The Best Teacher Gifts for the End of the Year

Are you looking for the best teacher gifts as the end of the year approaches? Here’s our list of the most special ways to say “thank you” to teachers for all they’ve done.

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The Best Teacher Gifts

It’s been a year. And our teachers are at the top of our heroes list. If you are looking for ways to really bless your teachers this year, we’ve made a list of gift ideas to show appreciation and say thank you for all you’ve done!

A Little Research Goes Far

Some schools have a “Teacher’s Favorite Things” book available in the front office or online. These are directories filled with sheets teachers have submitted listing their favorites online and around town. Not only can you use this to give a gift that’s guaranteed to delight, just looking over favorites can motivate you to give to teachers and staff you normally might have skipped in shopping.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask! You can make your own “survey” for teachers via email and distribute it in the weeks before school’s out. Be sure to ask about favorite sweets, dietary restrictions, collectible items, hobbies, and college teams. Doing a  little research can help you to give a thoughtful, personalized gift.

Virtual Teacher Gifts

This year’s reality is that I just don’t SEE my kid’s teachers. In the past, I would drop by a treat for each season, but with kids being in virtual school or the schools not allowing guests, I’m facing some limitations.

E-gift cards or gift vouchers are a fantastic way to celebrate teachers with something they can use immediately. Everyone loves Amazon, Visa, Target, and Starbucks gift cards. You can also use Egifter or Gift Card Mall for more options.

Local Teacher Gifts

Shopping local adds a unique twist to a gift and supports your community. Who knows? you may introduce your favorite teacher to a new company to which they will stay loyal.

When exploring local gifts, consider consumables…anything you can eat or use up does not need to be stored or require much commitment. It also increases the chance that they will go back and shop for more.

In Williamsburg, I support Silver Hand Meadery and Honey Shop for sweet honey gifts, Wythe Candy for anything decadent, and The Spice and Tea Exchange of Williamsburg for a variety of flavored options.

Many local restaurants are currently doing family meals to-go. Think how much it would mean to have dinner delivered during a crazy teaching week! A gift card to a restaurant offering a delicious dining at-home menu, such as Cochon on 2nd’s Moody’s Kitchen, could be the ultimate treat.

Gifts for Self Care

Is your teacher a coffee drinker or super-committed to their water bottle? Consider purchasing a Yeti transportable mug or canteen that keeps liquids hot forever, a Tervis tumbler, or a S’well bottle, which keeps water cold and just looks good. These thoughtful gifts are useful, and possibly not something teachers would purchase themselves.

Gifts for the Classroom

In an unconventional year, families and school budgets are providing fewer supplies, but classroom needs are not diminished. If you’re a practical gift-giver, teachers are always pleased to receive unsolicited bundles of Clorox wipes, Sharpiespost-it notes, notebookscrayons, pens, and pencils. More often than not, teachers end up purchasing classroom supplies on their own. Let your gift-giving keep them in stock for next year!

Teacher Christmas Gifts That Are Budget-Friendly

Many of us want our child to thank their teacher in a personalized way. Often we give ornaments or pictures of their favorite student. Be cautious with these items, well-intended as you may be. Teachers impact so many students over the course of their career, the stuff can become burdensome.

If you want to personally thank a teacher, avoid any tchotchkes, and have your child write an honest note. Words or drawings from a student inspire a teacher as much as any item. Plus, they’re much easier to store. Place the notes with a ribbon around a small homemade treat, or box of chocolates from a grocer such as Trader Joe’s. You are giving a gift that is both consumable and thoughtful – done and done!

Gifts When It Matters

This year, show your teachers that you see them and the work they are doing. Take a little extra time to send a gift that shows thought and appreciation. A gift does not have to be big, or expensive to end the message that you notice and appreciate them – and wish them a wonderful summer.

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