Cutting Your Own Hair 101: DIY Haircut

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When budgets might be tight, you may be looking at different ways to be cutting costs. A DIY haircut can be an easy way to trim your costs, save money, and skip the salon. Regardless if you have straight or curly hair, there are salon hacks that you can do at home.

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Start with the Right Scissors for a DIY Haircut

In order to give your tresses a fighting chance for looking presentable, you need the right tools. You wouldn’t use a hammer in the operating room. In fact, the key to giving your DIY haircut a fighting chance is using the right supplies. You don’t want to use office, kid, or kitchen scissors because all three aren’t sharp enough for an effective trim.

You can easily order salon scissors and a haircutting kit with a cape included for under $20 online. Also, while you’re collecting the right set of scissors, you may also want to order a clipper for the men in your house. The razor will help properly trim the back of their head. Furthermore, don’t forget a comb and a spray bottle so you can be more precise with your cut.

Be Your Own Hairstylist

Like any new endeavor, you want to start slowly. You may not want to add layers right off the bat. In fact, beginning with a self-haircut can just be a conservative trim. You want to cut less because you can always fix it later, but it’s hard to go back if you cut more than you wanted.

Make sure that all of your hair tools are near you. If you need a pair of scissors or a razor, bobby pins, hair clips, hair ties, a spray bottle, and a fine-tooth comb, have that in front of you and easy to grab. Setting yourself up with the right tools and mirror will prevent a frantic search in the midway through a haircut. You want your at-home haircut experience to be as stress-free as possible. Remember, staying organized sets you up for success.

haircut at home

DIY Haircut Tutorials

YouTube has a plethora of resources when it comes to self-cut hair. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Furthermore, if you have long hair and need a trim, check out the ponytail method, where you literally tie your hair in a high ponytail and bring the tail to the front of your face to trim the ends. This is an easy way to add perfect layers.

In addition to learning the steps to cutting your own hair, you can also learn about flattering cuts. Knowing which face-framing style works best with your face shape can be the first step. You can learn this all online with a simple google search. However, for those who need more individualized attention in real-time, there are virtual stylists that you can hire.

Video Chat Hairdresser

If you aren’t counting your budget but don’t feel comfortable venturing into a salon, there are options. For those who need a hairdresser to walk you through your home haircut in live time, you’re in luck. Do you have a curl that you have no idea how to cut? Don’t stress. Check out the website, which links you with world-class hairdressers that can walk you through your DIY haircut via video chat.

However, for the more budget-focused hair-cutting folks, search on Tik Tok and YouTube for manual step-by-step videos. In addition, many professional stylists posts easy tips for free online. Whether you’re tight on your budget or just need help in real time, the platforms are there for you to choose.

DIY haircut

First Time At-Home DIY Haircut

Whether you have natural hair, curly, wavy, long, or short hair, if this is your first time ever cutting it yourself, start slow. In addition, following these steps may prevent a DIY hair disaster.

The first question you want to ask before starting is – is it absolutely necessary that you need a haircut? If yes, proceed to Step 1. In Step 1, get all your tools out in front of you. Step 2, start with clean, dry, and styled hair. It’s important to note that dirty or oily hair will make your hair clump together and harder to cut.

In addition, know the texture of your hair. For curly hair, always cut your coils dry, and for straight hair, trimming damp hair makes things more precise. However, for beginners, cutting dry straight hair may be easier.

Finally, Step 3 includes going very easy on the bangs. One bang trick is to twist your bangs into one tight section at the center of your face and trim at the bottom. Another option is to use a hair tool called a CreaClip that literally clips onto your hair and serves as a physical guide as you cut by the plastic edge. This tool makes for a hassle-free haircut and takes the guessing out of the process. It’s great to use your child’s hair as well.

DIY haircut

Cutting Your Own Hair

If this home haircutting is a new sport for you, don’t make drastic changes to your style right now until you get the hang of it. In addition, consider only trimming the edges. Undercutting is a lot easier to remedy than overcutting and living with bangs that make you look like you’re in preschool again. Cutting your own hair doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right tools, you can give yourself a trim and feel good about it.

DIY haircut by mai

The best thing about a haircut is that it can grow out. Even if your first DIY trim doesn’t turn out 100 percent how you hoped, no worries; we are in all this together. Sporting a longer look isn’t just understandable; it’s a collective fashion right now. Furthermore, long hair is a lot easier to maintain than a pixie cut.

Don’t fret if you do mess up; not only will it grow out, but you can hire a virtual hairstylist to help you fix it. Thankfully, when it comes to your hair, it will grow out. In the meantime, have fun saving money and taking charge of your trim.

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