Fair Trade Clothing: What You Need to Know Before Shopping

Tips for Shopping Fair Trade Clothing

In the global economy, we don’t always know where our clothes really come from. Fair trade clothing can help to ensure that you’re investing in ethical producing practices!

There are so many different products out there that it can be hard to know where our purchases come from. But knowing how something is made can be an important step in supporting a producer that’s doing the right thing! For that, fair trade certification can help to determine the sustainability and ethics of a company’s products. Luckily, there are a few fair trade clothing companies that you can feel good about buying from. Share your finds on your favorite family app with other ethical buyers!

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What Is Fair Trade Clothing?

Fair Trade is an expression that most people have heard of. However, you may not be aware of what it really means and how it can pertain to ethical fashion. Firstly, it’s important to know that this movement is different from Fairtrade International. While the latter certifies and labels organizations, the movement has the aim of sustainability and transparency. When it comes to sustainable fashion, ethical and fair trade clothing brands protect workers’ rights and promote environmental responsibility. As the international economy continues to change, so will the supply chain that impacts what we buy!

Why Should I Buy Fair Trade?

Most of us want to invest in the kind of products that make the world a better place. That’s where fair trade clothing can help! Since products are brought from poorer regions, a minimum price is agreed on that provides workers with a living wage. This helps local communities to attain stability in the economic marketplace. Another priority is working conditions, and fair trade companies forbid practices like child and slave labor. And, while most people feel passionate about going green, buying ethically can be a great way to do it! Fair trade producers of clothing prioritize water conservation, responsible waste disposal, and biodiversity. Be sure to share your favorite fair trade purchases with others on FamilyApp!

Where Can I Find Fair Trade Clothing Brands?

There are so many companies that don’t utilize sustainable practices that it can be hard to find ethical clothing. We’ve compiled a few that make eco-friendly clothing you’ll feel even better about wearing!

  • Pact – In addition to offering fair trade clothing items, this fashion brand’s organic clothing is also GOTS-certified. This means their apparel follows organic guidelines from start to finish! They also make clothes for women, men, and children so you’ll be able to buy ethical fashion for the whole family.
  • People Tree – This popular fair-trade certified brand is based out of the United Kingdom. In addition to organic cotton, they use low impact dyes so that you don’t have to worry about irritation. They have every wardrobe staple you’ll need, so share this sustainable brand with others on your favorite family app!

Heather Holiday of Rooted Soles creates beautiful footwear.

  • Rooted Soles – This Philadelphia-based company creates gorgeous hand-crafted leather shoes and accessories. Its mission includes “sourcing materials responsibly, reducing our environmental impact, treating customers like real people, and giving others (especially women) opportunities to learn a trade and hone their skills”. You can read more about Founder and CEO Heather Holiday, FamilyApp’s Slow Fashion Mom on the Street.
  • Patagonia – Patagonia is one of the most familiar fair trade clothing manufacturers. They’re also Bluesign approved which means their production is environmentally safe from start to finish. This fashion company also have a clothing-recycling program that promotes sustainability even after the final purchase!
  • Athleta – Activewear and workout apparel are one of the biggest trends in clothing right now. If you pair comfort with sustainability, you can feel even better about what you buy! 60 % of Athleta’s products consist of sustainable materials like organic cotton. With its 2020 goal of 80 %, you may want to invest in these durable garments soon.

Feel-Good Fair Trade Fashion

When we go into a store, we don’t always know what we’re really buying. But, for those who want to invest in sustainable and ethical products, fair trade fashion is the way to go! With brands like Patagonia and Athleta on the bandwagon, the tide may begin to turn towards sustainability.

Do you have a favorite fair trade clothing brand? Share your tips with us in our comments! Buying new clothes can be fun, but it’s even better when you can feel good about how it’s made.

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