more eco-friendly clothing. Plenty of clothing brands are moving towards sustainability and using eco-friendly materials.

Avoid Fast Fashion to Stay Eco-Friendly

It’s tempting to buy the latest trends at low prices. However, fast fashion manufacturers do not typically use sustainable materials. In fact, fast fashion is the opposite of sustainable fashion. Fast-fashion brands tend to be made out of inexpensive materials with a low cost-per-wear and a big environmental impact. The supply chain for these brands often does not include fair wages or a sustainable manufacturing process.

Consider Recycled Materials and Thrifting

One of the easiest ways to have an eco-friendly wardrobe is to recycle materials and clothing. Look for used fashion finds at consignment stores and thrift shops. These stores usually have wide price ranges.

With high-quality second-hand designer clothes, a consignment shop will be far less than retail while not contributing more pollution from the manufacturing process. You may even find some heirloom-quality purses or textiles with great craftsmanship at a lower price while staying eco-friendly.

Thrifting is a great way to shop for everything from casual wear to essentials for the office. It’s a great way to find one-of-a-kind t-shirts, super-soft cardigans, high-rise denim, and other and garments.

Buying second-hand is a climate-neutral and eco-friendly way to shop.

Create an Eco-Friendly Fashion Capsule Collection

Another great way to create an eco-friendly closet is to create a capsule collection wardrobe. Capsule collections are carefully curated to include fewer high-quality items. Most, if not all, of the items in a capsule collection, can be mixed and matched to create a variety of looks. Leggings should coordinate with t-shirts. Button-downs should match skirts and denim. If done correctly, all of your outfits should create a beautiful silhouette because you chose them with care.

By buying less clothing, it’s possible to invest in higher-quality organic cotton, non-toxic fabrics, and sustainable brands. It’s also possible to focus on fair trade fashion, emphasizing fair labor practices and cruelty-free manufacturing.

Look for Sustainable Brands for Eco-Friendly Fashion

Some brands are known for being sustainable clothing brands. These sustainable clothing brands make it easy to be eco-friendly because you know you are buying clothing with an ethical supply chain, fair trade practices, and sustainable materials.

These fashion brands may not be in everyone’s price range, but if you can afford them, they take the guesswork out of eco-friendly shopping. Some brands to look for are Tentree, Alternative Apparel, and Organic Basics.

Famolare Sandals, which makes adorable 70s-styled sandals, is a model company when it comes to sustainability. Their design process begins with a focus on reducing waste. They locally source as many of their materials as possible to keep their carbon footprint to a minimum and choose manufacturers that pay fair wages and have human working conditions.

Wool& is another fantastic sustainable option. About 25% of a garment’s carbon footprint comes from washing and care. Wool& uses merino wool because it needs to be washed much less than other fabrics. As a natural material, wool is more eco-friendly than synthetic fabrics and is more durable. Wool& also takes care to ensure that their wool comes from farms that consider animal welfare and use eco-friendly land management practices. Another thing that makes Wool& a sustainable brand is that merino wool can be worn in any season (really!), and they design their garments so that they can be styled in a variety of ways. This means that wearers can cut down on the number of garments they need.

Look for Eco-Friendly Certifications

If you have no idea where to start when it comes to eco-friendly fashion, you are not alone! An easy way to begin is by looking for eco-friendly certifications.

Ensuring you are purchasing an ethical brand is as easy as looking for a certification label. Certifications like Bluesign WRAP-certified FSC-certified, B Corp, and Oeko-Tex have high standards for sustainability. Look for these certifications to ensure the garment you want is made sustainably.

WAMA is a model brand of sustainability, and they have the certifications to prove it. This company uses renewable, sustainable hemp to make sustainable, breathable undergarments for men and women. They obtain their hemp primarily from small organic family farms, audit the factories they use to ensure fair labor practices, and require suppliers to agree to follow their Code of Conduct. Because of this, WAMA has earned several certifications. These include certification from PETA for being a Vegan company and Green America for being committed to sustainable practices.

Among others, WAMA is certified by Oeko-Tex to ensure that their fabrics are safe for human health and the Business Social Compliance Initiative, which ensures good working conditions among suppliers. While it’s rare for a single company to have so many certifications, focusing on what’s important to you can help you better live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Seek Out Sustainable Fabrics and Practices

Even the most eco-conscious fashionistas want to branch out beyond the brands that are better known for sustainability from time to time.

If you find a shirt you love but aren’t sure if it is sustainable clothing, look for materials like Tencel, recycled polyester, organic cotton, and post-consumer fabrics made from items like recycled water bottles.

Check out the brand’s website and see if they provide any information about where they source their material, where they manufacture their garments, what working conditions are like at their factories, and whether they recycle. Even plastic-free packaging can help make a brand sustainable.

Ecodessa is a great fashion brand that seeks to educate its customers on sustainable fabrics and practices. The company’s three core values include sustainable textiles, ethical and humane production practices, and social consciousness! 

Beware of Greenwashing

Unfortunately, the fashion industry is not always honest. Some brands may claim to be farm-to-closet but cannot back up their claims that they are actually creating sustainable fashion. Dig a little deeper if you come across a cute t-shirt or new brand that claims to use organic cotton or be a fair-trade company.

Don’t Rush It

Your wardrobe may not become eco-friendly overnight. You don’t have to fill your closet with organic cotton from Organic Basics and Tentree right away.

However, putting some thought into creating a sustainable closet with sustainable materials as you buy new clothing and accessories will go a long way. Look for sustainable clothes and sustainable materials. See whether the brands you like have any certifications like B Corp or Oeko-Tex.  Try to find out if brands you like use fair trade labor practices and have an ethical supply chain.

The next time someone compliments you, you may be able to respond with, “Thanks! It’s not just cute. It’s also eco-friendly!”

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