Five Steps to an Organized Closet

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There’s something so calming and cathartic about opening the door to an organized closet! But you don’t have to be Marie Kondo to achieve closet sanity. We recently set down with pro organizers Mallory Andrews and Bryceleigh Harris to get some great tips to help us create an organized space.

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How Do I Organize the Clothes in My Closet?

Who hasn’t asked this question from time to time? All too often our closets can be a dumping ground for everything that we don’t want everyone else to see. But organizing experts Mallory Andrews and Bryceleigh Harris view closet organization as a different type of process; one that can result in a beautiful oasis of calm and order. 

So what are their secrets? Here is their 5-Step Plan to get you started:

Mallory Andrews and Bryceleigh Harris have great closet organization tips

5 Steps for an Organized Closet

1. Walk-through

-“Keep really what you wear and love”. Most people have too much in their closets, and all the extra stuff can keep you from the pieces that make you look and feel your best. Don’t be afraid to get rid of the things that are just taking up extra space. And be really honest with yourself as to the clothes, shoes, and accessories you actually wear.

2. Purging Is Key for an Organized Closet

-“Don’t use your closet as an attic!” It’s okay to be brutal when it comes to evaluating the items in your closet. If something has never fit right, isn’t a great color on you, or is just something you’ve never loved, toss it! And don’t feel guilty about passing on those birthday gifts that didn’t quite work out.

If you’re on the fence about what to purge, take those “iffy” items, put them in clearly labeled opaque trash bags in your attic or closet. Then, if you don’t miss them after about one month, take them directly to Goodwill and donate them. DO NOT LOOK IN THE BAG FIRST– just send them to their new and improved home.

You will probably find that not only do you not miss that extra stuff, but you also could happily purge more things from your closet.

3. Measure Your Storage

Investing in storage solutions can make a huge difference in creating an organized closet, but if you don’t get the right items, it will just be a waste of money! Things like drawer organizers or storage boxes come in several sizes, so make sure you measure accurately so you get the right items.

4. Purchase Organizing Items

Once you know the right measurements, you can purchase the right organizing pieces to help keep your closet organized. A few key organizational pieces, like bins and thin velvet hangers can create a huge difference in the overall feel and space of your closet. This helps you create a streamlined boutique look.

Often the purchase step includes investing in accessory storage. “Purses, jewelry, sunglasses can really junk up a space. We recommend grouping your accessories together in categories, like scarves, hats, and jewelry.”

5. Plan Your Organized Closet

Once you’ve gone through your closet, purged, measured, and purchased the necessary tools, you’re ready to put your plan into action!

What Are Some of the Best Products for Closet Organization?

Here are some great product recommendations from Bryceleigh and Mallory to help you put your plan into action!

  • Assess your shoe situation and make sure they’re nicely displayed. Get a shoe rack or boxes for stacking. This shoe storage is ideal if you’re lacking storage and shelf space. It’s especially great for storing lots of flats and flip-flops

  • Acrylic storage is perfect for just about everything since it allows you to display everything so you can see it. When you can clearly see items, you’re more likely to wear them and less likely for everything to turn into closet clutter. This acrylic jewelry storage is wonderful for storing/organizing necklaces and earrings and doesn’t take up much space.
  • If someone has a lot of rack space, you can use shower curtain rings in order to display handbags and totes. That way they’ll hang nicely so you can see everything.
  • If you have a lot of clutches, use lid organizers as an organization rack for them. They’re the best for storing and organizing clutches and/or small purses.
  • These shelf dividers are a must-have for keeping clothes and tall handbags in their place on shelves.

What Do I Do with Sentimental Items That Don’t Work in My Closet Now?

You might own sentimental items that you don’t necessarily need to remove from your life forever, but have no business cluttering your closet. These will look different for everyone, so there’s no hard and fast rule.

They could be that special sweater hand-knit by your dearly departed grandmother that’s approximately 4 sizes too big. Or perhaps you have big plans to hold on to old prom and bridesmaids dresses to give them new life in a dress-up box one day. These things are great, but NOT in your closet- so box them up and store elsewhere.

If you’re pregnant, those skinny non-maternity jeans and structured tops might be great in 12 months, but you probably won’t be wearing them in the near future, so they could also be a prime candidate for storage. Just don’t forget about them after the baby comes!

Should You Use a Closet Organizing Service?

If you can implement these steps and are naturally organized, then you really can do it on your own. But if you need someone to hold your hand through the process and help you with the details, then definitely bring in the experts! They can help you with those little things, like making sure the clothes in the giveaway bags don’t make their way back into your closet. Or letting you know the ideal storage solutions for your specific space. Plus, they can help keep you accountable so you don’t fall back into your old familiar habits.

What are your best closet organization tips? Be sure to share in our comments, or on social with #getfamilyapp. Remember, even if the task seems pretty daunting, you can do it! And these great tips will help put you on your way to a great start.

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