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11 Great Places to Spend Independence Day Weekend

Independence Day is the perfect holiday to travel with your family. From the historic streets of Boston to the glittering lights of Myrtle Beach, the following places offer many inspired July 4th celebrations so you can spend Independence Day in some amazing places!

Few American holidays come along with the fanfare that Independence Day does. So whether you’re planning some epic fireworks or a barbecue with friends, the Fourth of July is a time to celebrate.

This year is especially significant because we're not only celebrating the independence of our nation, but we also have freedom from the worst of the coronavirus pandemic. Many of us are able to travel for the first time in many months. 

So if you’re looking to really get away from it all this Independence Day, these great destinations will help you enjoy the holiday!

What Are Some Tips for Independence Day Travel?

If you’re heading off on a trip for the Independence Day weekend, there are ways you can minimize the stress. First, book any lodging or flights in advance so that you can avoid price spikes. The summer is always popular for family travel, and that means the prices will only go up! It can also be a good idea to head off a few days before the weekend to avoid too many cars on the road. July 4th travel traffic can be pretty heavy so consider taking extra time off work for stress-free travel. If you have some insider knowledge, you may want to share your tips with others on a family app!

Where Can I Learn About United States History?

  • Philadelphia – If you’re looking to celebrate the 4th of July with the perfect Independence Day travel ideas, Philadelphia might be your ideal destination. For the week leading up to the holiday, you can partake by exploring the history of the Founding Fathers. There are free exhibition days, special performances, and a fireworks display the country’s founders would be proud of!
  • Boston – The city of Boston contains many important historical moments in the United States’ past. But they also have an epic weekend of activities to celebrate the special day! The family-friendly celebration known as Harborfest has activities that include historic sites, barge adventures, and exciting entertainment.
  • Washington D.C. – The Constitution may have been signed in Philadelphia, but Washington is where all the action happens today. What better place to take part in July 4th celebrations than the home of the White House? While you can learn about American history, you can also watch the free annual concert on the Capitol's West Lawn.

Yorktown, Virginia, is a great place to spend July 4th!

Where to Spend Independence Day Weekend with the Family

  • Myrtle Beach – This South Carolina destination is a popular tourist spot any time of the year. But, when it comes to the Fourth of July, Myrtle Beach becomes an even more epic destination! In addition to Pawley’s Island Golf Cart Parade and the Independence Day Run, there are other things to enjoy. Your kids will love the amusement parks, the outdoor water parks, and the fireworks after dark!
  • New Orleans – Few cities boast the unique history of this Louisiana destination. And, lucky for your family, Independence Day travel statistics point to a Mississippi River destination that’s also budget-friendly! So when you’re not watching the spectacular fireworks, your family can participate in bargain shopping and barbecue. You may even want to share the sights and sounds with others on a family app!
  • Mount Rushmore – This South Dakota attraction might seem like nothing more than a mountain, but it transforms for Independence Day! In fact, you can observe this natural wonder and celebrate with Old West shootouts, cookouts, and fireworks. The whole family will have the opportunity to learn a little bit of American history too!
  • Yorktown –Yorktown might be lesser-known, but this locale throws a family-friendly celebration like no other. You may even want to share this secret with other parents on FamilyApp! With a run, a parade, and live music, the best part is the July 4th fireworks display along the York River.

Disney World isn't just fun for kids on July 4th!

Where to Spend Independence Day With Your Spouse

  • Nashville – If you’re heading for airport travel on the Fourth of July with your spouse, you may be looking for more than fireworks. Luckily, Tennessee’s own "Music City" might be the destination you’re looking for! While you can hear live music at one of the city’s 180 venues, you can also enjoy parades and food trucks.
  • Chicago – This American destination might be a great place to visit any time of the year. But, Independence Day can make for an even better outing. If you’re going for the weekend, head to Navy Pier to enjoy live music, street entertainment, and sandy beaches. You may even want to see the fireworks with your significant other from the Ferris wheel!
  • Rhode Island – It might not seem like the customary destination for Independence Day, but Rhode Island starts celebrating well in advance! It begins with Flag Day on June 14th and ends with the Military, Civic, and Firemen’s Parade on July 4th. With plenty of concerts, tournaments, and even a social dance party, expect plenty of fun.
  • Disney World – Yes, we know what you're thinking. Isn't Disney World better for the whole family? Disney resorts are definitely better known as family destinations, but there are still really fun things to do with just you and your spouse. So why not make it a fun and festive getaway with you and your spouse?!

Independence Day is right around the corner, and there are plenty of great travel destinations to take in. Whether you head to historic sites like Mount Rushmore or party in New Orleans, there’s nothing like the Fourth of July! Do you have any Independence Day travel tips? Let us know in our comments! For the sake of history or fun, there are plenty of options across the USA.

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