08 March 2021 (updated)

Easy Hanukkah Crafts for Kids of All Ages

Celebrate the eight days and nights that make up the popular Jewish holiday! Try some of our ideas for Hanukkah crafts for kids to get your home ready for the festivities.

Also known as the Festival of Lights, Hanukkah is a Jewish celebration occurring on the 25th day of Kislev in the Hebrew calendar. Jewish people celebrate the holiday for eight days and nights, starting December 10, 2020.

Kids especially look forward to Hanukkah! With a few simple crafts and a little cooking, you can inspire your whole family this season. Share your Hanukkah crafts ideas for kids on your favorite family app!

What Are Some Hanukkah Crafts for Toddlers?

1. DIY Hanukkah Calendar

If your kids have ever wanted to rifle through your magazines, they’ll love this inspired DIY craft calendar! Have them cut out any blue and white scraps into the shape of rectangles, six-sided Stars of David, and numbers one to eight. Glue the numbers onto rectangles and paste them onto streamers. Attach envelopes to the ends of the streamers and put a treat inside for one of the best Hanukkah crafts for kids!

2. Dreidel Crafts

Few things are more symbolic of this Jewish holiday than the dreidel. Luckily, it’s easy enough for your kids to make their own at home! All they’ll need is a pencil, scissors, cardstock, a marker, a popsicle-type stick, tape, and ribbons. Print a dreidel template, cut it out and then trace it onto your cardstock. Follow the instructions to assemble the dreidels. You can also then hang them up as a mobile!

3. Hanukkah Holiday Card

Use your toddler's fingerprints to create unique Hanukkah gift cards with a menorah motif. First, paint their palms blue. Then let them place their hands with slightly spread fingers but touching thumbs on your construction paper. After washing your toddler's hands, let them dip into yellow to fingerprint the candles' flames. Let the paint dry, fold it up and send it out to your loved ones with a warm note.

If your kids would rather do something less messy, they can make an equally adorable dreidle card using cut felt for the candles and menorah.

What Are the Best Hanukkah Crafts for Preschoolers?

4. Paper Tops

If you have some construction paper, toothpicks, scissors, and glue, you can make one of the best Hanukkah craft ideas! Take your paper and cut it into strips 1/4” wide. Glue the toothpick to the edge of the paper so the end sticks out. Let it dry and then roll it around the toothpick, gluing the rolled end. Continue gluing with pieces of paper until the ‘top’ is about 1” thick. Push the paper down and then spin away!

5. Sand Art Menorah

This is the kind of DIY Hanukkah decoration your kids will love bringing out year after year. Start with small glass jars and one big jar, a funnel, different colored sand, scissors, straws, and some ribbon. Fill each jar with sand, creating layers by pouring in different colors. For the candle, cut straws, push them into the sand, and tie a ribbon knot for the flame. You can cover the jars and put them away until next year!

Hanukkah Craft Ideas for Older Children

6. Festive Hanukkah Garland

It’s easy enough to find a Christmas garland, but a Hanukkah garland can be a little more difficult. That’s why you can make your own at home with some blue and white fleece, pins, thread, yarn, and scissors! Cut the fleece into small strips and then make cuts up it, leaving a little in the center uncut. Roll up the strips and use a pin to secure them, then tie them and attach them to your garland yarn! You can also use cardboard dreidels, menorahs, gelt, or Magen David for a DIY Hanukkah garland.

7. Hanukkah Wreath

Cover a ring with blue and white ribbon, and use cardstock or construction paper to make stars and dreidels. You can also use some vegetation as the base of your wreath and add in your Hanukkah-themed decorations after. Add a goldenchain to have a little highlight that represents the eight candles of the Hanukkah miracle.

If you want a more rustic look, you could attach wooden dreidels to a live wreath and hang that on your door. 

8. DIY Candles

Candles play the most important role in the Festival of Lights, so why not make your own? There are plenty of candle making kits out there but if you keep kosher, you might need to dig a little deeper. 

Hanukkah is an important time for families to celebrate their Jewishness, but store-bought decorations can sometimes be hard to find. Some simple crafts can be the best way to deck out your home and make the time memorable!

Do you have any other ideas for Hanukkah crafts for kids? Share them with other parents in our comments!

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