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Activity is important for children. The right sports for kids will nurture your child’s talents and still provide plenty of fun. Here is a guide to help you find the right sport for your little one.

What Are the Best Sports for Kids?

Whether it’s flag football, tennis or basketball, there’s a sport out there for everyone to enjoy. Activity and playing a sport can be an important part of a child’s development. From building their balance to developing social skills, sports provide plenty of growing opportunities.

But it’s important to ensure kids find the right sport so they can be passionate and build confidence. Whatever your child’s skill set or hobby, there are kids sports out there to inspire their talents!

Why Are Kids Sports Good for Children?

Participating in sports can be good for kids for a variety of different reasons! It can be hard to get kids outside and away from screens, so sports can provide an important physical benefit. In addition to keeping children healthy, activity can also help them develop hand-eye coordination and balance.

Beyond the fitness aspect, they can give children the opportunity to build relationships and participate in teamwork. It can also provide a chance for kids to showcase leadership and develop healthy self-esteem.

field hockey player sports for kidsHow Do I Support My Kid to Choose a Sport?

So it’s no surprise many parents want their children to get active and become athletes. In many cases, children aim for the sport that they already familiar with. When there’s a big sister playing soccer, the younger will be more likely to be interested in that field as well. Or parents that actively support a football team by cheering in the stands might get their son interested in playing for his high school team.

Whatever your child decides to try: Stay supportive and encouraging while not pressuring them. There are thousands of stories of young people pushed into a sport out of family tradition or high expectations that they had neither passion nor skill for. This often goes for considered non-typical sports like ballet for a boy or ice hockey for a girl. Stay positive about the general fact they want to try something new and be active.

And if you want your child to stick with it: Be a good example and be active yourself. A couch potato mom or dad telling their kids about the importance of fitness and exercise is not authentic.

What Sport Should My Child Play?

There’s a sport out there to suit every child. All that’s required is a little patience to determine what sports for your kid are best. Talk to them about their interests and watch them. Here are a few things to consider:

  • What’s their Sporting Style? – It’s important to be aware that not every child is cut out for being part of a team. Some may flourish in team sports like baseball or soccer, but others may prefer to do something independently like swimming, martial arts or kids sports programs.
  • Is it Age Appropriate? – There are so many different sports out there for all the age groups that you won’t run out of choices. For that reason, it’s important to ensure your child isn’t doing something beyond their abilities. The right sport for their age means they’ll get the most out of the experience! 
  • Let Them Play – Getting kids engaged in playing is a surefire way to learn what they love to do. Whether they kick a backyard ball or visit an exciting geographical destination, there are ways to discover their ideal sport. Share your tips for learning their talents on FamilyApp!
  • Natural Ability – Plenty of kids sports’ physical demands are intense, and some individuals display a natural talent for them. Being tall doesn’t mean you have to play basketball, but some things can help you succeed at organized sports! 

Martial arts for kidsWhat’s the Best Sport for Kids Who Aren’t Competitive?

Simply because a child has all the kids’ sports equipment doesn’t mean they want to be a star athlete. For those kids, non-competitive sports can be a great way to go! For the child who just wants to play, there’s swimming, biking, dance classes, fencing, martial arts, and gymnastics. If they’re raring to get outside, sports activities for kids include horseback riding, cycling, skateboarding, and Frisbee. There are even sports for special needs kids that offer exercise and opportunities for socializing.

Getting your child involved in an activity can be great for teaching them some useful skills and getting them outside! It’s important though that they have a sport they can feel truly comfortable with and enjoy. Do you have any tips for getting your kids involved in sports? Please share them with us in our comments! Whether they enjoy playing fierce football or riding a kids sports bike, there’s an activity for every kind of child.

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