Farmhouse Decor: What Is It and How to Execute It

From classic to modern, a house styled in the farmhouse decor style has endless possibilities! So check out these farmhouse interior designs to inspire your next home remodeling project. 

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Farmhouse Decor History

The farmhouse aesthetic was birthed in the 18th century by American colonists. They built modest and functional farmhouses for families living and working on the farm. Since farmers spent most of the day working in the field, their homes were designed based on functionality, not interior design. But over the years, farmhouse designs have shifted from smaller functional homes on farms to houses in the suburbs with chic additions. Farmhouses today aim to mimic the wooden architecture and character of these older homes. 

What Does Farmhouse Decor Mean?

Like many interior decorating styles, farmhouse decor has many variations and adaptations. You could design a rustic, classic, industrial, or modern farmhouse. Common characteristics of most farmhouse-style homes emphasize functionality. They generally mix worn or antique pieces with light and clean pieces.

A classic farmhouse will feature more traditional farmhouse home decor elements such as vintage coffee tables and furniture, as well as barn-inspired colors like red and yellow accents. You’ll also see lots of whitewashed wooden features.

Modern farmhouse designs parallel shabby chic decor, as they include elements of old and new designs. Modern farmhouse decor focuses on clean designs with white and black colors while including hints of farmhouse style. In a modern farmhouse, the farmhouse elements usually include staple pieces like furniture and chairs. In contrast, the farmhouse aesthetic is seen cohesively throughout the home in lighting, wall decor, architecture, and furniture in a classic farmhouse. 

Is Farmhouse Decor Going Out of Style?

Ultimately to make your house a home, you’ll want to decorate it in a style you love. Any place that you’re excited to come home to at the end of the day is “in style.” Regarding what the professionals say, style trends like maximalism and cottage core will be sought after in 2021. Homes and Gardens did not specifically include farmhouse designs in their complete list of 2021 interior design trends.

Still, you can easily add elements of the “on-trend” styles to your favorite farmhouse decor. For example, if you are looking to incorporate aspects of maximalism in your farmhouse dining room, you could opt for patterned curtains, chairs, and rugs, along with elaborate lighting. Cottage core and farmhouse styles carry many similarities, but cottage core homes are more feminine and romantic. To add some cottage core flare to your farmhouse home, you could incorporate floral details, fresh flowers, and pale pink hues when possible. 

How Do I Decorate My Home in Farmhouse Decor?

Since there are so many subcategories of a farmhouse-style home, you have endless decor options and personalization opportunities for your home! We have compiled some of the most common characteristics of a farmhouse-style home!

To begin, first, think about the walls. Expose wood and brick where possible and paint the walls with light colors. Many farmhouses have white or light grey walls. For statement farmhouse pieces like furniture and tables, you can look at antique shops or thrift stores for pieces that may fit the farmhouse style you are looking for. Light fixtures are another important element when it comes to decorating your farmhouse. Light fixtures depend on the farmhouse vibe you are going for. If you are looking more at an industrial-style farmhouse, an exposed bulb or galvanized pendant light will look great. For a modern farmhouse, lean towards clean colors with sleek geometric shapes. For a rustic style, we love these lantern-inspired lights!  

Farmhouse Dining Room

This antique-inspired dining room table with white pot centerpieces functions as the focal point of this room! The combination of the rustic bench seating with the contemporary grey upholstered chairs is the perfect contrast of styles. Jaime made the DIY white sliding barn door that adds a traditional farmhouse decor element with a contemporary twist. The black and white printed rug under the seating area adds texture to the space. 

Rustic Farmhouse Entryway

If you’re looking for the perfect example of a traditional rustic farmhouse-style home, look no further than this entryway! The distressed wooden bench, neutral decorative pillows, and wall-mounted hooks create a welcoming area for guests to remove shoes and hang coats. Home designer Adrienne placed flowers in the hanging wicker basket against the shiplap wall, adding a charming touch to her lovely design scheme. With an entryway decorated like this, guests will feel welcome as soon as they walk through the front door. 

Classic Farmhouse Master Bedroom

We love this bedroom by Lindsey! The natural wood accents on the ceiling, hallmarks of perfect farmhouse style, perfectly frame the room. The homeowners have embraced it by using matte vintage-inspired furniture and eye-catching rustic decor like the old window frame above the bed. Adding details like the wood sign greenery on the dresser contributes to the rustic charm of this room. Their all-white bedding contrasting the earthy headboard completes the look of the room.

Cozy Farmhouse Living Room

From the white shiplap details to the wooden shelf above the fireplace, this living room has all of the perfect farmhouse decor elements. Ashley used simple wall decor that complements the neutral color scheme of the sofa and armchairs. She was creative in her furniture selections, using a small stool as the end table and a vintage trunk as the coffee table. The muted rugs under the seating area and front door also add to the farmhouse look. 

Farmhouse Kitchen

A true farmhouse kitchen wouldn’t be complete without an apron sink. And we love the way that homeowner Amanda has used sconce-inspired lighting above the kitchen sink to add dimension to the area. The light cabinets, countertops, vases, and backsplash contrast the dark wooden floors and intricately designed rug. So it’s the perfect balance of comforting colors and textures.

Cottage Farmhouse Living Room

This down-to-earth country-style cottage has the perfect architectural elements for a farmhouse. The exposed brick on the fireplace highlights the focal point of this room, while the wooden beams on the ceiling and wall create character. Designer Lizzie used simple furniture and a coffee table to resemble the functionality of a traditional farmhouse while keeping the focus on the fireplace and wooden accents in the room. 

Wood & White Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Leanna designed this kitchen with some country farmhouse inspiration. The patterned rug and wooden shelving in the room warm up the space while also providing functionality. We love the natural wood cabinetry surrounded by white painted wood! Adding a shiplap sink and disguising the dishwasher to fit in with the white cabinets completes the farmhouse vibe of the kitchen.

Welcoming Farmhouse Front Porch

Before a guest even sees your interior farmhouse decor, they’ll have to pass through your front porch. Farmhouse front porches are traditionally very welcoming, and many consist of a seating area. Think of Cracker Barrel’s lineup of rocking chairs for guests to enjoy while waiting for a table. Additionally, a welcome mat and some fresh plants or flowers go a long way in creating an inviting front porch design.

Which Farmhouse Decor Style Will You Choose?

Now that you have a good idea of your options in decorating a farmhouse-style home, you are ready to begin! So feel free to be creative and personalize your spaces. Don’t forget to share photos of your newly redesigned home with loved ones on FamilyApp! 

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