Cleaning Schedule: Get a Cleaner Home in 2021

Want to come home to a cleaner house in 2021? Start with a daily house cleaning schedule and get the whole family involved for home maintenance made easy!

After a long day of work, cleaning up the house is the last thing most of us want to do. From de-cluttering to vacuuming the floor, even a little task can feel like a lot! That’s where a house cleaning schedule can come in handy. It makes it much easier to delegate tasks to the whole family for quick, pain-proof cleanups. Be sure to share your ideas for getting everyone involved this year on your favorite family app!

What Is a Daily House Cleaning Schedule?

Creating a daily house cleaning checklist makes it easier to stay on top of the workload. You just need ten or twenty minutes each day for a little bit of organization!

1. Do the Dishes Daily

One of the most common everyday cleaning schedule tasks is doing the dishes. If you don’t have a dishwasher, rinse and wash and leave them on the drying rack. If you do, run it once each day as needed and clear it out in the morning.

2. Clean Up the Sinks

For bathroom and kitchen sinks used every day, doing a scrub with warm water and soap will do the trick. It means you’ll be dealing with a clean surface every day and will make for easier deep cleaning!

3. Wipe the Counters

It only takes a few swipes with a clean cloth to mark this off your cleaning schedule checklist. Do a quick wipe of the kitchen counter and shared bathrooms, so germs don’t have the opportunity to accumulate!

How Do You Make a Weekly Cleaning Schedule?

It’s best to choose a room to clean each day of the week to simplify your cleaning. However, there are still things you can do throughout the week to keep the house clutter-free!

1. Monday Mop-Up Day

Monday’s already a pretty long day for most of us, so make you’re cleaning easy. Start by taking a mop through the busy areas in your house, like the kitchen, hallways, and your bedroom. Be sure to follow up with a vacuum to catch any crumbs left behind! Share your spick-and-span tips on FamilyApp!

2. Trash It Tuesday

It’s easy to accumulate stuff without realizing it. However, by taking the time to remove clutter, you’ll be surprised how much easier your cleaning schedule will be once spring arrives! Be sure to organize and clear away magazines, newspapers, old clothes, and any other piles of stuff you won’t miss.

3. Washing Wednesday

The laundry can quickly accumulate even in a small household, so stave it off with a weekday wash. Be sure you take off the bedsheets, clean the blankets, and throw in everything you need for the coming week!

4. Tub and Toilet Thursday

Cleaning the bathroom probably is the most unpopular housecleaning chore, and that’s why it’s best to add it to the cleaning schedule chart. Make sure you scrub the tub and shower and disinfect the counters and the sinks. It’s also a good time to check the toiletries and see what you need to replace.

5. Free Day Friday

If you have any house hotspots left to clean, it can be a good idea to tidy them up today. Or you can always wait for the weekend for a slightly different routine. Whatever you decide, make sure you give yourself some time off from cleaning!

How Do You Make a Monthly Cleaning Schedule?

While you need to take care of some chores weekly, there are others you can take care of less frequently. Share your monthly cleaning schedule tips on your favorite family app with other users!

1. Clean the Washer

If you have a new model washer, run a hot water cycle with a specialty cleaner. This will ensure that your washer functions at optimum efficacy.

2. Rinse the Dishwasher

You can degrease your dishwasher fairly easily. Just put a container with 2 cups of vinegar on the top rack and run it without any dishwashing liquid or objects inside. You can also purchase cleaning pods that are designed for dishwasher deep-cleans.

3. Clean the Vacuum Monthly

If your vacuum bag is nearly full, be sure to replace it. You’ll also want to check the filter to make sure that it’s functioning properly.

Housecleaning may not inspire excitement, but there are ways to make it less of a chore! By making a cleaning schedule by day, you can make certain tasks easier to complete. You can even get the whole family involved for instant time savings! Do you have any good ideas for housecleaning schedules? Share them with other users! A few simple tips can make a hard job a lot easier to bear.

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