The Perfect New Year’s Eve Outfit for Every Occasion

New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas

New Year’s is a time to welcome the possibilities of the coming year. From jeans and velvet to sparkly sequins, the right New Year’s Eve outfit will usher in 2023 with style!

Whether you decide to spend the night in the house to watch the ball drop on TV or you go out to party, NYE is a time to celebrate! That means that it’s important to have the perfect outfit to mark the occasion! Check out our tips to help you find your perfect look for this holiday!

What Is the Perfect New Year’s Eve Outfit?

Whether you’re heading to a house party or a fancy affair, you want to choose the right look! Check out some of our favorite looks for New Year’s Eve:

  • Sequins! – Nothing says party like a sequined dress, and this New Year’s Eve outfit will always be a killer choice! While black can be more subtle, you can choose a metallic or a colorful dress for a glam look. If you wear silver, you may double as the party’s disco ball!
  • The LBD – Few dress styles have their own iconic history, and that’s why the little black dress will always be classic. You can pair it with patterned tights for a bit of fun. Otherwise, you can wear this dress ultra-sophisticated with a pair of heels, dangle earrings, and an elegant up-do.
  • Sweater Dress – If you’re going to a more casual affair or even just celebrating with a smaller group at home, a sweater dress is a relaxed yet chic way to feel a little bit more dressy than usual. With a shorter sweater dress and knee-high boots, you’ll wonder why you ever wore anything else.
  • Go Monochrome – There’s something about monochrome that makes a chic outfit. Whether it’s an all-white outfit or an all-black look with statement earrings, it’s a fresh, clean look that will usher in the possibilities of a fresh New Year. Most of the colors you see in New Years’ outfits are black, white, gold, silver, champagne, and copper, and baby blue (perhaps because of “Baby New Year?” The jury’s still out on that one). Bright colors are certainly still an option, though! Wear whatever you’re most comfortable in!
  • A Low-Key Look– Maybe you couldn’t get a babysitter this year. Maybe you came home early from the party. Maybe your night is just you and your significant other with a bottle of champagne, beer, or sparkling cider on the couch watching the ball drop. If that’s the case, here’s my tip: buy a pair of cute pajamas. They’re probably on sale after the Christmas season. My personal favorite is a nice pair of silk or satin pajamas. You’ll slip into sweet dreams in the new year, and you’ll get to start fresh on January 1st with a cute pair of PJs!

What Are Some Great New Year’s Eve Party Outfits?

If you’re heading out to a party, you might want to wear something that will really impress. From silky to sparkly, one of the following New Year’s Eve outfits will get you ready for resolutions!

  • Silk (or satin) Slip Dress – A New Year’s Eve outfit is the perfect time for some shine. If you wear this ultra-feminine look with a statement coat or sweater, it’s the perfect NYE outfit! You could even go sexy and sophisticated with a backless dress. They also pair well with cowboy boots, which are VERY in this season. They’ll definitely be conversation-starting boots. If you’re feeling a little risque, try a classic high-slit dress.
  • Sweater & Skirt – There are plenty of New Year’s Eve outfit ideas to choose from, but the cooler weather can cause complications. Instead of committing to one or the other, try a mini or midi skirt with an oversized sweater. You’ll be chic and cozy at the same time. One of the recent trends is a midi dress layered under a cami. Then, add a sweater and tuck the bottom of the sweater into the tank top to create a statement crop look.
  • A Jumpsuit – Jumpsuits have made a comeback in recent years. Not only is a bold jumpsuit easy to wear and comfortable, but it also brings a measure of elegance with a structured jacket and the right accessories! I love this Calvin Klein jumpsuit with tasteful cutouts. If you’re looking for something a little bit more show-stopping, get a jumpsuit with bell sleeves or tasteful sparkles!
  • A Velvet Dress –Whether it’s along the lines of a body-con dress, a classic A-line dress, or even a boho look, velvet is always a classy look (just ask George Costanza from Seinfeld). Accessorize your outfit with simple gold or silver jewelry and a pair of classic pumps or stilettos.
  • The Right Shoes – It’s easy to go overboard when you’re pairing a lot of flashy pieces together, Be sure your outfit has balance. If your outfit has a lot of statement details, try no-fuss strappy heels or a pair of neutral heeled boots. With a jumpsuit, try a blush-colored kitten heel. If your outfit is simpler, you could even opt for a statement shoe with sequins, sparkles, or other flashy details. Even combat boots styled with softer, feminine pieces can be a great look.
New Year's Eve Outfit monochrome
@julia_paslawska outfit from @moolietta –we love the monochrome look!

How Do You Wear Jeans on New Year’s Eve?

If you’re considering a more casual or comfortable outfit on New Year’s Eve ( or you’re just not comfortable in a dress or a skirt), your favorite pair of jeans can be a part of a stellar outfit.

  • A Velvet Blazer – The perfect pair of skinny jeans always feels like a win. But, for the best New Year’s Eve outfit, wear them with a velvet jacket and a sleek heel. There’s no doubt that velvet’s in, so pick your favorite color and rock it. Even if it’s not velvet, find a structured blazer of choice and rock it!
  • Faux Fur – With the re-emergence of 70’s flair, you’ll find lots of coats, jackets, and sweaters with faux fur trims. If you’re a fan of the aesthetic, pair it with a pair of flare jeans and heels (or even heeled boots).
  • Kimono – A Kimono is a fun and flowy addition to any outfit that will have everyone asking “Where did you GET that?” Pair it with a slim pair of pants and a form-fitting shirt! Just make sure your sleeves are clear of the guac when you’re reaching for a chip.
  • Chunky Sweater – Thick, warm, knit sweaters never really go out of style, especially with skinny jeans (that’s right, I said it) and knee boots. Leather leggings are also making a comeback, so try adding those to your look!

Out with the Old, in with the New!

New Year’s Eve is the magical night you get to say out with the old and in with the new! That’s why it’s so important to have the right outfit. From an amazing jumpsuit to a classic little black dress with a statement piece, there’s something for every person and every kind of celebration. There’s no right or wrong way to do it as long as you say goodbye to 2023 in style.

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