Best Hair Dryer Brush: Find One for You

The hair dryer brush has been a game-changer for women everywhere. Women are using these hot tools to dry, straighten and curl every hair type in the one step of just using a blow dryer. Read on for the best hair dryer brush for you.

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Best Hair Dryer Brush

I turn 40 in 6 weeks. I had some goals. I was going to be “fit by 40”. I had planned to tour western Europe with my mom last summer. My two best friends and I were going to celebrate in Jamaica. I was going to say goodbye to the minivan.

The minivan died of its own accord making that one goal happen. But the rest of those ideas, due to COVID and just life, may not happen.

messy damaged hair

Hair Dryer Goals

But I did learn how to blow dry my hair.

It took 40 years, but I did it.

I just couldn’t ever do the hairdryer, round brush dance. I’m not coordinated enough. Trust me. I’ve even tried the hairdryer STAND. Was that ever a thing? I found it on clearance at TJ Maxx. It was a thing. I’m sure.

I have thick hair and lots of it. And I just lack the endurance necessary to use a hairdryer well and the coordination to use a round brush. So, I inevitably flip my towel-dried fine hair head upside down and brush it through with a paddle brush while drying. The result? My look the past 40 years.

This technique gets the hair dry, but it’s not tangle-free or frizz-free. And it never attains the salon-quality smoothness and shine I so badly want. It’s just like a quicker air-dry. 

Hot Air Brush Solutions

Enter the hair dryer brush.

My stylist recommended it when I got honest about my struggles. She off-handedly said, “Why don’t you try one of those L’Ange hair dryer brushes?”

I got one for Christmas.  It wasn’t even the pricier L’Ange, and it’s been awesome. My hair looks and feels salon-worthy in much less time. It also only takes one hand. Glory. Hallelujah. Uncoordinated, hair-stressed people, your day for at-home salon-style curls, smoothness, and straightening has come. You’re unstoppable. Start cutting your own hair!

Here are a few options when shopping for a hair dryer brush or a hot air brush, or an air brush, or a hot brush, as some call it. Whatever you call it, it combines bristles of the round brush with the heat-up temperature settings of the blow dryer.  You get healthy-looking dry hair all-in-one.  

hair dryer brush l'ange

Dyson Hair Dryer Brush

Dyson makes vacuums. But it also makes hair dryers.  It’s an interesting niche market. They sense that the people who care deeply about their vacuum working also want volume without the frizz.

But remember your first Dyson vacuum? It wasn’t as loud, but it worked better. It also claimed to use ionic technology. None of us know what that means, but it seems to work.

Dyson’s hairdryer is, like the vacuum, more powerful with less noise. The Dyson Supersonic comes with a series of attachments, or hair tools, for different styles and dries hair using less heat. But with this blow dryer, you still need to use the hairbrush blow-dry technique.

The Dyson AirWrap is the brand’s version of the hot airbrush. Starting with damp, towel-dried hair, you can use this tool to achieve a number of styled looks for every hair type. The AirWrap produces casual curls or straight hair. It also can do textured volume.

The website and Instagram ads will dazzle you with the possibilities of this hot air brush. But you will pay for it.  The price tag that’s over $500 could be well worth it for this hot air brush that’s a hot air styler that doesn’t use extreme heat. And if you consider the price of a flat iron and curling iron and the emotional price of frizz, you’re practically saving money with the Dyson hot air brush.

L’Ange Hair Dryer Brush

The L’ Ange hot air brush is a blow dryer and volumizing hair brush all-in-one. The bristles are smooth and tug-resistant, it has adjustable heat settings, and is available in multiple barrel sizes.

At a price tag of about $100, this hot air brush is less of an investment than the Dyson. It’s also the hot air brush my stylist (and my Instagram algorithm) consistently recommends as a styling tool.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer

Revlon makes a hot air brush for a lower price tag. For between $25-30, you get a hairdryer and volumizer with tufted bristles for detangling. The reviews range between raving fans and disgusted customers. My hot air brush, from a lesser-known brand, was about the same price tag. I was thrilled with it until last night when the hot air element of the hot air brush disappeared. So when it worked, it worked well. Then it stopped.

The Conair InfinitiPro uses similar technology to a hot air brush but produces curls. Without any bristles, this tool is called an auto curler. If curly hair is your goal, the InfinitiPro could be your answer.

hair dryer brush

Hot Tools

I’ll be purchasing a Hot Tools hot air brush next time. Hot Tools are moderately priced (around $50), and I’ve been pleased with the endurance of my curling iron from this brand. Also, recommended by my stylist, Hot Tools come with strong reviews. The One Step Dryer Volumizer is Amazon’s Choice and will arrive tomorrow. Decision done.

The Hot Air and Hair Journey

Since the dawn of time, people have been drying their hair. Frizz was just the norm before they had access to leave-in conditioner and the right styling tools. Maybe that’s why they really went for it with wigs in the 18th Century.

But if drying or volumizing your hair feels like the physical workout your fit bit isn’t tracking, invest in a hot air brush. Find the heat setting that works for you and dry on.

Life is short. Love your hair. And love it again on the second day when it still looks great, and you’ve saved 45 minutes. Write the book you’ve always talked about. Take up bird watching! Or simply get out the door and on with your life.

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