Moms (on the Street) of the Year: Stylish Tips & Tricks (Part 1)

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What can we say? We love our Mom on the Street Mondays at FamilyApp! Read on for some style takeaways from these extraordinary and oh-so-stylish women.

Each of our featured women has a distinct and gorgeous style all her own, but there are some overarching takeaways we can glean from these fabulous ladies. So we’re going to take a look at some of their highlights in two different articles so we can incorporate their sage advice into our wardrobes.

Amelia Williams, Colorful Preppy Mom on the Street

“Fashion is supposed to be fun.”

Thanks for this reminder, Colorful Preppy Mom on the Street, Amelia Williams! Even though our moms made some gorgeous style choices, they picked ensembles that were fun. When you’re having fun with your clothes and feeling confident, others will love your style, too!

Mary Kaufman, Colorful Collected Mom on the Street

“There are no rules.”

So true, Colorful Collected Mom on the Street, Mary Kaufman! Our moms have a confident, curated approach to their style, which empowers them to choose outfits that they like and look great.

They’ve also learned to

Jen Temple, Tomboy Chic Mom on the Street

“Wear what you love not what THEY love.”

Tomboy Chic Mom on the Street, Jen Temple, you are so right! If you dress in a way you think others will appreciate, you’ll drive yourself crazy! Instead, take a cue from her and wear fun, and fabulous pieces that you enjoy. Chances are, others will appreciate your style more if you take that approach, since there’s nothing quite as stylish as confidence!

That being said,

Jonna Scott-Blakes, Naturally Glam Mom on the Street

“Proper fit is a major key!”

“Just because you can get it on your body, doesn’t mean it fits properly.” Thanks for those wise words, Naturally Glam Mom on the Street, Jonna Scott-Blakes! While Jonna also knows how important it is to “do what feels right to you vs. what’s on trend,” good fit is important to make sure what feels right looks right.

Once you have mastered the art of perfectly-fitting clothes, and enlisted the help of great tailor when necessary,

Tessa Duquette, Preppy Hippie Mom on the Street

“Invest in a few key pieces that never go out of style!”

Wise words, Preppy Hippie Mom on the Street, Tessa Duquette! Trends come and go, but really great pieces will last for years. So make sure to maximize your wear from these fantastic items!

Amy Metzger, Glamorous Bohemian Mom on the Street

“Hold on to things that will come back.”

In addition to investing in timeless pieces, Glamorous Bohemian Mom on the Street, Amy Metzger has the right idea! Some stylish vintage pieces might not constantly be “in style”, but they make fantastic additions to your wardrobe when you have that perfect piece that you can integrate into your outfits.

Riya Thorson, Rock and Roll Classic Mom on the Street

“If you feel good in it, wear it!!! And if the same people won’t see you the next day, wear it again:)”

Great idea, Rock and Roll Classic Mom on the Street, Riya Thorson! Enjoy your favorite outfits, and make the most of them. The right outfit can boost your confidence and make you ready to tackle the world!

More Stylish Advice from Moms on the Street

Need more sage advice from the Mom on the Street Mamas? Fear not! Read on for our year-end wrap-up with more advice and style. But if you need a full Mom on the Street fix, you can read these profiles and more on FamilyApp’s Mom on the Street channel!

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