12 Gift Ideas for the Plant Lover in Your Life

Gifts for Plant Lovers

Do you have a plant lover in your life who you want to buy a gift for yet know nothing about caring for houseplants? Are you wondering, “What do plant lovers need?”. Don’t worry; we’ve curated this list of gifts for plant lovers that any plant parent would adore.

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What Are Some Unique Gifts for Plant Lovers?

Know someone with a green thumb but don’t know what they could use? Here are our top picks for plant gifts for the plant parents and gardeners in your life.


No plant lover can have too many pots. It’s always good to have extras on hand when they randomly decide to buy more house plants. This is also an excuse for them to buy another plant to fill the planter!

Plant Hangers

Often times house plant owners run out of room on tables and shelves to keep their plants. Plant hangers are perfect for allowing you to display your beautiful plants and add some greenery to any space.

Air Plants, Succulents, and Cacti

If you’re looking for a more easily transported gift, smaller greenery such as this dreamcatcher air plant is a great option. This makes a cute decoration and would be a great housewarming gift!

Air Plant - Gifts for Plant Lovers

You can never go wrong with gifting a plant lover a cute little succulent, either!

Succulent Grow Kit

Plant Stands

Plants stands are a great way to add some dimension and flair to your plant arrangements. They also make adorable decorations at an entryway or in the corner of a room! Check out these cute and affordable plant stands:

Plant Stand

Here’s a 3-tiered plant stand for that person in your life who just has too many plants.

Tiered Plant Stand - Gifts for Plant Lovers

Watering Cans

A watering can is a must-need for plant moms and dads – why not get them a stylish one like this metal watering can?

Watering Can Gifts for Plant Lovers

Another option is a long nose watering can. These get past the leaves down to the roots of the plant. These cans (like the one below) are perfect for your plant-owning friends who own large, leafy house plants.

Watering Can

Misters & Spray Bottles

A great product to care for indoor plants, from orchids to monstera. Misters help distribute water throughout the whole plant and its leaves. Misters are a simple way to boost humidity for plants that need more moisture. This is an excellent gift for newer plant owners as it helps prevent over-watering.

Gifts for More Experienced Plant Parents

Here is a list of our favorite gifts for plant lovers who have more experience and want to take their plant hobby to the next level.

Fertilizer & Plant Food

The importance and benefits of fertilizer for indoor houseplants are often overlooked. With every watering, some of the plant’s nutrients are washed out and diminish over time. Your plant lover will appreciate quality plant food that will keep their plants nourished and healthy and looking beautiful all year round! Check out this liquid plant food.

Plant Food

Propagation Kits

An experienced plant owner or gardener may be interested in propagating their existing plants. Propagation is when a new plant grows from a cutting of the mother plant. There are various methods of propagation (planting in new, damp soil; placing the cutting in a wet paper towel; placing the cutting in water). Putting a plant cutting in water is the easiest and most popular method. It is best to do so with a propagation kit that has a lid to secure the top of the plant cutting in place while keeping the node (where the new roots will grow) underwater. Check out some cute propagation kits below!

If your loved one likes to propagate multiple plants at once, this is the kit for them! This three-bulbed round propagation kit is excellent for a counter or shelf that gets plenty of sunlight.

Propagation Tubes

This propagation station also functions as wall decor too! You can’t get a much cuter gift than this triangle propagation tool.

Plant Propagation Station - Gift for Plant Lovers

Trimmers & Gardening Tools

Plant trimmers are a good option for more experienced plant owners or gardeners. These come in handy when propagating and trimming away dead and dying leaves or flowers.

Plant Trimmers

If you’re looking for a more stylish option, check out these plant clippers. Who knew these could be so cute?

Plant Clippers

Handmade Terrarium

This gift option allows for the plant lover in your life to receive a one-of-a-kind homemade terrarium. Either you can make it yourself and surprise them, or you can bond with them over something they love and make terrariums together! This is a great date idea for those with significant others who love plants. Just gather the supplies (soil, succulents, rocks, a terrarium planter, etc.) and get creative! Or check out this DIY air plant terrarium kit that comes with everything you need.

DIY Terrarium Kit - Gifts for Plant Lovers

Here is another excellent handmade option for your giftee – a DIY bonsai kit. Choose from 4 different bonsai tree options!

DIY Bonsai Kit - Gifts for Plant Lovers

Grow Lights

If you’re looking to go above and beyond, this is the gift idea for you! Grow lights are perfect for someone obsessed with houseplants and who wants to take their collection to the next level. These lights are not only handy for the areas of the house that don’t get enough light but are also great for boosting propagation efforts.

Indoor Plant Grow Lights

If your loved one is getting into gardening but doesn’t have the ideal conditions for an outdoor garden, try out this indoor garden system. They can grow herbs and small plants indoors all year long!

Indoor Garden System - Gifts for Plant Lovers

Gift Cards

If you’re still unsure of what to give to that plant parent in your life, you can never go wrong with a gift card to their favorite local plant shop or garden center. Any plant owner will appreciate this gift and be able to pick out something that they love!

We hope this was helpful in choosing a plant-related gift for your loved one! What did we miss? Tell us your favorite gifts for plant lovers in the comments!

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