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Whether she’s at the playground with her daughter or crafting new insightful articles, Snarky Mom Slob Gen Kundert has an accessible yet gorgeous style. Read on for more on the author of Snarky Mom Slob!

Meet Gen

Hey y’all! I’m a work-at-home mom of a fun-loving three-year-old. My interests include laundry-pile climbing and building-bloc architecture. Oh, and I’m really into hyphens.

True Story: How I became a #Momblogger

After my daughter was born, I knew there was no way I was going back to work outside the home. I just couldn’t do it. We really needed a second income, though, so I had to find some way to help make ends meet. I got my start in direct sales, and I’ve been very successful within that business model, an accomplishment of which I’m rather proud and for which I will always be grateful. Those years of experience gave me the knowledge and skills I needed to take on something greater later on.At the time, I just needed a job that I could do in ten minutes here and twenty minutes there- between diapers and naps and meals and baths. I can’t think of any other career with that kind of flexibility. Eventually, as my little one got bigger, I realized the time had come to pursue my passion. I wanted to utilize my writing talent. beyond the occasional social media post. I needed to know that I was making a difference in the world, and I didn’t want to try to do that with products anymore.And thus #snarkymomslob was born! Or conceived, at least- that’s always the fun part, isn’t it? The rest is just hard work. I began by expanding my personal brand. I pulled away from sales and dug into content. As it turns out, my customers also appreciate this approach. they want to know . . . who I am and why I do what I do. Guess what they need from me every day . . . a smile, a laugh, an eye roll, or a virtual hug.I’ve had such a positive response on Instagram and Facebook over the last few months that I’ve finally committed to a full-length monthly blog! My first article is entitled: “I’m Not Sorry You Had to See Me Like This”

Snarky Mom Slob Style

Which three words best describe your style? “Which basket’s clean?”

What are your favorite places to shop? I like the shops to come to me! I’m all about Amazon, of course, and I’ve been really into fashion boxes lately: my favorites are Stitch Fix and Dia & Co for plus-size clothing!

Who’s your favorite style icon? I am so, so proud of all the curvy girls coming out to play lately! One size does not fit all, and these unapologetically plus-sized women are changing the game.

What’s your best style advice? If it feels good to you, then it looks good to me. #confidenceiskey

What article of clothing/accessory would you not want to live without? I may or may not own five pairs of identical black yoga pants.

Which trend would you want to see make a comeback? Cargo pants à la Abercrombie & Fitch circa 1997. All those pockets!

What should NEVER make a comeback? Tube tops à la American Eagle circa 2001. I’m sorry, Papa.

What fashion/style did you love at the time, but now cringe when you see old photos? (Please don’t) see above.

What’s your best style secret? Tinted moisturizer and dry nail polish.

Stilettos or flats? Flats, but only when it’s unacceptable to be barefoot.

Snarky Mom Slob Family

What’s your favorite way to spend time with your family?
Napping. (Just kidding! …or am I?) My little one loves the playground! Whenever the weather’s nice, we pack up a picnic and hit the swings. The hubs and I are also big board game dorks, so we’re excited to get her started on tabletop classics like Candy Land and Chutes & Ladders (before we throw her headlong into Settlers of Catan).

What’s been your best family vacation? Welp, my daughter is three, so thus far our trips have been limited to visiting family!

It’s pretty much the only way for me and my husband to manage a vacation with her at this age, because then we have grandparents around who are excited to take her off our hands for a while!

Best parenting advice: The secret to parenting is convincing yourself you really do enjoy eating the heels of every loaf. #momlife

Parenting true confession:
Motherhood can be lonely—especially if you work from home, too! Find something you love to do—just for you—and get out of the house for a few hours each week! I recently got involved in my local community theater, and the evening rehearsals really revive my creative side!

What’s your go-to family dinner?
For the last few weeks, we’ve been taking the #DinnerinaSNAPchallenge! These amazing family meals are quick, easy, and inexpensive—not to mention delicious! You can check out the entire menu, complete with weekly shopping lists, on the Mercy Chefs blog! Even my three-year-old has been loving these recipes!

What’s your favorite family restaurant?
My daughter has a slight obsession with cheese curds (it’s a Wisconsin thing), so we like to visit Culver’s for a special treat! Their custard is also exceptional.

Snarky Mom Life

What’s your favorite show to binge watch? The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

If you could pick anyone to star as you in a movie based on your life, who would it be? Melissa McCarthy

What’s your favorite beach read? Okay, so… I have a morbid fixation with post-apocalyptic novels. I know, I know; it’s not normal. It’s so intriguing, though! I highly recommend The Road by Cormac McCarthy if you’re just dipping your toes into the cesspool of speculative fiction and you want something that’s moving but not too, ahem, gruesome.

What’s the best song to dance to when nobody’s watching? “Run the World” by Queen Bey

If you could spend the day with anyone from history, living or deceased, who would it be? Assuming it wouldn’t disrupt the space-time continuum or anything, I’d really love to sit down with my seven-year-old self. I’d like to be reminded of all those big dreams I held on to in childhood but let go of somewhere along the way to adulting. I also imagine that mini Genevieve might enlighten me on how to be the best mom I can for my own daughter as she gets older.

What’s at the top of your travel bucket list? A meandering European tour! I’m just waiting for my little adventurer to be old enough to enjoy it with me. I miiiiight have a secret Pinterest board in anticipation of this epic journey; I’m not saying for sure.

What’s your favorite way to unwind at the end of a long day? I am an audiobook enthusiast! #lazyliterarian I love to curl up with a blanket and listen to someone else read a good book. I’ll admit that I’ve gotten terribly particular about narrators lately. My willing suspension of disbelief does not extend to bad accents.

Your Snarky Mom Style

We love Gen’s authenticity that comes across in all she does–whether she’s virtually encouraging moms through her wit and wisdom through Facebook and Instagram, or just hanging out at the playground.  We also are big fans of her gorgeous everyday style and the way she makes it look so accessible and easy to look well-styled and put-together. She’s not just a fantastic role model for her daughter, but she’s also helping all of her friends and followers find style, humor, and confidence.

Be sure to check her out and follow her on social, and for more stylish and interesting moms, check out FamilyApp’s Mom on the Street channel!

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