Smart Kitchen Gadgets: Bring Some Magic Into Your Home

how to use smart kitchen gadgets

Is the coffee machine already working before you wake up? Sounds like you are dreaming or some magic is going on in your house? Smart kitchen gadgets make it possible.

Smart Kitchen Gadgets – No Magic Needed

Imagine this: You’re shopping for groceries after work. As you enter the supermarket you realize that you forgot your shopping list at home. If only you were Molly Weasley from the Harry Potter movies! Then you had magical powers to move it from your kitchen table into your hand! You try your best to remember every item you’ve written down, but when you come home you notice you forgot to bring milk.

Sound familiar? We’ve got great news! There are indeed some devices that can help you in such a situation. But in contrast to Molly Weasley, you don’t need magic to use them and keep your household together. Smart kitchen gadgets only need the touch of your fingertip or the timbre of your voice. Still sounds like magic, doesn’t it?

Easy Grocery Shopping

Unfortunately, you are no Molly Weasley and do not have magical powers. So what’s the next best thing to transfer your shopping list from your kitchen into the supermarket? Right, sending it to the store via an app. There are different solutions for smart kitchen gadgets to improve your grocery shopping.

On the one hand, you can download an app from your favorite supermarket. Then you enter the items you want to buy into an order sheet on your smartphone and send it to them. Your local branch will then deliver your requested items. There are also new smart kitchen gadgets to make it even easier. They look like magnets and you can easily apply them to your fridge. Those devices then register which foods your family consumed away and order them on their own. After delivery, all you have to do is to put them in your refrigerator.

Kitchen Gadgets and Smart Appliances – Real Time Savers

That actually sounds like it would save you lots of time, doesn’t it? Plus, you’ll never get to the point again where your hubby forgot to tell you he emptied the milk. The smart gadgets can do all that for you. On top of that, they can find out the best offers online, so you can save money and even more time.

Now imagine what else smart kitchen gadgets could do. Starting the dishwasher or dryer on their own after they’re fully loaded. Preparing coffee and tea while you are still asleep or taking a shower. Heating up dinner in a sous vide machine. Every kitchen aid is working safely on its own. You clearly see Molly Weasley’s kitchen from the movies, don’t you? But you don’t need spells for that, a Wi-Fi connection and a smartphone appliance simply do the trick.

Control Your Smart Cooking Gadgets

Of course, there are plenty of pros to smart home gadgets. You can save lots of time and even money when you manage them correctly. For that functionality, it’s important to customize the settings of your appliances and devices. You have to tell your new shopping buddy what to do when you want it to run errands on a budget. Also, don’t forget to tell it when to go to sleep. You don’t want it on at night and during the times when you don’t use them all of your smart appliances so you can save electricity!

Smart kitchen gadgets can also help to improve safety. Turning off the oven or the water tap on their own avoids a fairly serious catastrophe. But you should also keep in mind that these high tech devices need some security as well. While they are connected to the internet there is always a chance for a hacker attack. So check your firewall and internet security system regularly.

Smart Kitchen Gadgets – Don’t Let Them Take Over Completely

Do you know what I always wonder while watching that particular movie scene from Molly Weasley’s kitchen? How on earth can she not miss cooking on her own? I love to try out new recipes, whittle veggies, or season ingredients to taste. As much as I appreciate the support of my smart cooking gadgets – there are still some things I love to do by myself. Cooking is a recreational hobby for me. If I left everything to the smart kitchen devices, I wouldn’t feel balanced anymore. Plus, I want to teach my children how to cook properly on their own. Though I love using my smart cooker,  every adult should know how to handle pans and pots in my opinion.

Chores are also important in our home. I believe learning how to cook and clean is as important as knowing how to operate an oven, washer or dryer is very important. We shouldn’t deny our children the opportunity to learn these things from their parents. But as we are living in the 21st century, teaching your kids how to use smart kitchen gadgets properly is important, too.

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