Dapper Debonair Dog on the Street: Samson

Samson Allen

There’s a lot dividing people in DC these days, but there’s one thing all his neighbors can agree on: Samson is one Dapper Debonair Dog on the Street!

Meet Samson

With his silky fur and hazel puppy dog eyes, who wouldn’t fall in love with this chocolate English lab?! This DC dog enjoys long walks in the city with his parents, Derek and Abby. But he isn’t afraid to let loose when he heads to Virginia Beach and plays with his human and puppy cousins out in the Linkhorn Bay. Read on to learn all about him!

Dapper Debonair Dog

How did your owner know you were “the one”? Whelp, it was a pretty easy decision for my parents. I was sitting in the pen playing with my sister when I realized I needed to go potty. I started to relieve myself and my sister walked over to see what I was doing and found herself in the line of fire. They realized she might not be the brightest bulb in the box, and so stamped my ticket out of there!

How long have you been together? 11 months of pure bliss!

What’s your favorite toy? Anything that I can run after and fetch!

What’s your favorite food? Anything that comes stuffed in a Kong 🙂

What’s your greatest fear? Missing a meal

What’s your favorite game? Playing fetch with friends. While speed is not my strength, I’ve mastered the panther crouch and pounce!

What are some of your favorite things to do that make your owner upset? Sneaking into the guest-room for a cozy little nap.

What’s your favorite way to exercise? Swimming

Strangest habit? Barking in my sleep

Dapper Debonair Style

Do you let your owner dress you up? If so, what’s your favorite outfit?

I pride myself on my charming good looks and dapper dress wear. The first sentence on my latest vet check-up read “Samson is a very handsome dog”. I have coordinated bow ties or collar swag for all kinds of occasions. When I’m out for a jaunt around my hometown of Washington, DC, I wear one of two American flag bow ties. When I’m going to visit the grandparents at Easter, I don my sharpest pastel seersucker bow tie and collar. Or when UVA dominates the NCAA tournament, I rock my Virginia swag with great pride (although during football season dad’s Iowa Hawkeye gear gets a little more street cred)

What’s your favorite treat? anything you want to give me

What’s your favorite place to visit? All my friends in VB!

What’s your favorite napping spot? ***see above 🙂

We love Samson’s spunk and spirit! He’s always ready for a good party or swim, but balances that activity with a good, long nap! Keep sporting those bowties, Samson! You’re looking good!

And for more updates on Samson and the latest breaking political news, be sure to follow his mom, CBN News Capitol Hill Correspondent Abigail Robertson on Twitter and Instagram.

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