Romantic Tips for a Date Night At Home

Just because you can’t have a night out, it’s time to turn to the date night at home. It’s no surprise that the secret to a happy marriage takes work and continuous effort. In essence, keeping the romance alive fosters intimacy.

date night at home

The Intentional Date Night at Home

Being deliberate about romantic moments with your partner is the key to keeping the love alive. Although sex may be the furthest thing from your mind right now, it serves as a relationship builder. In addition, physical touch can make you feel like a connected couple again instead of just tired parents co-existing.

With the following tips, you can take simple relationship ideas to create magical moments inside your home. Although life in the time of COVID-19 can feel a bit bleak right now,  it doesn’t have to be dreary inside your home.  Using both creativity and imagination, you can add the fun into romantic date night ideas. In fact, you don’t need to watch rom-coms to get your romance quotient up. An unforgettable night of at-home connecting can mean planning a virtual cooking class together or playing an energetic board game that you both enjoy.

Equally important, quality time is about focused connection. The goal is to rekindle affection and center your attention towards each other. Don’t forget, little things and small details can go a long way toward making your partner feel special.

date night at home

Do Something Fun and New

Research shows that creating new experiences brings couples closer together. Furthermore, run of the mill date nights are not enough to jump-start a titillating conversation. According to studies, in order for couples is to keep the romance alive, they must continue to create novelty in the relationship. This does not have to be complicated or cost a lot of money. In fact, the perk of date night can be saving money while having a blast together!

It’s time to bring the little things back into your love life. Easy ways to rekindle excitement into your relationship can be as easy as planning a romantic dinner after the kids go to sleep. Simply lighting a candle does wonders to create a feeling of romance before bed. Think of what types of things you both would like to do together outside the default of Netflix and wine.

Romantic Tips to Set the Mood

Showing gratitude creates feelings of warmth. Moreover, writing a love letter of appreciation can set a loving atmosphere.  Reading your love note out loud after the kids go to bed is a great way to grow affection. According to relationship experts, couples who share new experiences together can reignite chemistry and feel-good brain chemistry.

Take turns in taking the lead with no judgment or expectations.  In fact, you can discuss what enjoyable activities that you want to do together. One partner can plan a surprise date at home and the other partner can be open, receptive, and appreciative. It’s important to note that this is not the time to be critical. Appreciate your partner’s taking the time to plan and appreciate you.

Continue reading the romantic tips below so you can learn how to spice up your love life.

10 Date Night Ideas at Home

  • Pretend you met on Tinder and it’s the first time you are having a romantic dinner in. Stay in character and savor the feelings of just meeting each other all over again.
  • Plan a Valentine’s Day dinner after the kids go to bed with candles and a special meal. Put on your favorite music and dress up for each other.
  • Create a couple’s spa day at home during nap time or in the evening once the kids go to bed. Pamper each other with a massage, aromatic oils, and calm music.
  • Order delivery from a restaurant you haven’t tried before. Dine by candlelight and bring out the nice china.
  • Dress up for each other and have late-night appetizers and your favorite drinks. Bring out the crystal glasses and make a toast to each other.
  • Take out your favorite photos from a meaningful excursion before the kids were born and watch a romantic movie that takes place in the same town.
  • Play the 36 Questions Game to fall in love all over again. Research shows that these 36 questions re-create intimacy. The answers may surprise you!
  • Plan your perfect night at home with your partner and together make it come true!
  • Learn each other’s “Love Language” and plan a date night that revolves around honoring each other’s unique way of feeling cared for.
  • Plan a romantic al fresco meal for just you two in the backyard. It may be by the fire pit or sharing a romantic picnic together. Talk about all the things you dream of in your future life together after the kids go off to college!

Plan Ahead for Your Date Night at Home

So much about creating a magical date night is being deliberate and planning ahead. You might consider having a regularly scheduled date night on the same day each week so you have enough time to plan. Even better, scheduling a date ahead of time gives you something to look forward to together. Remember, date night doesn’t have to be expensive.  However, your romantic ideas should be well-thought-out so that they are both meaningful and memorable. In addition, gift ideas can be a homemade coupon book of kind gestures like a foot rub or a sexy Saturday night in the bedroom. Whatever you decide as a couple, with a little bit of thought, you can create an evening that is both enjoyable and a new experience.

Date night at home isn’t the time to be lazy. Spending intentional time together away from the kids will help you remember why you came together in the first place. Regardless of what’s happening in the world outside, you can always create something special and thoughtful inside your house. If only a kiss was enough to make love last. But sustaining love requires an investment of effort and thoughtfulness. Furthermore, date night shouldn’t be a chore. Instead, special time together can be an opportunity to celebrate your union and create romantic memories. Make a toast to your time together and be inspired to add the spark back into your love life!

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