How to Prepare for Job Interview Questions

Job Interview Questions Tips

It can be hard to know what to expect in a job interview. But by preparing ahead of time for some common job interview questions, you can make a great impression!

There’s no doubt that a job interview can be a stressful experience. From what you should wear to what you say, there are many factors involved in a successful interview. And, while there are many variables you can’t control, there are ways you can prepare! By knowing which job interview questions to expect and how you will answer, you can expect to impress the hiring manager. Be sure to share your own interview insights on your favorite family app!

How Can You Prepare for a Job Interview?

The downside of any interview is that you never know what to expect. These tips will help you prepare for interview questions, no matter who’s on the other side of the table!

1. Do Some Research

One of the common interview questions employers ask will be what you know about the company. Instead of going it blind, research the company, its mission and vision, and any recent changes that you can highlight. 

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

No matter who the interviewer is, you’re likely going to be asked how you rate yourself at some point. Be clear on what your strengths are and honest about how you view your weaknesses. Talk to your relatives and friends on FamilyApp about it before the interview. Knowing how you want to present yourself will provide your interviewer with a clear picture. 

Make the First Five Minutes Matter

An interviewer will undoubtedly want to hear your interview questions and answers. However, most of them have actually made up their minds about you in the first five minutes! By showing your enthusiasm and highlighting your strengths, you may be more of a shoo-in.

Practice Your Answers

It might make you feel silly, but saying your answers out loud to yourself can help you prep. Not only will it help to formalize what you’re going to say, but it will also ensure it feels authentic to you.

5. Play the Part

The answers you give are going to be just as important as the impression you make. That’s why you need to ensure that you arrive on time, dress appropriately and maintain professionalism. After all, the meeting is about more than just the interview questions!

What Are Some Common Job Interview Questions?

It can be awkward to get stumped when you have to answer questions during an interview. The following interview questions examples will likely be asked in some form, so test them out to get prepared!

  • Tell Us About Yourself – It often seems like the least important interview question, but it can say a lot about you. While you’ll want to talk about your hobbies, be sure to highlight your professional ambitions. Share your own ideas for answering this question on your favorite family app.
  • What’s Your Biggest Strength? – It’s hard to know what the interviewer might be going for with this one, so trying being straight. You can emphasize skills aligned with the job or choose ones that work across the board, like good communication.
  • What’s Your Biggest Weakness? – This might be one of everyone’s least favorite interview questions, but don’t try to sell a strength as a weakness. Be sure to give an answer that shows measured self-awareness as that is probably what they’re looking for.
  • Why Should We Hire You? – This is another question that can often stump you if you’re not prepared. That’s why researching the company ahead of time is a good idea. It will allow you to tie your skills into their mission so you can stand apart. It can be beneficial to use past experiences as examples.  
  • Tell Us How You Resolved a Conflict – They may be unpopular, but you can expect interview questions about conflict as a way to determine your problem-solving skills. Ensure you have a story to highlight your professionalism and explain your experience in dealing with difficult situations. However, be sure not to critique your last job!

What Are Some Job Interview Questions to Ask at the End?

Many job seekers think that the hard work is over at the end of the interview. However, the last question you’ll be asked is if you have any questions, and it’s important to have one or two. Be sure to research the employer so you can ask them about where your position fits into their trajectory. Make sure to ask interview questions that feel authentic to you and your potential role. However, keep in mind that the first interview may not be the best time to ask about salary:

  • What makes someone a good fit for this role?
  • How does this role fit into the goals of the company?
  • What are your biggest challenges in working here?

Every job interview has its very own set of challenges. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can be prepared for a job interview to make your best impression. By playing the professional part and answering with experience, you may be on your way to a new position. Do you have any advice for interview questions? Share it with other job seekers in our comments! There’s no telling what you can do with the right amount of preparation.

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