The Best Places for Family Adventures in the United States

family vacations in the United States

There are many great destinations all over the world for family adventures. Luckily, with adventure parks and amazing natural wonders, you don’t even have to leave the United States!

One of the most exciting things about summer is getting everyone away for family adventures. Whether it’s by car, train or plane, there are new sights to be seen and new places to know! But getting away can be a struggle when it comes to far-flung destinations like Europe and Asia. Fortunately, family adventure travel doesn’t have to mean somewhere that’s far away. There are plenty of great adventure destinations in the United States that will be sure to get everyone excited!

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What’s the best destination for outdoor family adventures?

Planning a vacation to one of the world’s natural wonders is a great way to pique your children’s interest in geography and history. So enjoy these family vacation ideas all across the country.

  • Pacific Coast Highway– If you’re looking for family adventures in California, this is one of most enviable roads in the world. Stretching along the Pacific Ocean, this route travels past cities like San Francisco and Santa Cruz. Even better, the Big Sur region of Highway 101 offers up the striking Pfeiffer Beach. You can even spot redwoods at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park!
  • Yellowstone National Park – Located in Wyoming, this is one of the premier destinations in the entire country for hiking! With so many trails and the striking Grand Prismatic Spring, you’ll all be wowed by natural wonder. Whether you want to visit hot springs, kayak or simply walk, Yellowstone will offer immense rewards.
  • Monocacy National Battlefield– There are many great adventure destinations in the United States. But, if you’re looking for something that educates, head to this Washington, D.C. area destination. While the geography will stun, it’s the scene of the historic 1864 civil war battle. It’s an ideal destination for a little American history.

Where are the best family adventure destinations?

If spending time in nature isn’t exciting enough for everyone, consider the following great vacation spots. For heart-pounding action and non-stop excitement, it doesn’t get better than rollercoasters and rafting!

  • Adventure Park USA– This family destination in the Eastern United States might not be as well known as Disneyland. However, it calls itself “Maryland’s Largest Family Entertainment Center”. So buckle up for some fun! Whether your little ones like go-karts, roller coasters or mini golf, it’s among the great family vacations with toddlers.
  • West Virginia Whitewater Rafting– It might not be the traditional destination for family vacations with kids. But, if they’re nearing their teenage years and have an adventurous spirit, rafting might be right! Known as the “Beast of the East”, West Virginia’s Gauley River is an intense water experience. And, if that’s too much, the New River nearby offers a slower pace that might appeal to everyone.

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What are the best states for outdoor adventures?

Each state has natural beauty and unique places for your next family adventure. There really isn’t a “right” answer here. But these states offer some exceptional opportunities for family adventures.

  • Hawaii – This island destination boasts some of the most gorgeous beaches and tropical vegetation in the world! In addition to black sand beaches, everyone will love taking in the hiking trails and stunning Pacific scenery. It may be a long plane ride, but it will feel like a different world!
  • Colorado– From skiing in the winter to mountain climbing, rafting, and hiking in the summer, Colorado’s got it all! You can hear amazing concerts at Red Rocks or tour around abandoned ghost towns and learn all about the old West. Colorado has something for the whole family!
  • Florida– Whether you prefer to relax on one of the state’s many beaches or enjoy roller coasters at one of the state’s amusement parks, Florida has it all! Whether you take your kids to Disney World or head out for an adults-only evening in South Beach, this diverse state has attractions for all!

There are many great family destinations that will provide ample adventure around the globe. There’s no need to leave the United States with sites like Yellowstone National Park and Hawaii! Do you have some great family adventure vacations for summer trips? Please share your experience with us in our comments! From the majestic mountain ranges to family vacations at the beach, you won’t run out of places for fun.

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