Daylight Savings Time Ends on Nov 6, 2022 – Learn All About It!

What is Daylight Savings Time?

Daylight savings time (DST) ends on November 6th in 2022. Learn the history behind this interesting practice we observe and why it actually has some benefits!

Late fall might be the time to get ready for the onset of winter. But few things usher in the cooler season quite like the one-hour shift of daylight savings time! The practice was actually started during World War I and has been used consistently in many countries since the 1960s. And, while the time when DST begins might not be popular for everyone, it does have its benefits. Share your thoughts on this familiar practice with other users on your favorite family app!

What Is Daylight Savings Time?

It might be easier to forget about time changes when modern technology does the legwork for us! However, it’s hard not to be aware of DST and its occurrence at a different time each year. In fact, the daylight savings time fall back 2022 is November 6th at 2 AM. This means that the clock will move back one hour and DST returns to standard time.

While it can mean one extra hour of sleep, it also means darker mornings that might require more coffee. The cycle begins again in spring when the clock will ‘spring’ forward by one hour, rendering the opposite effect!

What Started DST in the US?

Most people don’t know it, but falling back wasn’t created to provide an extra hour of sleep in autumn. It actually came about in 1916 during World War I when Germany adopted it to save energy during the war. Around this time, many countries including the United States began to utilize the practice. It wasn’t until the Uniform Time Act of 1966 that time became synchronized across different time zones. At this point, DST became a standard practice! While it was adapted as a conservation measure, the jury is out on how effective the daylight savings time change is. But, if you have any tips for DST conservation, share them on FamilyApp!

What Are the Benefits of Daylight Savings Time?

There are a lot of places that would like to follow suit, but only Arizona and Hawaii do not utilize DST. It might seem like a great idea to abolish the daylight savings time, but there can be benefits to it!

  • Fewer Accidents – Because DST actually provides an extra hour of light at night, it can lead to reduced risk. People are often less alert at night, and that can mean that accidents involving motor vehicles are more common. As a result, extra light can offer a little more safety.
  • Preventing Crime – Everyone knows that thieves like to hide in the darkness! In fact, because changing DST increases sunlight it can actually serve as a deterrent for criminals. After all, crime rates are lower in the morning and afternoon hours than at other times of the day!
  • Instant Energy Savings – We may have long since forgotten about the original reason for why daylight savings time was started. However, it might surprise people to know that requiring less light at night can actually save energy. Share other energy-saving ideas on your favorite family app!

The time change might not be a popular concept for a lot of people. However, there are a variety of reasons that DST is a historic practice. It can actually save energy and help prevent crime and provide a bit of extra sunlight each day. Do you think we should have daylight savings time abolished? Share your ideas with us in our comments. There may be plenty of differing opinions on this practice, but daylight savings time stayed around a long time for a reason!

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