Hit The Road: Tips For Your Unique Motorhome Vacation

Do you love to travel, but also value your independence? A motorhome vacation is a perfect solution for you to explore the world at your own pace! We tell you what you need to know before planning your trip on wheels.

Motorhome, campervan, caravan, camper, recreational vehicle (RV). There are so many names and so many different types of these vehicles, it’s easy to get confused. But they all have one thing in common. A motorhome vacation is an endless adventure on the open road!

What is a Motorhome Vacation?

Motorhomes are generally larger vehicles, with 2 to 6 sleeping places. Those are called berths in camper lingo. They’re built on a long-wheelbase and normally have kitchen and bathroom facilities. A campervan or camper is a more compact version of the bigger motorhome with only 2 to 3 berths.

A caravan, on the other hand, is usually pulled by a car or truck. That’s because it doesn’t have a driving unit. Caravans are also known as trailers or mobile homes. Last but not least we have Recreational Vehicles, called RVs for short. This term is a blanket term for any of the motorized camper types. Of course, all of them are fit for a motorhome vacation.

Know The Different Categories For Your Motorhome Vacation

When deciding on what type of vehicle you need for your motorhome vacation, it’s important to know the different categories. There are roughly three categories. Class A are those huge moving homes you sometimes see on the highways during the summer. They have an integrated driving and body section and are usually the most expensive motorhomes.

Class C are the motorhomes that look like pickups with a shell built on top of it, extending above the cab. The sleeping space is typically directly over the cab. Class B is something in-between A and C. They’re smaller than a Class A and the sleeping area is not on top of the cab but in a dedicated space, usually at the rear of the body.

So consider your standards before choosing a vehicle for your motorhome vacation: Where do you want to go? Do you travel with children and need more room? Do you want to keep it simple or add a touch of luxury to your motorhome vacation?

Why Is A Motorhome Vacation So Great?

If you’ve ever taken a long road trip in a car, you probably already know the answer! There’s a lengthy list of advantages to motorhome road trips.

Need a quick snack? When you’re on a motorhome vacation, you can stop whenever you need to for a delicious meal from your fully-loaded refrigerator inside! Need a nap? No need to find a sketchy motel or be uncomfortable in your car– you can just pull over and fall into your cozy bed! And, of course, when you ‘gotta go’ your bathroom is right there.

Those of you with pets don’t need to worry about where to ship them off to while you’re on vacation. Just bring them along with you! No more searching for animal-friendly hotels at the end of a long drive. Plus, you have a lot more space for all the luggage and sports gear a car won’t handle.

Clubs Can Help Make Your Motorhome Vacation Happier

You’ll find a wide variety and choice of clubs you can join for your holiday with a motorhome. Before you just join the first one you see, shop around a bit. Sometimes it’s better to hook up with a club that offers benefits only to the region you plan to visit. On the other hand, a national club might give you more ideas on where to go and how to spend your time on the road. There are also specialty clubs for different focus groups. For example, for retired travelers, owners of specific models of RVs, handicapped members or even military campers. There seems to be one for every individual motorhome vacation!

Some Benefits Of Motorhome Clubs

While some motorhome clubs are pretty basic, others offer many benefits. These can include roadside assistance, discounts on products and services, online maps or mail forwarding services. Others offer forums where RV travelers can exchange tips and tricks or talk about their favorite camping spots. A few motorhome clubs even offer online seminars to help you with operating and maintaining your home on wheels. You can also find clubs that help you with detailed planning of your motorhome vacation, including things like finding the nearest campground to a major city. And how to get transportation into the city if the nearest parking possibility is miles away.

Enjoy Your Motorhome Vacation!

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what type, size, or look of motorized home you end up choosing for your motorhome vacation. Whatever you decide on, you’re sure to have a great vacation experience, waking every day ready to start a new adventure in the comfort of your home on wheels.

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