The 10 Best Podcast Apps for iOS and Android

Podcast Apps for Smartphone and Tablet

Whether you’re cleaning the house or getting some exercise, a podcast can make it go more quickly. Try the following podcast apps for news, views, and all the things in between!

Whatever your interests, there’s probably a podcast just for them. And, while it might be hard to find new favorites, there are good podcast apps out there to help! Whether they provide recommendations or new episodes, great podcasts can help fuel more interesting days in the house or on the road. Be sure to share the podcast topics you love on your favorite family app!

What Are the Best Podcast Apps for iOS?

1. Overcast

Overcast offers plenty of great features that make this a standout including smart speed, voice boost, and playlist filtering. While this app features ads, you can pay for it if you’d like to have them removed.

2. ListenApp

If you’re looking for an ad-free experience, ListenApp might be one of the best podcast apps for you. You can easily access episodes you’ve already listened to and manage your custom queue. You’ll also be able to toggle playback speed according to your preference.

3. iCatcher

For the app listener who wants to play their podcasts across iOS devices, iCatcher is the ideal app. Using your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, you can download all of your favorites for instant listening. Share your favorite feature on FamilyApp with other users!

What Are the Best Podcast Apps for Android?

4. Google Podcasts

Google dove into the world of podcast apps with its own back in 2018. While it features plenty of your favorite podcasts, it also uses algorithms to determine what other shows you might love.

5. Podcast Republic

This app also features ads if you don’t pay for the upgrade. However, it has plenty of great features that make it a standout. In addition to live radio streaming, it also supports iTunes and YouTube channels.

6. Doggcatcher

This is one of the podcast apps that Android users prefer. It’s easy to find new podcasts since it offers online playback of audio and video and has fully automated download.

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Which Podcast Apps Are Free?

7. RadioPublic

If you’re just looking for a quick podcast fix, RadioPublic is your go-to. You don’t have to create an account or login – you can start listening right away! Whether you want to stream or download your favorite shows, you can save them for offline listening later.

8. Pocket Casts

This podcast apps download is ideal for the person who really loves their podcasts. It features a variety of different themes, including plenty of useful filtering options. It also offers variable speed and chapter navigation.

9. Stitcher

When it comes to the best podcast player out there, Stitcher is at the top of the heap. In addition to the ability to create playlists and listen to the news, you can search for episodes too. Be sure to share the podcasts you love on your favorite family app!

10. Spotify

It might be known for music, but Spotify has plenty of new podcasts that you’ll love. This podcast app is free on iOS and Android, and you can even ask for your favorite podcasts to be listed!

Whether you’re cooking in the house or walking outside, a podcast can add a little education to every moment! With all these podcasts available, you’re sure to find a new favorite. Is there a podcast that you never miss? Share it with others in our comments! Whether you want news, interviews, or just something unique, there’s a podcast out there for you.

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