Busch Gardens, Williamsburg: Plan the Perfect Visit

Busch Gardens roller coaster

From roller coasters to light shows, and more: find out how to plan the perfect day in Busch Gardens. We’ll show you everything you need to know!

Bush Gardens: “The Most Beautiful Theme Park in the World”

Busch Gardens Williamsburg and its sister Busch Gardens Tampa are two amusement parks boasting gorgeous landscaping (hence the “gardens”) with thrilling roller coasters. The Tampa park has an African theme, and Williamsburg park is rich with European flavor.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg has been rated the “most beautiful theme park in the world” 28 years in a row by the National Amusement Park Historical Association, and it’s easy to see why. The stunning landscaping here puts most gardeners to shame! Some locals get a seasons pass just so they can walk through the gardens, interspersed with roller coasters and concessions stands.Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Busch Gardens Ticket Prices

Who wants to find Busch Gardens discount tickets? Definitely me! You used to have to scour Coke cans to find coupons, but now there are lots of options online. Check the website for the latest offers!

When you get your tickets, discount options may include a full meal package, or a multi-park pass, so you can also visit Water Country USA or other SeaWorld-run parks. These options might be a little more costly upfront, but could save you a lot later.

Perhaps you want the Busch Gardens annual pass? That’s another great value item, since you can pay a small monthly fee for unlimited access to the parks. This includes admission to Busch Gardens Hallowscream in the fall, and Christmas Town in the winter. So a seasons pass can keep the fun going all year long!

Even better: season pass holders enjoy free parking year-round at all the parks! This is a $20 savings every time you enter the park.

Ride The Bush Gardens Roller Coasters

Busch Gardens offers fantastic attractions for the whole family. Thrill seekers might love roller coasters. From the iconic Loch Ness Monster (which is celebrating its 40th birthday this year!) to the newer InVadr (the park’s first wooden roller coaster.) Yes- there’s even a roller coaster for kids, “Grover’s Alpine Express,” based on the popular Sesame Street character. Many adults might even have more fun on it than the kids!

Sesame Place Busch Garden Williamsburg

Fun For The Little Ones At Bush Gardens

Even if they’re not tall enough to go on most roller coasters, your little children will love the rides at Busch Gardens! They can climb around at the Land of the Dragons, or go on smaller rides like airplanes or boats. Even if they’re just rolling around in strollers, your kids will enjoy the colors and excitement throughout the park.

Bush Gardens Offers All The Flavors To Taste

Busch Gardens covers several European countries (and Canada). Hence, you can start the day with a French croissant, head over to the German Festhaus for a show and lunchtime bratwurst, and finish up with some pasta and a make-your-own cannoli in Italy. Your kids might be more enticed by the colorful candy store with homemade fudge and candies. So save room for dessert!

In Germany and Italy, you can often enjoy a performance with your meal, so be sure to check showtimes for different performances. Though not a dinner theater, the Celtic Fyre show in Ireland is especially popular now. It was voted the “Best Amusement Park Entertainment” show by USA Today readers, so you don’t want to miss it!

Water Country USA owned by Busch GardensHit The Waves At Water Country USA

After you’ve ridden the roller coasters and seen the shows, why not spend another day at Water Country USA? This is a waterpark owned by Busch Gardens. Get a multi-park ticket with discounts into both parks, and you can have fun at the largest waterpark in Virginia. Whether you want a relaxed journey on the lazy river, or prefer the thrill of a massive waterslide, Water Country offers fun for the whole family!

Busch Gardens Hotels And More

Do you want to visit Water Country, or attractions like Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, or Yorktown? Fortunately, there are several area hotels to choose from at Bush Gardens. You can choose from the luxurious Williamsburg Inn to more budget-conscious locations like the Country Inn & Suites or Red Roof Inn. With so many great attractions in the Williamsburg area, many visitors plan a short vacation here. Be on the lookout for packaged deals including hotel and park admission, which could be another great way to save.

Experience Europe in One Short Day

Busch Gardens offers a great experience for everyone in your family. You can make it as active or relaxed as you want. Spend the whole day screaming from the top of a roller coaster, or take a relaxed day strolling the gardens. However you want to enjoy your time, be sure to share your memories on FamilyApp!

What are your favorite parts of Busch Gardens? Any favorite rides or extra tips? Let us know below.

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