21 Girl Bedroom Designs and Inspiration

Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

So your little girl wants to refresh her bedroom? Maybe she’s aging out of her toddler bedroom and wants to think about tween/ teen girl room ideas, or maybe she just wants a change. Thinking about the options can feel overwhelming, so read on for our top 21 girl bedroom ideas!

Where to Begin?

Before you even get started on a kid bedroom redesign, it’s important to make sure you and your little one are on the same page. Try to brainstorm with her about a color scheme or theme. If she has a piece of decor or bedding she really loves, you can design the room around it! Many girl bedroom color schemes include whites, greys, neutrals, and pinks! But don’t let what’s popular restrict her design ideas! Kids can be extremely creative, so make sure your daughter is involved in redesigning her room!

Once you have a good idea of the design of the room, you can set a budget! If you have some extra time on your hands, DIY decorating day with the family could turn into a fun project that could save you some money. For example, building your own floating shelves or repainting old furniture will prevent you from buying everything new for the bedroom.

When shopping for girls’ bedroom decor, make a game plan of what you’re shopping for so you don’t end up overfilling your cart! You can buy decor online at any home decor store like Home Goods. Ultimately, her bedroom should reflect her style to make the space feel like hers, but keep reading to check out some of our favorite girl bedroom ideas from baby to teen.

Baby and Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas

Little Girl Nursery

When preparing a nursery, a gender-neutral area may be best if you are waiting to find out the sex of the baby so it can be completely decorated and ready before delivery. Amy Lamb knew she was designing a nursery for a little girl, and it is absolutely adorable. This may sound like a no-brainer, but a rocking chair and comfortable pillow are essential parts of this nursery on sleepless nights. The wallpaper and patterned rug add some depth to the room without clashing or being too overpowering.

Pink Sunrise Bedroom

Any little girl would be ecstatic to wake up in this pastel pink paradise each morning! Since this design is only a half-circle and some lines, the sunshine painting would be pretty simple to execute, though you could always use wall decals instead! This idea is playful but not too youthful, so as your toddler grows up, this could transition easily into a teen-girl bedroom without changing much! Designer Kyndal Green was genius turning one of the bookshelves upside down to use as a clothing rack! Moms love this bed since it can grow with your young girl into a full-size twin bed.

Neutral Playroom

This earthy and neutral color palette is brought to life through the wallpaper Jessica Agnes chose for Harper Grace’s playroom! With a fun wall like this, any girl would love playing and being creative here! The personalized wall decor will make her feel special and ties in nicely with the wooden ladder, kitchen set, and wicker baskets.

Nursery Decor

This wall in Lauren‘s nursery is decorative and stores all of the essentials! Books, toys, and a piggy bank are great decorative yet functional items to keep handy in a nursery or little girl’s room! With plenty of storage space, the white shelves are simple and functional. Lauren can easily repurpose this furniture in a tween bedroom as her daughters grow up!

Bright Bedroom

This bedroom has a clean and airy feel with natural light, plant decor, and light-colored walls! Designer Meg Korzon had a great idea using the bottom compartments of the white shelves as storage for shoes, toys, and anything else lying around! Having an organized and quick clean-up plan definitely helps when it comes to little ones when it’s time for guests to come over. Since this girl’s bed is smaller than a twin, the white rug helps expand the space and gives it some texture.

Sweet Dreams

What little girl wouldn’t love a hanging canopy over her bed? Haley Tipton used it as a fun way to spice up neutral bedding and make her daughter feel like a princess. The dark accent wall and star stickers are bound to make her feel cozy as she is drifting off to sleep.

Tween/Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

Tween Bold Color Girl Bedroom

This 10-year-old’s bedroom, designed by Veronica Martens,  is the perfect cross between fun and sophistication. The white headboard and wall art above the bed helps tone down the bold pink wall in a simplistic way. We also love the white and gold polka-dot curtains, matching closet decals, and gold velvet bedding.

Modern Green

We love this tween room by Jeni Davis, and we’re sure Presley Grace is too! The light-up signs and modern decor create a fun gallery wall that is grown-up but still playful and personalized. Any tween or teenage girl would love to hang out with friends in this space.

