Calm Sweet Pup on the Street: Millie Thompson

Chelsea and Cody Thompson with Milllie

Millie Thompson is a beautiful Bernedoodle who has warmed her way into the hearts of Chelsea and Cody. Read on to learn all about this Calm Sweet Pup on the Street.

2 months and 5 days later. . .

Meet Millie

How did your owners know you were “the one”? I was the last puppy of 12! They called the breeder and I was the only one left. They knew they wanted a female Bernedoodle, so I made the cut! I was so calm and sweet when they met me and held me for the first time (picture attached)

How long have you been together? About 4 months; they’ve had me since I was 9 weeks old and I just turned 5 months old. 

What’s your favorite toy? I love my stuffed John Deere tractor toy

What’s your favorite food? I scarf down the “Purina Pro Plan” large breed! So yummy! 

What’s your greatest fear? I’m not scared of much! I’ve been right next to some skillets falling off of the counter and I don’t flinch… hmmm… I’m brave? 

What’s your favorite famous animal? I love watching the wild nature shows and I always bark at the muskrats and prairie dogs! 

What’s your favorite game? I love fetching sticks! It makes me so happy!… And tug of war with my rope toy! 

Favorite animal movie/TV show? I enjoy watching “Wild Alaska” and “Africa” with my humans. 

Do you let your owner dress you up? If so, what’s your favorite outfit? Sure! I don’t mind! We live in Florida – so for now – I’ve just worn Bandannas and hair bows

Calm Sweet Life

What are some of your favorite things to do that make your owner upset? I get excited and annoying sometimes to new people that come over and I’m punished by having to “go to my bed” – a pillow bed in the corner and I have to calm down a little before I’m told I can get up. 

What’s your favorite way to exercise? I love going on walks outside and playing with TONS of dogs at our local indoor/outdoor dog park “Kanine Social”.

What’s your strangest habit? Anytime anyone blows air at me (with their mouth) I get hyped up and bark 😆

What’s your favorite treat? I love organic turkey breast lunch meat – I’ll do anything! Also “Dentastix!” 

What’s your favorite place to visit? “Kanine Social” – our local indoor/outdoor dog park near where I live! So fun! 

What’s your favorite napping spot? Wherever my owners/humans are – I usually lay down at their feet and pass out – I love cuddling under their blankets.

That looks like a pretty great way to end the day for calm sweet Millie!

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