09 February 2021 (updated)

This Is the World's Best Taco Salad. You're Welcome.

This is the World's Best Taco Salad. You're welcome.

Comfort Food in an Uncomfortable Time

An interesting part of my 2020 has included a few surgeries that weren't expected. And in the midst of a pandemic, it's an odd experience. My mom came to help with my recovery for my second surgery that was going to require much more recovery than the first. Mom help is truly the best. I'm so grateful for the times she has come to my home after babies have been born and especially this time to be an extra set of hands when I had to take a back seat.

Nothing can beat my mom's cooking. She will always say what she makes isn't that big of a deal, but there is something about that "mom magic" she has that makes even something basic taste better than any restaurant.

Taco Salad Memories

One night we were getting ready to eat in the backyard, and she mentioned she was making a  taco salad recipe that her sister used to make that she always liked. Her sister passed unexpectedly in 2018, and I have an appreciation for passed-on recipes that hold sentimental value in addition to bringing a family together for a delicious meal.

I love a giant dinner salad, and this was no exception. I could bathe in this salad. The combination of flavors is perfection. The meat, beans, and cheddar cheese make it filling and satisfying. The Doritos give it the perfect crunch. It is just so good.

It's slightly different than some typical taco salads. We use shredded lettuce instead of romaine lettuce and dark red kidney beans instead of black beans. And if you wanted to,  you could wrap it up in a tortilla and have it as an actual taco.

The Taco Salad Recipe

And it is just so easy! The prep is simple and quick. What I really love about this taco salad recipe, is that if you arrange the toppings as you see here in the picture, it's great for a party, football viewing, anything. It is true perfection.

World's Best Taco Salad

I call it World's Best Taco Salad because I could truly eat this every day, it's SO good!

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20 mins


15 mins


35 mins


Main Course




8 people


346.0 kcal


  • 2.0


    chopped lettuce

    You can chop your own. This is just way easier

  • 1.0


    kidney beans, drained

  • 1.0

    onion, chopped

    Pick your color. It's personal preference.

  • 1.0


    ground beef

  • 1.0


    taco seasoning

    for ground beef

  • 2.0


  • 1.0



  • 1.0


    Catalina Dressing

  • 8.0


    shredded cheese


    1. Cook.

      Brown ground beef in a pan and add taco seasoning

    2. Chop.

      Chop onion and tomato

    3. Crunch.

      Crush Doritos, you'll want at least 3/4 of the bag in the salad

    4. Wash.

      Wash and drain red kidney beans

    5. Dress.

      Swirl Catalina dressing around the bottom of the giant salad bowl

    6. Add.

      Dump in shredded lettuce

    7. Top.

      Add toppings - see photo - this can make for a great presentation for a party or just to impress your family.



346.0 kcal


25.0 g


15.9 g


3.3 g


25.0 g

Serving Unit:



2.9 g

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