The 10 Best Choir Apps for Community Choir Singers

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Singing in the community choir can be an inspiring and fulfilling experience. Fortunately, there are plenty of choir apps out there to nurture your talent and organize the group!

From creating a score to writing lyrics, there’s a lot that goes into music-making! It might be easy for a performance to look put together. However, the expression "practice makes perfect" is popular for a reason. Fortunately, with so many apps out there to help there’s no reason you can’t find one to inspire the choir! Whether you want to practice or organize the group, these choir apps will keep everyone in the same key.

What Are the Best Apps for Choir Practice?

There’s nothing that will improve your talents quite like plenty of practice. Fortunately, the following choir apps will help you with all the legwork!

1. Music Journal Pro

This is among the choir music apps that will make it that much easier to sit down and do the work! In addition to logging practice, Music Journal Pro allows you to add notes, develop goals, and see areas to improve.

2. Functional Ear Trainer

This free music app does exactly as it says, and will train your ear to understand just about anything! If you’re looking to transcribe the music you’re listening to, Functional Ear Trainer will help you identify pitch. It even goes one step further to teach you to identify how the pitch functions in key.

3. Tenuto

Becoming the best singer you can be is all about having the right tools. Luckily, Tenuto uses exercises from that allow you to learn key signatures, and train on intervals and chords! If you’re looking to bump up your choir apps practice, Tenuto provides the theory you need.

4. VoCo Vocal Coach

If you and your fellow choir singers are looking for apps to help with improvement, look no further than VoCo. This app will help to improve the tone and pitch of your voice using a variety of warm-ups. You may even want to share this useful app with choir members on a family app!

5. Better Ears

Few apps offer the kind of singing experience that Better Ears does. Luckily, this is one of the best choir apps iOS offers and is suitable for all kinds of musicians! You can use this app to train on everything from intervals and scales to chords, chord progressions, and tempos.

What Are the Best Choir Apps for Rehearsal and Planning?

Singing practice is an important part of being choir-ready. But, planning the event and practicing with others will make for a truly seamless performance.

6. Singing Vocal Warm-Ups – Singer’s Friend

Whether or not you want to use this with your choir, it’s among the best choir apps for iPad. It works for singers at all experience levels and ages. All you have to do is choose your speed and vocal range using 16 different scale patterns!

7. Choir Player

This is one of the best choir apps for Android if you’re looking to work with your choir outside of rehearsal. It’s specially designed for community choirs with songs ranging from rock and gospel to classical. The best part is that you can learn parts and practice with your choir from the comfort of your home!

8. Choir Genius

When it comes to organizing the choir in your community, you may want to give Choir Genius a try! This app will allow you to increase membership and distribute music, alongside managing rehearsal and attendance. It also offers plenty of customization abilities!

9. ChorusClass

This app is perfect for practicing at home in between rehearsals with your co-singers. With ChorusClass, you're able to record your parts and share them with your choir. This collaborative way of learning a song makes rehearsals more productive for each and every one!

10. FamilyApp

Discussing your next rehearsal in a group chat and immediately nailing the date down in a calendar for everyone to see it – sounds like a dream that could save you tons of time and nerves? Well, we're happy to tell you that dream can come true when you start organizing your community choir with our FamilyApp! Plus, all your data and messages are secure thanks to end-to-end encryption.

It can take an awful lot of practice to be the best singer you can be. Fortunately, you and your choir group don’t have to go it alone. The right choir recording apps can help you grow together, get together and improve your natural talents! Is there another app you use to nurture your talents? Let us know in our comments! It can be hard to sit down and practice, but having help can make it a lot easier.[

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