25 Christmas Card Ideas You May Not Have Thought of Yet

Fun Christmas cards

‘Tis the Season. The time to begin thinking about Christmas and THE CARDS. Christmas cards are a delight to receive…but can feel like so much work to send. Here are some suggestions for producing a Christmas card that does not break the bank…or you.

Before you hang the wreath or put up the inflatable snowman, often you are planning the Card. Will you send one this year? Can you get it out before Easter? Will it be covered with glitter and glue or be a perfect photo? These 25 ideas for Christmas cards will make this old tradition feel new – and less stressful.

Photo Christmas Card Ideas

This classic staple doesn’t have to be boring! Try some of these photo card ideas instead this year.

1. Hire a Professional to Take a Christmas Card Photo

When you hire a professional photographer to take the photo of your family, not only do you ensure that everyone is looking at the camera but often the photographer helps with formatting, background, envelopes, and sometimes even mailing.

2. Ask a Friend to Take a Christmas Card Photo

Cheaper than a professional, sometimes a friend can get the relaxed look you are hoping for in your holiday card photo.

3. Pet Photo Christmas Card

Let Buddy the Dog wish everyone a Merry Christmas, with or without less-cooperative members of the family.

4. One Memory Snapshot Christmas Card

Choose a highlight from your year as a family and include the photo on your Christmas card along with a brief message explaining the memory and your gratitude for it. Sometimes it’s hard to summarize a year! Pick one memory and celebrate it in your card.

5. Post a Christmas Video Online

Cheaper than cardstock or anything printable, filming a video message can get to many people effortlessly, and depending on your app, you can insert snowflakes, snowmen, or even the perfectly decorated Christmas tree you may never really have.

6. Post a Christmas Photo Online and Wish Everyone Merry Christmas…for Free

Everyone understands the time and effort needed to make a homemade card, or create a photo Christmas card. And everyone appreciates a heartfelt message and a photo of your family on social media.

7. Christmas Song Signs

Pose for a Christmas card photo holding the words to a Christmas carol…or a holiday message you want to send.

Funny Christmas Card Ideas

Because there’s no better way to share Christmas cheer than with a funny card! Here are a few ideas to make your friends smile.

8. Ridiculous Christmas Card Photo

Want to be one everyone is talking about? Send the photo that keeps it real. Costumes, messes, and families doing crazy poses are sure to make your Christmas card memorable.

9. Recreate Old Family Photos

Sibling pictures recreated years later never fail to bring both nostalgia and laughter.

10. Delegate Out the Christmas Cards to a Different Family Member

I mean, what’s the worst can happen? What this Dad did?

11. Pose as Characters from a Favorite Christmas Movie or Favorite Band

There are endless options for recreating scenes from Elf, Christmas Vacation, Home Alone,  A Christmas Story, and more. Pick your family’s favorite Christmas movie and have fun! You could also go the pop culture route like this Queen album recreated cover!

12. Christmas Photo Booth Digital Card

Set up a Christmas photo booth in your home for the whole month of December and post photos of guests with props creating an ongoing digital Christmas card to followers.

13. Funny Event Photo

Did you get a photo taken in front of a green screen at the North Carolina Aquarium and now it looks like your whole family is being swallowed by a shark? We did. And guess what’s going on our Christmas card this year?

Artistic Christmas Card Ideas

If family photos aren’t your thing, there are lots of artistic ways to spread holiday cheer! Check out these artistic card ideas:

14. Child’s Art Card

My five year old draws brilliant family portraits. These homemade masterpieces depict just the right amount of reality – and she is always in a side ponytail. Choose art from your little ones to send out a personal touch, instead of stressing over a just-right photo.

15. DIY Christmas Cards

Creating one-of-a-kind DIY holiday cards that reflect your family working together, not just posing together. These ideas are Christmas cards that even your youngest children can hand-make. No complicated crafts involved in these cards, just buttons, glue, and lots of thumbprints.

16. Digital Illustrated Cards

Don’t have time or energy to get everyone into a photo, looking coordinated? This site produces a festive digital illustration of your family.

17. Christmas Card Garland

Worried you worked hard on the card and it will end up on a pile on someone’s entryway table? This holiday season, your gift could be sending a card ready to hang. Check out this Christmas card idea that will have your family sending joy to someone’s home, not just their junk drawer.

18. Ornament Reflection Card

Mix up your routine of a traditional photo by giving a Christmas card with an ornament reflection of your family.

19. Reindeer Food Cards

As an added touch, include a small amount of  Reindeer food in each envelope of your card, giving families a new Christmas Eve ritual to enjoy.

Christmas Card Letters

The holidays are a wonderful time to reconnect with friends near and far. Use these ideas to share some special love.

20. Christmas Wish List

Write down family member’s wish lists on chalkboards as props in your Christmas card photo. Not only will the picture add Christmas whimsy…it will show a little bit about each family member this year.

21. Variations on the Christmas Letter

People still look forward to receiving Christmas letters! Consider how you could write a heartfelt message and make it the card, either in postcard form or printed on a blank card. Create a picture with your words and give everyone a glimpse into your family’s life.

22. Kid Christmas Haiku or Acrostic

Getting the kids’ perspective on Christmas always feels fresh. Have children create a poem, haiku, or acrostic that summarizes the year, a memory, or their excitement for Christmas.

23. Hopes for the Year

Instead of reflecting on the year coming to a close, center your Christmas card on your family’s hopes for the upcoming year, drawing pictures or making lists of dreams for the new year.

24. Family Favorites Card

Usually, we try to update others on experiences from the year, but instead, share with friends and family your favorite things! Include on or in your card, a list of your family’s favorite books, movies, or products this year, providing your family-endorsed ideas for others in the new year.

25. Family Prayer Christmas Card

Consider writing or sharing a prayer/blessing given over each card mailed. Inevitably, this practice will slow you down and add a spiritual connection to this tradition, as your recipients become more than names on a list, during a busy season.

Christmas cards are meaningful, but cost time and money! Consider using one of these ideas to change up your tradition and celebrate your family and its relationships this holiday season.

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