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Scheduling all of the events of a busy family can be tough, but there’s a family app that can serve the needs of your loved ones! We’ve taken a look at the top ten family apps out there, complete with their pros and cons.

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs out there, whether you’re teaching your kids to ride a bike or how to read. And, in a busy world, it can be hard to keep in touch with our children. Fortunately, there are family apps out there that can make it a lot easier! If you’re looking to manage calendars, chores and to-do lists, look no further than these top ten must-have apps.

What’s the Best Family App?

1. FamilyApp

When it comes to sharing interesting information about your family, FamilyApp is one of the best apps out there! This private communications platform offers end-to-end encryption that ensures data security and privacy. So you can safely connect with family and friends. You can set up one or many families with those closest to you, or set up a group for scheduling carpools, sports activities, or finding a babysitter. This innovative, and private app, makes it easy and fun to have a dedicated space for your family life!

2. Lala Breakfast 

 One of the hardest parts of being a parent is trying to get balanced, nutritional meals ready for your kids. Luckily, that’s where the Lala Breakfast family app for iPhone comes in! This app for recipes and meal planning even allows your kids to get involved in the process. They’ll be able to select from a variety of foods and this will create a shopping list for parents. And, when kids are more involved in the recipe-building process, it’s more likely they’ll get a meal they like!

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What is the Best Family App for Your To-Do List?

 3. ChoreMonster

There are few things that bring up fury in kids like having to do the chores. Whether it’s taking out the garbage or cleaning their room, it can be challenging to get them to help out. Luckily, the ChoreMonster family app Android provides is perfect for getting them involved. When kids check the calendar and complete their to-do list chores, they’ll earn points and get monster rewards. So the chore process becomes more of a game they’ll love to play, rather than drudgery. If your kids are just starting out with assigned chores, this can be great for getting them excited about it.

4. Remember the Milk

Available for Apple, Android and Blackberry, Remember the Milk is exactly what it sounds like: your one-stop shopping list! We’ve all been in those situations where we forget an ingredient at the grocery store and don’t want to run back. For that, this top family app functions as a to-do list and reminder that ensure you never have to do that again. You can always remember the chicken, pasta, soup, sauce, potatoes, or whatever else you need for your special baked casserole. It evens provides a recipe collection! Since you’ll be able to sync it across more than one device, all family members can be immediately updated. So your recipes will be able to rise to new heights!

5. Busy Kid

Offering your children an allowance for a chore well done is an important aspect of teaching your kids about money. Fortunately, the Busy Kid app at the family app store can make this task even easier! In addition to providing chore suggestions, your children can complete their calendar chore charts at their own pace. Once they’ve completed a chore to your satisfaction, you can transfer money through your bank account. Whether they want to save it or cash it out is up to them!

What’s the Best Family App for Scheduling?

6. Cozi

This great family app is available for Apple, Android, Amazon Fire and Windows 8.1 at the app store. It can do a lot towards simplifying the schedule of your family! These days, kids and parents are busy and running in 10 different directions. Cozi can easily organize activities, to-do lists, appointments, and shopping lists so that you all know what’s going on. It can be hard to stay in the know, but using Cozi as your family calendar can make it easier.

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7. Life360

Like Family Locator, this GPS tracking app is available on Android and Apple devices for those who need to know where everyone is. If you have a big family, Life360 can be the ideal way to keep tabs on everyone. In addition to being able to communicate, this family app allows location sharing. You can even choose to talk in group chats. With so many everyday events, Life360 can be ideal for staying in touch with parents, grandparents and other relatives.

8. FamilyWall

In these days of information sharing through Facebook and Twitter, it can seem like your privacy is up for grabs. Fortunately, FamilyWall is a secure family app iOS offers to share photos, event and to-do lists with everyone. It even has a color-coded calendar that shows all the upcoming events for your family and a chat function. Its real-time locator can use GPS tracking to find family members or their devices on a map. And, more importantly, geofencing will inform you if your kids travel to a new location.

What’s the Best Family App for Memories?

9. Steller

It can be a fun pastime for parents and kids to get together and make a picture book of a special event. And the Steller family app can do the legwork for you! In order to create your own family story, all you have to do is add the words and the photos. Steller will provide a variety of striking layouts so that you can share a vacation, birthday party or graduation. While you can put this story on social media, privacy settings will ensure it’s only shared with those you choose.

 10. Tweekaboo

There are few things more precious than pregnancy and your child’s birth. But, not every parent has the time to put together a baby book to capture everything. That’s where Tweekaboo comes in! This fun journal family app will create a calendar for your precious little one complete with photos and videos. And, you even have the option of sharing the precious book with family and friends! Instead of getting out the doilies and colored paper, Tweekaboo can be your go-to.

With life as busy as it is, it can be hard to keep up with basic family life sometimes. Even little helps, like turning family recipes into a fun game, can go a long way.

Need help looking for everyone, but don’t know where to start? Fortunately, you can use family-friendly apps like ChoreMonster and Cozi to organize. And, for those who want a truly secure family messenger and calendar, you may want to share FamilyApp! Do you have a favorite family app for 2020? Share how you connect in our comments! With an app out there for every purpose, there’s no reason your family can’t stay in touch and organized.

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