More Moms (on the Street) of the Year: Gorgeous Style

We love our fashionable and talented moms on the street! Read on for more of their tips and how you can incorporate their style into your own wardrobe.

Bring on More Mom on the Street Style

We've had some fantastic style highlights from these seven Moms on the Street, but one article just isn't enough to contain all the great tips. Here are some more tidbits to start off your 2019 in style!

Erin Heffelfinger, Eclectic Chic Mom on the Street

“Just because it’s on trend, doesn’t mean you should wear it AND Just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean you should buy it!”

With wise advice like this, is it any wonder that our Eclectic Chic Mom on the Street Erin Heffelfinger is in the style business? Curation is a big part of the philosophy of so many moms on the street. It can be so tempting to succumb to major discounts, especially with the post-holiday sales this time of year. But if an item doesn't work for you, even if it's 99% off, you don't need it!

Rather than binge-shopping sales, here's a more eco-conscious buying philosophy:

Leah Flax, Eclectic Vintage Mom on the Street

“Find what you love and buy it used.”

Great advice, Eclectic Vintage Mom on the Street, Leah Flax! "There is way too much waste (including old clothes) to buy new stuff." Leah buys "used quality items that I can often pass on when I want to shop again."

With so great many vintage finds available, this mindset is a great way to save money and minimize our environmental footprint. Plus, we'll maximize the quality and value of our purchases.

Heather Holiday, Slow Fashion Mom on the Street

“Invest in a really good accessory.”

"You can have the most basic outfits of jeans or t-shirt, and when you add fun earrings, or awesome shoes, or a good belt, then suddenly you’re super stylish. You’ve transformed the look and made it your own." Great advice from Slow Fashion Mom on the Street, Heather Holiday!

Investing in a few key accessories will give you a fantastic, stylish look, even if the rest of your outfit is simple and understated.

Courtney Manship, Effortlessly Cool Mom on the Street

“Know your shape and embrace it; wear what works well for your figure.”

Effortlessly Cool Mom on the Street, Courtney Manship, you are so right! Granted, embracing your figure doesn't mean you have to forego assistance from the occasional pair of Spanx. But when you're wearing clothes that fit well and look great, you're bound to feel confident and stylish.

Leslie Cutchins, Preppy Casual Mom on the Street

“Be yourself and be comfortable. If you try to go against either of those how can you be happy?”

So true, Preppy Casual Mom on the Street, Leslie Cutchins! In addition to knowing and embracing our body types and coloring, so much of style is about taking hold of who you are as a person and dressing accordingly.

Some of the moms on the street love to take fashion risks, while others are more conservative. And both philosophies are great! So much of great style is going with what works for you, rather than blindly following the latest trend. (Unless you have a trendy style, in which case, go for it!)

Sarah Creech, Edgy Romantic Mom on the Street

“You need to show yourself some love before you can show others."

This mentality, courtesy of Edgy Romantic Mom on the Street, Sarah Creech, "puts you in a better mindset" whether you're picking out the right outfit, or picking up toys for the 50th time any given day.

We have so many responsibilities and priorities as busy women. It can be so easy to pour ourselves out for our families, careers, and friends. These investments in others are important, of course. But it's also crucial to take care of yourself, too- mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

When we take care of ourselves, we'll feel better, look better, and have more energy and stamina to take care of the other people and responsibilities. We'll be better able to connect with family through FamilyApp, plus, we'll have an amazing, confident style.

So what are your favorite style tips? Let us know in the comments, or on FamilyApp. And be sure to read the other half of our annual Mom on the Street wrap-up here!

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