20+ Family Christmas Gifts That Everyone Will Love

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Looking for the perfect family Christmas gifts for the holidays? From low-budget crowd-pleasers to big-ticket splurge items, we’ve got all the ideas for family Christmas gifts that everyone will love. 

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The holidays are a time of cheer, treats, holiday movies, good food, and fun parties. But kids can also get pretty excited about what they’ll find under the tree. It can be hard to buy the right gift for the whole family. But with some unique family Christmas gifts, everyone will be excited to spend some extra time together this year.

Fun Family Christmas Gifts and Activities

Christmas is a time when we celebrate the gift of family, so why not get a gift that the whole family will love? Check out some of our favorite ideas: 

  • For The Family that Cooks Together – The kitchen is one of the most common hangout zones for the entire family With the gift of a cookbook, you’ll all find new reasons to make sweet treats together! Or, make a DIY cookbook with a collection of all your family’s favorite recipes in one place. Whether it’s Aunt Susan’s monkey bread or your own favorite recipe for chicken noodle soup, preserve your culinary family history with this beautiful gift this holiday season. Be sure to include notes and memories that go with each recipe. 
  • Ooni Pizza Oven – If your family has a standing weekly order from the local pizza place, it may be time to treat the whole family to a make-it-yourself portable pizza oven by Ooni. That way, you can make a pizza that’s 1/3 cheese, 1/3 pepperoni, and 1/3 mushroom and artichoke. Because choosing pizza toppings that everyone likes is always a struggle. 
  • A Family Movie Night Gift Basket– Are you movie people? Get some popcorn, theatre candy, and a cozy blanket for some future movie nights! Print “admit one” tickets, or even splurge on a projector/screen so you can REALLY get the full experience. Whether you watch classic movies or the latest blockbuster, everyone will love a movie night with all the extras
  • Family Game Night– Just like a family movie night, a family game night is a great way to encourage quality time with your favorite people. Make it a bundled gift with 1-2 games (or even 3 if you’re feeling ambitious), snacks, drinks, and fun pajamas. While a classic game like Monopoly, the Game of Life, or Catan will be a hit, there are plenty of newer games you may want to try like Kids Against Maturity.
  • Craft Kit – Whether you have your child paint a mug for Mom, or you work together making an art project or science experiment with a KiwiCrate , there are lots of ways to work on these gift projects together. Be the family that learns and creates together!

What Are Some Family Christmas Gift ideas?

Often, just a little personal touch can really make the difference for a kid (or a mom!). Here are a few ideas that can help you celebrate your unique family:

  • A Family Print – Decor isn’t always something the whole family agrees on. But, with a personalized family print, you’ll have uniquely customized wall art you can all be proud of. You could even make this an annual tradition and get a new custom print each year! If you can’t pick a photo, get a custom map of your hometown or city on Etsy!
  • Pajamas – Many people spend the bulk of their Christmas holiday in pajamas. And with matching PJs for the whole family, you’ll bond over rest, relaxation, and matching prints! This is one of our favorite family Christmas gifts on a budget that you can get cozy with. Whether you like neutral colors, bright colors, or wacky patterns, as long as you match, it’s the perfect gift for a group.
  • A Personalized Puzzle –  Pick a favorite family photo of your family or child, and you can have it made into a one-of-a-kind puzzle you can all work on together. With all the kids out of school, it’s the perfect time to finally finish a 1000-piece puzzle. 
  • A Portrait of the Family Pet –  Is the family pet the favorite child in your house? We get it. They don’t make dirty dishes and they’re usually always down for a snuggle. That’s why a professional portrait of your furry friend may just be the perfect gift for everyone to enjoy. Whether it’s a photo of them decked out as a member of a royal court or a custom watercolor, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to pet portraits. 
  • Indoor Snowball Fight –  If your kids are into nerf wars, they’ll probably be into this gift, too. This soft set, which comes with 45 faux snowballs, is perfect for tossing at each other in good fun long after the wrapping paper is packed up. This is a great stocking stuffer that’ll get everyone involved in the fun.
  • Backyard Games Some of the best family memories are made playing games the backyard on a warm summer night. Some of our family favorites include Bocce Ball, Badminton, LadderBall, Croquet, and giant Jenga. 

Family Christmas Gifts: Adventures

Picking the right gifts can be tough when it comes to something for the whole family. But experiences and memories? Priceless.

  • Family Fun Bucket List – This may be an inexpensive under-the-tree option. However, having family members write up their own wishes can be great for making future plans! It can also be a way to learn more about each other. Be sure to keep it posted in a visible place so you can be inspired every day to live life to the fullest!
  • A Museum Membership – Do you ever run out of things to do on the weekends?  With a family membership to the zoo or a local museum, you’ll always have an option! Lots of museums have programs and classes that people of all ages can enjoy, too! This can be one of the best family gift ideas for everyone to share.
  • National Park Passes– When’s the last time your family went on an outdoor adventure? National parks have plenty of things for families to see and do, even if you have small children. Look into passes and packages for one of America’s beautiful national parks or even one of your state’s parks. Even if you’re not a big camping family, lots of parks have hotels or cabins perfect for short visits. 
  • Plan a Vacation – Instead of spending money on gifts during Christmas, why not plan for a future vacation? By setting money aside , you’ll be able to teach your kid about discipline and budgeting. And, since you’ll be deciding together, you’ll all be engaged in the process!
  • Annual Passes to a Theme Park – Now, if you live in the midwest, we’re not suggesting annual passes to Disney World (unless it’s in the budget). But if your state has a stellar theme park (We can’t get enough of Busch Gardens), then look into bundles and deals you can buy for theme parks or water parks in the summer!

The Gift of Christmas

Many of the best gifts we’ll get for Christmas are the shared experiences with the people we love the most. Things will just collect dust–but memories are forever!

Do you have any favorite family Christmas gifts to make or buy? Whether it’s a box under the tree or a future plan, let us know your favorite ideas in the comments. 

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