What are the best formal winter party ideas?

There’s more to wintertime than hiding out from the cold. Whether you throw an outdoor bonfire or make your own winter party indoors, there’s plenty of fun to be had!

It isn’t easy planning a party. Whether you’re contemplating the guest list, the theme or the venue, there are so many things to consider! Summer’s events can happen around the barbecue, but it’s different when the cold winter air rolls in. Fortunately, there are still a lot of great winter party options. Whether you keep it inside or brave the outdoors, try out one of these party ideas for some festive fun!

How do you host a great party?

With all the fanfare around the holidays, you may want to consider a casual winter party. Here are some ways to do this that will still make it memorable!

  • Cue the Hot Cocoa– Winter is perfect for warming up, so entertain your guests with a hot chocolate buffet! Bring out the good stuff like whipped cream, marshmallows and cinnamon for many inspired flavors. You may even want to have rooibos or butter tea for those who like their brewed beverages!
  • Snack on Football Sunday – You don’t have to wait for the Super Bowl or College Bowl time to throw a great football-watching party! These can be the perfect way to throw off the winter doldrums! Throw a party for your friends with all the familiar foods like hot dogs, dips, wings and beer. This will be a snacking Sunday every sports fan will love!

winter party football

What are good outdoor winter party ideas?

Many people want to stay warm in winter, but there are fun ways to take advantage of the cooler season. All that’s required is creating the right atmosphere for the great outdoors!

  • Get the Bonfire Crackling– Instead of staying inside, start the fire and tell your guests to put on their parka for a winter party! Ensure you have a lot of blankets, seating and winter music to inspire cheerMulled wine, chili and other foods are also perfect to keep your guests warm.
  • Celebrate Winter Sports – Instead of chatting around the fire, go for a high-octane event with winter party games. Whether your guests like ice skating, snowboarding or hiking, make the time for winter recreation. But make sure you have warm beverages and wonderful treats after the activity’s over!

elegant winter tablescape

What are the best formal winter party ideas?

With all the festivities of winter, the cold weather can be a great time to do a little dress up. Fortunately, there are plenty of elegant options for the perfect winter party!

  • A Winter Wonderland – It’s hard to stay elegant in winter weather, so head inside for an enchanting winter-inspired space! Decorate a hall or your home with white winter party decorationsholly and poinsettias. With the right lighting and chilled vodka martinis, your guests will enjoy the cold season from inside!
  • Go Black and White – Winter white is certainly a popular option. However, you can also plan a black and white dinner party for an elegant affair! While the winter party décor ideas are up to you, ensure your guests puts on their best winter party dress. Whether you serve steamed clams or salmon, it will be done in style!
ugly Christmas sweater.

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What are the best theme party ideas?

From casual events to elegant affairs, there are plenty of ways to do a winter party! But, if you’re looking for laughter, try one of the following winter party theme ideas:

  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Party– This theme may have made a significant splash in recent years. Fortunately, there’s fun to be had by having everyone wear their favorite Christmas jumper! You can even come up with some winter party games for adults to celebrate the holiday spirit.
  • 1980s Ski Party– Many of us recall the love of neon that the 80s ushered in. Luckily, you can revisit this with your own old-style skiing party! While no mountains will be involved, ask your guests to put on their vintage windbreakers for a memorable party. You can even serve up an inspired 80s soundtrack!

Planning the perfect party can be a stressful endeavor! Fortunately, there are plenty of winter party ideas that will inspire your guests. Do you have any great winter party theme ideas to share? If so, let us know in our comments. Whatever you choose, there’s no shortage of ways to have fun in the cold season.

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