13 Best Christmas Gifts for Grandpa

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The holidays are the ideal time to show your own your kid’s grandpa how much you care. The best Christmas gifts for Grandpa can be an easy find that will make his year bright!

The Christmas season is right around the corner and that means it’s time for gift giving! If you’re struggling with what to buy, we have plenty of great gift ideas for everyone to see you through the holiday season. Be sure to share your Christmas gift ideas for Grandpa on your favorite family app with your sisters and brothers so everyone has a unique present.

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What Are the Best Christmas Gifts for Grandpa?

1. Slippers

You might think slippers aren’t the best gift idea for men, but they’re actually a great way to make your dad, father-in-law, or your own grandpa comfortable! It will make it easy for him to hang out through the holidays. He’ll be able to enjoy his time at home while keeping his feet toasty warm. Fur-lined Ugg slippers can be a great option for a wonderfully cozy experience!

2. BBQ Set

If he loves his grill, there’s no better Christmas gift for grandpa than some new tools for his barbecue. A set complete with a spatula, tongs, and a grill fork in stainless steel is great for upping his steak-grilling game! Share the best tools for grandpa on FamilyApp!

3. Luxury Bathrobe

A bathrobe can be the perfect gift from a grandkid to keep grandpa cozy through the holiday season! Spring for something fleece-lined that will make him feel super special. You may even want to get it monogrammed for an even better gift!

4. Engraved Wallet

Sometimes the best Christmas gift ideas for grandpa are a little more personalized. A quality leather wallet with his initials can make for a special touch. He’ll also think of his grandkids every time he uses it!

5. Record Player

If you’re looking to spend a little more this Christmas, a bit of retro inspiration might be just the thing! For the grandfather who really likes his vinyl, being able to spin again can mean a newly-revived hobby. It will also make gift-giving even easier down the road with his all-time favorite records.

What Are Some Christmas Gifts for Grandpa Who Has Everything?

Socks or a personalized t-shirt can make great gifts for some grandparents, but we think grandpa will like the next few gifts even more.

6. Scotch-Infused Toothpicks

A bottle of scotch might be one of the best gifts for grandpa out there. However, ascotch-infused toothpick can be a more whimsical way to impress him! Instead of buying a whole bottle, he’ll have something sophisticated to share with his friends.  

7. Chess Set

With a special wood board, your grandpa will have a showpiece he can be proud of! A chess set can be the kind of gift that enables you to spend some quality time with your grandfather. It’s also a great way for grandpas to establish a new tradition with their grandkids and have a little bit of gameplay together.

8. Fill-in-the-Blank Journals

If you love listening to your grandparents’ stories from the good old times, a journal or book for their memories will make a great keepsake. This is also a great way to make room for your kids to get to know their grandpa and his family history.

9. Whiskey Stones

The perfect way to catch up with your favorite grandparent over the holidays can be having a drink together. Luckily, a set of whiskey stones can keep his beverage of choice chilled in the coolest way! It’s also the kind of gift your grandpa may not have thought of buying himself.

10. Practical Gifts

Your or your child’s grandfather might think he has everything he needs but maybe he might not know yet, that there’s a little something out there that will make daily life easier for him. Considering his health condition and personal situation, that can be anything from a smartphone for seniors up to repairing that stair he always trips over.

What Are Some Great Gifts for Grandparents?

Give both Grandma and Grandpa some thoughtful gifts that will bring them joy all year long!

11. Skylight Frame

What grandparent doesn’t treasure favorite photos of the grandchildren? With the Skylight frame, you can rotate all of your favorite photos on repeat. So grandpa and grandma can both enjoy those funny family photos or adorable baby photos all year long! 

12. Espresso Machine

Coffee remains a favorite gift for grandparents worldwide, and what better way to keep Grandpa caffeinated than with an espresso machine. Of course, if he’s more of a gift card kind of guy, a coffee gift certificate to Starbucks or Atlas Coffee is great, too. 

13. Foot Massager

Help Grandpa take a load off his achy feet with the NekTek Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine. It offers heat and deep kneading therapy so his feet will feel rested and rejuvenated.

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Do you have any favorite Christmas gifts for grandpa or your dad? Share them with other readers in our comments! Buying the kind of present he’ll remember for a long time doesn’t have to cost a fortune. And if you’re also looking for Christmas gifts for grandmas, we’ve got you covered!

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