best Advent books to read aloud

The Best Daily Advent Books for Kids and Families

Does Christmas time take your breath away – with noise and hurry?  In a culture that celebrates more, Advent readings can seem like an additional task during an over-scheduled season. Here is a list of Advent books providing a range of moments and conversations intended to not add to your Christmas schedule, but connect the pieces, yes, even those pieces of what you are doing with that Elf on the Shelf. ... Read More
what to wear to a religious ceremony as a guest - outfit ideas

What to Wear to a Religious Ceremony as a Guest

If you are a person of faith or even have friends who are people of faith, you will almost definitely receive an invitation to at least one religious ceremony. But especially when you attend an event of a different faith, you’re often faced with the question: what do I wear?  Fear not, you’ve come to the right place! From baptisms to bar mitzvahs, here are attire ideas to keep you in sync for different rituals! ... Read More