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Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

The creators of Ooni pizza ovens understand the value of quality pizza without having to buy from pizzerias every Friday night or investing thousands of dollars in a traditional pizza oven. These pizza ovens are well-priced, portable, and our favorite on the market right now.

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What Is a Pizza Oven?

You might be thinking to yourself, “If I want to make a delicious pizza at home, why can’t I just cook it in the oven?”But there’s a huge difference between a normal kitchen oven and a specialty pizza oven, and it all comes down to heat.

Conventional ovens max out at around 500 degrees Fahrenheit (about half the maximum temperature of a pizza oven) and have a significantly longer preheating time. A pizza oven can crank up the heat to 950 degrees Fahrenheit in about 15 minutes and cook pies in 60 seconds. This means your dinner will be ready in half the time with double the flavor.

Ooni pizza ovens bake perfect crusts in just one minute– they’re crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The ovens themselves are environmentally friendly, being a zero-waste facility and giving 1%  back to the planet with each sale. Additionally, they’re perfect for outdoor cooking and portable, so you take them to the next cookout! That way, you can focus on your food and guests without having to make sure your oven’s hot enough.

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What Can You Do With an Ooni Pizza Oven?

One may think the only use for a pizza oven is making pizzas. While this theory makes sense, there are plenty of other things you can cook in your new oven. For example, you can cook steaks, wings, fish, veggies, and bread to perfection in your pizza oven with the right accessories. Ooni gives you the basics with your pizza oven but to make this a multi-use investment; you have the option to purchase a skillet/ griddle or “grizzler” plate, cast iron pans, thermometers, and anything else you’d need to cook some of your other favorite meals. You can also get pizza peels and other accessories on the Ooni website or from another trusted brand!

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How to Choose an Ooni Pizza Oven

There are many different kinds of pizza ovens, and Ooni carries three different kinds: Gas, Wood, and Multi-Fuel.

Thankfully they keep it simple and have an oven comparison chart right on the website. Each oven is equipped with a cordierite stone to withstand the oven heat and delight your tastebuds with a stone-baked flavor.

Ooni Koda

The Ooni Koda gas ovens are very popular and compact. The Ooni Koda 12 and 16 gas-powered ovens are made to cook 12 and 16-inch pizzas. These gas ovens have a temperature dial that allows you to control the cooking experience a bit more. Both sizes use propane gas, but with a conversion kit, the larger one is compatible with natural gas. The Ooni Koda 12 takes 15 minutes to heat up whereas the 16 takes 20 minutes to heat up. Once heated, pizzas are ready in 60 seconds. The Ooni Koda ovens are the easiest option for great stone-baked pizza.

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Ooni Fyra

The wood-fired ovens have a built-in chimney attachment, making them a bit taller than the gas ovens, but they are still very light and portable. The Ooni Fyra 12 takes only 15 minutes to preheat and uses wood pellets as fuel and gives the pies (or whatever else you are cooking) a more authentic smokey taste. Ooni sells pellets directly on their website. The Ooni Fyra 12 is currently the company’s only wood-exclusive oven. Priced at $299, it is currently the most affordable pizza oven Ooni sells.

Ooni Fyra Photo By: @peediekirkwallcakes

Ooni Karu

The Ooni Karu 12 and 16 ovens are considered “multi-fuel” and allow for greater control and flexibility.  These ovens seem to have the best of both worlds. The Ooni Karu pizza ovens can cook with wood, charcoal, or gas (with the appropriate attachment). They are a little bit higher in price, but the versatility is worth it! The larger of the two, the Karu 16, is the newest and most expensive oven Ooni sells, retailing at $799. Two exciting features of this oven are the thermometer and glass door that allows you to preheat the oven to the perfect temperature and watch the pizza cook. Both ovens heat up in 15 minutes regardless of the fuel type being used.

