Dine in Style: 10 Gorgeous Dining Room Design Ideas

Dining Room Decor

Your dining area is the heart of your home! It is a place for the family to gather, eat, laugh, and share stories! Whether you’re enjoying a home-cooked meal or takeout, these dining room design ideas will inspire you to create a space that is on-trend and inviting! 

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How Can I Decorate My Dining Room?

Before decorating your dining room walls, the first step is choosing a dining table. Generally, longer rectangular tables work well in open concept homes or large rooms, whereas a round table may fit more guests in a smaller space. Aside from essential furniture like a dining room table and chairs, there are many ways you can furnish and decorate a dining room.

When redecorating a room, one of the most effective ways to refresh is by repainting the area. You can decide what style and color fit best with the rest of your home and create a dining room based on that. If you want a more formal dining room, you could include an elegant china cabinet or a long sideboard. One of the easiest ways to elevate your dining room’s style is by adding a new light fixture over the table or choosing a bold centerpiece

What Do You Put In the Center of a Dining Table?

When it comes to decorating a dining room, centerpiece options will depend on the size and shape of the table. Many common centerpiece options include florals, succulents, candles, placemats, and table runners. Be careful not to overdecorate the table to the point where it is not practical to eat on, though. 

Dining Room Design Ideas 2022

Dining Room Gold Accents

We love this dining area by Callie. She used an eye-catching gold light fixture and picture frames as accents throughout the room. She brought more natural elements into the room by adding greenery throughout the room. Using a tall house plant in the corner of your dining room is a great way to fill empty space. Another way to add texture to a dining room is by including a patterned rug underneath the table. We love the rug used here because it is not too loud and frames the table. She also added a black cabinet to the back wall and placed dried flowers on top of it as additional decor.   

Nordic Minimalist Dining Room

Clemence‘s simple minimalist dining room is complete with a wooden dining room table and industrial-inspired shelving. To create the illusion of larger windows, she placed the curtain rod higher than the top of the window. The simple white window sheers and dome pendant light give the room an airy feel while maintaining the minimalist design. As seen in this space, the nordic style is clean-lined, simple, and incorporates natural elements. There is a considerable similarity between nordic style and minimalism, but the differentiating factor is mainly the materials used. As seen in this dining room, a nordic style focuses heavily on natural materials that make the space cozy.

Coastal Modern Dining Room Decor

Alison Royer and Andrea Profancik of Avenue A Interiors designed this beautiful dining room. This open-concept home has a modern coastal theme throughout. Since there is a slight separation between the spaces, the room designs must flow well together. Alison and Andrea did a fantastic job at this, carrying the same color palette into the dining room. The more modern elements of this room include the basic yet chic white dining room table accented with greenery as the centerpiece. Instead of having a formal china cabinet, they used a mobile bar cart to hold a wicker fruit basket. The wicker dining chairs and other neutral tones add a beachy element to the room! 

Blue Basket Wall

This dining room proves that you can use anything for wall decor. Rebecca hung a variety of wicker baskets on her blue-and-white feature wall. Another unique element to this dining space is the silver chandelier. When considering dining room ideas, a good piece of advice is to use accent light fixtures as statement pieces. The area rug under the table contains blue accents that complement the paint color nicely and tie the room’s look together. 

Luxe Green Dining Room Design

This dining room is so stylish that any family will want to eat in here! Renne chose a bold color scheme, and green velvet upholstered dining chairs that bring an upscale feel to the space. The green table runner contrasts against the light wooden table functions as the focal point of the room.

Bold Color Dining Room Decorating Ideas

dining room orange
From Canva

The stone dining room wall combined with the warm orange hues of this room creates an earthy dining space. This designer used multiple shades of orange, seen in the paint color, area rug, chairs, and candles to decorate the room. We love the floor-to-ceiling windows that let natural light into the room. Also, the varying heights of the candle centerpiece add dimension to the table.

Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas

Farmhouse homes focus on practicality and a homey vibe; farmhouse-inspired dining rooms are no different!  Black Dog Home hand-crafted this rustic dining set. It creates a laid-back dining space and carries the farmhouse theme from the living room into the dining room. Also, the addition of the banquette (bench-style seating) creates openness and practicality.

Modern Victorian Dining Room Design

This Victorian house has a lot of character that Laura emphasized in the dining room. The built-in fireplace stands out against the all-white walls, and the gold pendant lighting brings a modern style. Matchy-matchy formal dining sets are no longer required to create a space you love to dine in! The industrial-style bench seating modernized the room and made this once formal dining room more laid-back.

Formal Dining Room Ideas

A dining space like this one is what we all think of when we hear the words “fine dining.” We are obsessed with this elegant formal dining room by Justin Bishop. He incorporated intricate custom-painted wallpaper above the white wainscoting. The oak dining table, blue velvet upholstered chairs, and gorgeous chandelier add to the beauty of this room. 

Relaxed Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Using a round dining table in a small dining room is a great way to maximize your space. Kerry used white walls, large windows, and a white pendant light to create a bright and inviting atmosphere in this dining area. Using fresh fruit as the table centerpiece is both practical and adds color to the room!

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