LEGO Organization: Everything You Need to Know

Lego Instruction Booklet Storage

Love LEGOs, but hate organizing them? Here’s everything you need to know about practicing good LEGO organizationto get the most out of your favorite brick- building toys.

Since their early beginnings in the 1930s, LEGOs have proven themselves as one of the few timeless toys of the century. Now bigger than ever, children around the globe can purchase buildable sets inspired from their favorite movie franchises and video games such as Star Wars, Marvel, Disney and more. However, because of their size and quantity, LEGOS can be tricky to keep track of. Knowing how to keep your building blocks organized can greatly extend their lifetime and, in turn, spark your child’s creativity for years to come.

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LEGO Organization: Storage

While most LEGO sets will fit into dresser drawers, closets and bins, it’s important to use storage with sealed containers to prevent pieces from getting lost in transit or storage. Tiny plastic bricks are small and easily disappear into carpets, corners, and other small spaces. Usually, the vacuum will find them before you do. Standard kitchen Tupperware containers work well. IKEA has plenty of great options ranging in size, quantity, and style. Here are some great organizers and sealable drawers to get started.SAMLA box

This clear organizer comes with a sealable lid and is offered in several sizes. The SAMLA box is great for larger bricks and LEGO pieces.

14 Bin Electrician Tool Case

This compact micro-tool organizer is perfect for LEGO storage of figurines and other small pieces. It seals with two latches, ensuring that each brick will stay put.

Creative Options Thread Organizer

This clear, two-sided sealable container is perfect for organizing medium-sized LEGO bricks.

LEGO Organization: Sorting

While it might be tempting to throw all of your LEGOs into one container, you’ll want to keep them somewhat organized. Sorting through a big mixture of random LEGOs can be tedious. Larger bricks and pieces are best stored with other larger pieces, and smaller bricks and pieces are best stored with other smaller pieces. This will greatly decrease the amount of time needed to find the desired piece. LEGO figurines are also best stored by themselves.

After you organize and sort your LEGOs into whichever drawer or container you prefer, it’s time to find a place to sort your instruction booklets. You’ll want to avoid storing instruction booklets with bricks and pieces, as the rough edges will eventually wear and tear the pages. Without the instructions, it’s much harder to re-assemble your LEGO sets later on. IKEA has plenty of great options for booklet storage, but any filing cabinet will work great. Here are a few affordable options!

SUMMERA Hanging file

Lego Instruction Booklet Storage

This affordable filing bin provides dozens of individual slots to keep each of your LEGO instruction booklets safe and secure.

InStorages Collapsible File Box

More Lego Instruction Booklet Storage

This color-coded collapsible filing box is perfect for smaller instruction booklets. When not in use, it can easily be broken down and stored elsewhere!

Displaying your LEGOs

You may want to find a safe place to display your LEGO set before storage. These toy building kits are not held together with an adhesive like other model kits. If the cat knocks your LEGO set off the counter, it will break back into pieces. Stable surfaces, shelves, and other areas out of reach are a safe place to start.

Visit to check out the latest and greatest LEGOs available today! Be sure to keep those storage bins close to ensure a gift that keeps on giving. Let us know if we missed some of your favorite LEGO storage ideas!

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