Teenage Dream

This bedroom renovation by Mirryn Morrill uses functional pieces to create the perfect space for her daughter. The gold cart functions as great storage space since this modern desk does not have drawers. The hexagon wall shelves are a unique and easy DIY project to fill that empty wall space.

Purple Hues

This eye-catching wall was painted by. This abstract geometric design takes some time to create, but Diana did a beautiful job with this eye-catching design! It looks lovely and eliminates the need for bold-colored bedding or wall art!  We also love the hanging chair in the corner of the room! There is no doubt this room would be the go-to spot for sleepovers.

Seeing Spots

Patterns and dots are definitely on-trend in fashion and design right now! We love this DIY feature wall by Lisa Mackin of the Haddon Home. Since the wall is white and black, your daughter can easily switch out the bedding and decoration colors as her preferences change! Starting with a simple black and white palette then adding pops of her favorite color (like the pink chair and pom-poms) is an easy way to create a cohesive look.

“Grown-Up” Sleepover Fort

This bedroom designed by Jess Tucker is effortlessly cool and could work for your daughter at any age! The two in-wall twin beds are perfect for when she has sleepovers! I’m sure her friends would enjoy a nice cozy bed over a sleeping bag any day! Since the architecture of the room is so unique, Jess used minimalist decor to complete the look!

Girl Bedroom Themes

Floral Farmhouse

We love this room designed by Meeghan of Cali Girl in a Southern World. The white shiplap walls with pink painted flowers compliment the bedding and color scheme nicely. Adding a table to the corner of this room was a great way to fill empty space with seasonal decor and fresh flowers. You can check out more of Meeghan’s design ideas in her blog!

Accent Wallpaper for a Girl Bedroom

Amie Kok used this fun floral wallpaper in her daughter’s room to create an accent wall! Since the wallpaper has an intricate design, she chose minimalist decor that coordinated with the wall. The gold bed frame and wooden furniture contrast the light walls to bring dimension to the area.

Ballerina Girl Bedroom

If your little one is constantly dancing and twirling around, she will absolutely love this ballerina girls room by Melissa O’Brien! The ballerina wall decor perfectly complements the textured pink blanket and ballet pillow! We also love the stuffed animal swan, combined with the white headboard and silver picture frames that add dimension to the wall.

Unicorn Princess

It is not a surprise that miss Mackenzie loves her unicorn room! Her daybed-inspired bed frame, elegant chandelier, and flower wall decor take this princess room to the next level. Displaying some of her favorite stuffed animals and pillows is an easy way to set a theme. Laura Mitchell nailed this girl’s bedroom!

Pink and Playful

When thinking about room ideas, the amount of space you have is important to consider. With a smaller space, multi-functionality is important! We love this basic white desk that can be used for homework or as a vanity with a makeup mirror. This tween/teenage girl could also store her make-up in one of the drawers to keep it organized. Designer Jayne used this pink and white striped wallpaper to help create the illusion that ceilings are taller.

Cozy Boho Girl Bedroom

This beautiful bedroom designed by Raffaella would be perfect for a girl of any age! The light wooden furniture and floral accents are a great way to decorate a boho-inspired room! Earthy tones and textures are found all over this room, from the floating shelves to the chunky knit rug.

Pink Princess

This pink room by Nissa-Lynn of Nissa-Lynn Interiors is fit for a queen! The tulle bed skirt is girly and will help cover up under-bed storage! The light pink and white walls combined with the curtains and pink bedding add so much texture and elegance to this girl’s room!

Nautical-Inspired Girl Bedroom

Amy of Modern Farmhouse Glam used bedding and decor with bright colors to liven up a neutral room. The bright blues fit the nautical theme and complement the anchor wall decals. The white nightstand and desk are versatile enough to transfer into any other bedroom theme.

Homey Girl Bedroom Decor

We love this white hammock Nicole Buhler used in the corner of Olivia’s room! Not only will it be fun for her to play and relax in, but it is also an easy place to store extra decorative pillows and stuffed animals. The white shelf turns her toys into a display of decorations.

Which girl bedroom ideas are your favorites? Be sure to share your favorite bedroom design ideas with your family on FamilyApp!

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