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It’s easy to go overboard buying family Christmas gifts for the holidays, but cheap gifts don’t need to stop at fancy coffee mugs. With new board games and fun future plans, you can keep the season bright and budgeted!

The holidays may be a time of trees, treats, and watching movies with family and friends. But it goes without saying that kids get pretty excited about what they’ll find under the tree. It can be hard to buy the right gift for the whole family, but with some unique family Christmas gifts ideas, you’ll be on your way to giving gifts that keep on giving.


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Fun family games

One of the most inexpensive ways to have fun as a family is with the right board game! Fortunately, there are plenty of family gift ideas under $25 where you can have fun and learn about each other.

  • Tabletopics Family – Whether you play it after dinner or on a rainy day, this game will provide some new insights. Unique questions like “which wild animal would you like to tame and keep as a pet?” will keep things interesting!
  • Charades Party Game – The great thing about board games is that they don’t cost a lot and can still be tons of fun. Charades is one of the family Christmas gifts that will keep you entertained all evening! You can buy the “official version” or create your own Charades game for free.


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What are some cheap Christmas gift ideas?

There are plenty of options that aren’t too expensive that will thrill the entire family. From cook books to personalized prints, everyone will love these family Christmas gifts under $50.

  • The Vintage Baker – One of the most common hangout zones for the entire family is the kitchen. With the gift of an old-school cook book, you’ll all find new reasons to make sweet treats together as a family. Maybe even ask relatives for some favorite family recipes!
  • A Family Print – There can often be a lot of disagreement about family decor. But, after gifting a personalized family print, you’ll have uniquely customized wall art you can all be proud of. After all, Christmas is all about the family!
  • Pajamas – Many people spend the bulk of their Christmas holiday in pajamas. And, with matching PJs for the whole family, you’ll bond over rest, relaxation and matching prints! This is one of our favorite family Christmas gifts on a budget that you can get cozy with.


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More great family Christmas gifts

It can be hard to come up with family Christmas gifts under $100. However, the holiday season can be a great time to put money aside and plan for a future adventure! You may even want to share your ideas with other parents through FamilyApp.

  • Family Fun Bucket List – This may be an inexpensive under-the-tree option. However, having family members write up their own wishes can be great for making future plans! It can also be a way to communicate more about yourselves to each other.
  • A Museum Membership – Whether it’s rainy or sunny, it can be hard to know what to do on the weekend. Fortunately, with a family membership to the zoo or a local museum, you’ll always have an option!  This can be one of the best family gift ideas for everyone to share.
  • Plan a Vacation – Instead of spending money on gifts during Christmas, why not plan for a future vacation? By setting money aside, you’ll be able to teach your kids about discipline and budgeting. And, since you’ll be deciding together, you’ll all be engaged in the process!

It can be hard to save money as a family during Christmas. Fortunately, with fun duds like board games and pajamas, you don’t have to overspend for the holidays. Do you have any favorite family Christmas gifts to make or buy? Let us know what made your Christmas memorable in our comments! Whether it’s a box under the tree or a future plan, there are many ways Christmas can be finance-friendly.

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