Christmas Dog Roundup: Pups Living Their Best Lives

Christmas is the perfect time to snuggle up to those you love– especially the furry ones. Read more to see a Christmas dog or two that will give you all the warm-fuzzies, and put you in the holiday mood any day!

A Christmas Dog Mood

Doesn’t this dog look like she’s just returned home from her writing his novel in a log cabin in the snowy woods? This turtleneck knit outfit is an entire Christmas mood and we’re here for it.

Photo by @leia.levi

The Perfect Accessory

I think we all could agree that a tiny hat can make anything feel festive. This top hat looks right out of a Dickensian novel, along with that adorable little face.

photo by @ukeepuglife

A Tree-side Dog Snooze

No better way to spend the holiday season than snoozing by the prettiest spot in the house all day? His dreams are probably filled with questions about why his parents would bring an enormous shrub into the house.

Photo by @ollie.thelittleaussie

A Little Christmas Snack

Who could turn down this face? I don’t even know if dogs like egg nog, but this little pup (coincidentally named Egg Nog) is definitely selling it.

Photo by @eggnogthebulldog

Christmas Dog Model

Why do I feel intimidated by how attractive this dog is?

Photo by @tony_is_long

A Christmas Dog Friend to Share a Sleigh Ride

Photo featuring @max_i.million and @miss.picklesthepug

A Handsome Holiday Hound

If this stud isn’t sitting stately under the Christmas tree, we’re pretty sure he’s gracing the covers of expensive sweater catalogs everywhere.

photo by @griffin_gsp

Good Boi Rudolph

We’re not entirely sure what this expression is saying, but this good dog is sure to make an entrance and have a great time wherever he goes.

Photo by @harleybiggentleman

A Winter Christmas Dog

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are the most Christmas-y dog breeds. Change my mind.

Photo by @charlie_mcdoge

The Perfect Angel

Look at that perfect picture form! And that adorable onesie. Look out, Christmas cards everywhere. This handsome doggie is likely to one-up you.

Photo by @the_daily_ollie

Mr. Bubbly

This good boy certainly knows how to celebrate the season right! If his outfit is any indication, he’s a dog of high-Christmas fashion.

Photo by @goldenwoofs

The Perfect Christmas Dog Gentleman

We’re pretty sure we’ve seen a guy in this exact outfit on the cover of one of those Hallmark Christmas movies. Big city poodle moves to a small town and meets a handsome, little-town scamp who changes her ideas about what Christmas is all about. We’d watch that movie.

Photo by @bentleytakesny

Your Christmas Dog Style

Dogs probably don’t understand what all the hoopla is about this time of year, but it sure is fun to get them in on all the festivities. Whether it’s a Christmas bowtie, holiday collar, or just some cute reindeer antlers, its the perfect time of year to get that adorable picture of your favorite furry friend.

Have any great pictures of your Christmas dogs this holiday season? Share them on FamilyApp!

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