13+ Outdoor Toys for Kids This Summer 2023

outdoor toys

Looking for the perfect toy to get your kids outside this summer? Here are 13+ of our favorite outdoor toys (including some tried and true classics from your childhood!)

School is out, and the weather is getting warmer. Get ready for summer fun with these hot outdoor toys!

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outdoor toys

What Are Some of the Most Fun Outdoor Toys?

1. Play Monster’s Super Spinner Swing

Kids everywhere can hang out and relax on Play Monster’s Super Spinner Swing, which puts a fun twist on traditional swings (see what we did there?) by spinning and swinging. Connect to an existing swing set or hang from a tree (note: tree hanging kit is sold separately). The swing holds up to 200 pounds, so kids can ride together.

2. Glow-in-the-Dark Bocce Ball Set

Get your game on for a round of twilight bocce! These regulation-sized balls glow in the dark for nighttime play (and a little extra challenge!). And they travel easily! Take them with you to the beach or to a party for group fun. This is my family’s backyard game of choice for summer nights!

3. Bump & Bounce Body Bumpers

It’s all your Sock ‘Em Boppers dreams come to life. Kids (and kids at heart) won’t be able to stop laughing with these body bumpers on. Make rough & tumble play a little safer with cushion-like, padded bumpers. We recommend wearing a helmet, though (don’t ask us how we know…).

What Are the Best Water Toys?

Try these outdoor water toys to cool off during the summer heat:

4. Step 2 Seaside Showers Water Table

Water play helps kids develop fine and gross motor skills, and we love the Step 2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table. Besides being a great value, it’s a well-made table with plenty of fun features. Your kiddos will love scooping, straining, squirting, and filling with the various accessories included.

5. Buckets of Fun Backyard Waterpark

Just in case a water table isn’t action-packed enough for you, check out Buckets of Fun 6 in 1 Backyard Waterpark! The perfect way to cool down on a hot day in your own backyard. The waterpark plugs into your hose and offers an automatic dump bucket, bubble maker, rainfall, and a ton of sprayers. This is not your mother’s backyard sprinkler run!

6. Unicorn Sprinkler

It’s true, no one needs a unicorn sprinkler in their life…or do they? Boy, does this add a little magic to a hot summer day! They say it’s for kids, but we think the whole family will enjoy getting doused with hose water from a unicorn’s horn. Bonus: You won’t even need to wait long! This ships via 2-Day shipping with Amazon Prime.

What Are Some of the Best Balloon Toys?

Balloons have always been some of the best toys around, but these bring that fun to the next level:

7. ZURU’s Bunch O Balloons Party

Moms everywhere rejoice: ZURU toys are making your next graduation shindig, pool party, or 4th of July celebration even more festive! The Bunch O Balloons Party air pump machine inflates, seals and ties 40 balloons in 40 seconds. Plus, ribbon and string automatically attach to each balloon so you can easily separate balloons to decorate chairs, tables, entryways, and more. Who knows, this might be the summer you attempt an epic balloon arch to top all balloon arches! Works with helium air tanks, too.  

8. ZURU Bunch O Balloons

Back in our day, we spent hours stretching, filling, and tying hundreds of individual balloons in preparation for a massive water balloon fight that lasted a few short minutes. Zuru makes filling water balloons a snap with a simple hose attachment that fills 100 water balloons in 60 seconds. And, get this: the balloons are self-tie (pinched fingers everywhere rejoice!). Bonus: Zuru’s balloons are recyclable and biodegradable! Kids today have it so easy.

What Are Some Inexpensive Outdoor Toys?

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on toys this summer. Here are a few tried and true summer toy classics that won’t break the bank.

9. Garden Tool Set

When it comes to outdoor play, don’t overthink it! Garden tools can open a world of wonder. This simple set includes a shovel, a rake, a hoe, and a leaf rake, but if you’re on a budget, even a simple spade and dirt will do the trick.

10. Glove-A-Bubbles

A classic summer staple: bubbles! Simply dip Glove-A-Bubbles into the included bubble bag, then wave your arm to create dozens of bubbles. At less than $10, this is sure to be a hit. If you want to go big or go home, check out the bubble wands by UBITREE 

11. Mud Pit

When in doubt, embrace the mess and turn a corner of your backyard into a mud pit. All you need is a little dirt, some water, and a willing mudmaster. Encourage your child to be creative and inventive with natural materials they find! For a new way to play, turn your mud pit into a car wash with your favorite Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars: just let them get dirty, use a hose to wash, and towel to dry!

12. Sidewalk Chalk

Go back to the classics with a pack of sidewalk chalk. To really step up your game, try this Glitter Chalk from Crayola for under $7.

13. Toss & Catch

Sometimes it’s the simple things that entertain for hours. This classic velcro toss and catch game is back, and it’s the perfect way to get your steps in while having fun (or wear your kids out before naptime… no judgment here). The set comes with two balls (small and large), which makes it perfect for beginners and experts alike.

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