24 February 2021 (updated)

Tips for Long-Distance Grandparenting

Long-distance grandparenting can make it a challenge to stay close. But there are ways to prioritize this special bond so you can be a part of each other’s lives! Check our tips to make grandparenting easier despite the distance!

If you live within a mile of your grandkids, there’s no need to fuss about how to stay in touch. But many of our loved ones live far away, and it can make staying involved in their life more difficult! Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make up for the distance when you don’t live right down the block. And technology is making grandparenting even easier than ever before! Be sure to share your own long-distance grandparenting ideas on your favorite family app!

How Can I Be a Good Grandparent?

There’s no shortage of ways to be a good grandparent to your grandchildren. And, while it certainly begins with prioritizing relationship development, it’s really about the simple things! Kids have enthusiasm about a variety of things, and you should nurture and support their interests. By asking about them and even participating in their lives, you can learn a lot and develop a bond. It’s also important to know what’s going on in your grandchild's life as the day-to-day will show you their strengths. While being a long-distance grandparent can be a challenge, this special relationship offers many things parenting cannot!

What Are Some Long-Distance Grandparenting Tips?

Long distance can pose a challenge for any relationship, but when it comes to your grandchild it’s important to stay in the loop. With these easy tips, you will create a bond with your grandchildren no matter the distance!

  • Plan to Visit – It won’t be possible to see your grandchild every odd weekend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make plans. Whether for a holiday or summer vacation, you can always travel to each other’s homes. You may even want to meet in the middle and explore a new place! Whatever you do, it makes long-distance grandparenting easier if you know when the next visit will be!
  • Organize Video Calls - A telephone call might seem good enough for keeping in touch. However, many children get a lot more out of being able to see their grandparents that live far away! While Skype and FaceTime are great because they’re economical, you’ll also get to see how your grandkids are changing.
  • Give Them Some "Room" – If you have enough space in your house, you may want to make a play area or bedroom for your grandchildren. By having their own special space, they’ll feel welcome any time and may make the extra effort to visit!
  • Use an App! – Social media can make it easy to stay in touch with your grandchildren, but although the number is rising, many seniors aren’t online. Instead of forcing it, try FamilyApp where you can see pictures and updates of your grandchild. It can be a great way to share in their biggest moments, especially when they’re little!

There’s no doubt that long distance is a pretty common part of the human experience in a high-mobility world. But the relationship between a grandparent and their grandchild is a special one that needs to be nurtured. You may even want to introduce FamilyApp to your parents so they can stay in touch with their grandchildren! Do you have any other tips for long-distance grandparenting? Share them in our comments. After all, being close is about more than just proximity!

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