Ooni Karu Photo By: @jimmipetersson

Ooni Pro

The second type of multi-fuel oven Ooni carries is the Ooni Pro 16. Similar to the Karu ovens, the Pro will cook perfect pizzas using charcoal, wood, or gas and reaches maximum temperatures in just 20 minutes! This oven has a wide opening and glass door, making it ideal for cooking larger dishes and 16-inch pizzas.

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Where Can I Buy an Ooni Pizza Oven?

You can order your new favorite cooking tool directly on the Ooni website or check out their dealer locator to find a pizza oven near you! Ooni is great at communicating with and educating its users. The company’s Instagram account, website, and Facebook all have plenty of information on the newest models, like the Ooni Karu!

What Should I Cook With an Ooni Pizza Oven?

You have your pizza oven and want to get cooking, but you’re not sure where to start. Thankfully, you have plenty of options. The Ooni website has a whole section dedicated to recipes. Check out their hundreds of pizza oven ideas from vegan options to steaks here.

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Classic and Quick Pizza Dough Want Pizza ASAP? With just a few ingredients, you can have pizza dough ready in under an hour. All you will need to make this recipe is warm water, yeast (active dried, instant dried, or fresh), strong bread flour, salt, olive oil, and flour for dusting. Once the dough is ready, you can add your sauce and toppings, let it cook in the pizza oven for just one minute, and enjoy.

homemade pizza dough

Classic and Quick Pizza Dough

Enjoy your home-cooked pizza with this classic dough recipe, ready in under an hour!
4.80 from 10 votes
Prep Time 1 hour 59 minutes
Cook Time 1 minute
Course Pizza
Cuisine American
Servings 8 Servings
Calories 412 kcal


  • 17 oz Warm Water
  • 1 Tbsp Active Dry Yeast or 10g instant dried yeast / 30g fresh yeast
  • 26.5 oz Strong Bread Flour
  • 1/4 Tbsp Salt
  • 1 1/2 Tbsp Olive Oil
  • 3.5 oz Flour For Dusting Surface



  • Add 3 tablespoons of strong bread flour and warm water in a large bowl and whisk. Continue whisking and add yeast. Store in a warm place for 5 minutes or until mixture is frothy.
  • In a large bowl mix the yeast mixture and half ( 13.25 oz or 375 g) of the flour. Next, add the salt and remaining flour to the bowl. Knead mixture on a lightly floured surface for 8-10 minutes. Drizzle the bottom of the bowl with olive oil, place the dough ball in the bowl, and drizzle oil on top.
  • Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and allow the dough ball to rise in the sun or a warm place. Let dough rise until it has doubled in size or for 20-30 minutes. If you have a proving tub, you can use that as well.
  • Divide the risen dough into 4 or 5 smooth balls. Brush the dough balls with olive oil or warm water, cover with plastic wrap and place back in the sun or somewhere warm for 15-20mins, or until doubled in size.
  • While the dough balls are rising, allow your Ooni pizza oven to preheat, prepare your favorite pizza toppings, and get ready to cook a delicious pizza in just one minute!


Calories: 412kcalCarbohydrates: 81gProtein: 11gFat: 4gSaturated Fat: 1gPolyunsaturated Fat: 1gMonounsaturated Fat: 2gSodium: 223mgPotassium: 119mgFiber: 3gSugar: 1gVitamin C: 1mgCalcium: 18mgIron: 5mg
Keyword Dough, pizza, Pizza Oven, quick
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Detriot-style Pizza Looking for something different than a traditional pizza? This Detroit-style pizza may become your new favorite meal. Cooked in a metal pan, this pizza has a thick crust and a generous amount of sauce and cheese, making the extra prep time totally worth it!

Detriot-style Pizza Photo By: @keevaeats

Raspberry, Marscapone, and Dark Chocolate Pizza Dessert and Pizza? I can’t think of a more delicious combination. This dessert pizza is easy and quick to make. Lemon curd, mascarpone cheese, dark chocolate, and raspberries are a perfectly sweet yet fresh combination that will leave you wanting more.

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