How to Set up a Guest Room for Grandchildren

Guest Room for Grandkids on a Budget

A guest room can be a great place to host your grandchildren. With the right colors and cozy space, they may want to stay over every weekend!

It’s great to have an extra room in the house whether you use it for sleeping space or an office. With grandchildren in the mix, setting it up as a guest room can be a great option. However, it can be hard to know where to begin when it comes to creating the perfect room! Whether you’re keeping it simple or are on a budget, we have a few tips for getting started. Share your own guest bedroom tips with other hosts on your favorite family app!

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How Do You Make a Guest Room Welcoming?

One of the most exciting parts of being a grandparent is having the grandchildren over for a night! But, it’s important if the kids are visiting that they feel comfortable and welcome. If they’re quite young, you may want to add some color and fun toys they can play with. Or, if your little guests are a bit older, a space they can spend some time alone reading or playing on the computer is great. With guest room essentials like a comfortable bed and some accessories, they’ll feel close to home without actually being there!

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How Do You Decorate a Guest Room for Grandchildren?

There are many elements to making a bedroom that will be both functional and fun for your little ones. Follow our guest bedroom ideas for the best additional space around!

  • Make It Multipurpose – The most important part of any good guest room is a comfy bed. But, how about one that serves more than one function? Whether you want a couch-cum-bed or a wall bed, this can make for extra space to play!
  • Color is Key – Few things will impact a room quite like color, so it’s important to choose the right shades. The colors you choose will depend on the age of your grandchildren. However, consider something that adds a splash of color but still stays relatively neutral. An accent wall or wallpaper might be perfect! However, this also means not to choose a very toddler-like pattern or design if you want it to last longer.
  • A Little Added Space – It’s hard to hang out in a room when the only thing there is a bed. Instead of keeping it too minimal, invest in guest room décor like a comfortable chair or desk. That way, your grandchildren can spend some time on their own. Share your own ideas for extras on FamilyApp!
  • Add Accessories – Nothing will dress up a room quite like the right guest room accessories. A lamp and extra blankets are key, but there are also other pieces that can add ambiance. A colorful rug, a print or a striking vase will make it unique.

How Do You Decorate a Guest Bedroom on a Budget?

There’s no doubt that decorating on a budget can be a little more difficult. But there are ways to have some guest bedroom fun without overspending!

  • Embellish the Bed– The first thing anyone including your grandchildren will notice about a room is the bed. Improve the appearance of yours with nice bedding and sheets, a pillow, a colorful blanket, and a unique headboard.
  • Get Creative – A nightstand or dresser doesn’t have to be something you go out to buy. Instead use a funky cabinet, a bookcase or even a chair to fill in for the familiar bedside table. If you have any other creative ideas, share them on your favorite family app!
  • Borrow a Little, Borrow a Lot – Decorating your guest bedroom doesn’t have to involve a big investment. Instead, grab some guest room art from around your house like books or candles for a bit of beauty. Re-using decoration doesn’t only satisfy your budget, but it also contributes to your eco-friendly home.

It’s often a luxury to have a guest bedroom, but it can seem like quite a task to get it done. Luckily, if your grandchildren are staying over soon, it can simply involve a splash of color and some borrowing. Do you have any suggestions for the guest room? Share them with others in our comments! After all, the right pillows and a beautiful print can make for a cozy, inviting space.

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