Making the Most of Minimalism: 12 Minimalist Design Ideas

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Your home is your sanctuary, and what better way to feel calm and relaxed than by embracing minimalist design ideas? Read on for some ideas and inspiration to simplify your home.

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What Is Minimalist Design?

Minimalism in home design is the idea that less is more. Instead of constantly restyling their home’s interior to fit the trends, minimalists select timeless pieces and artwork that bring an airy and breathable aesthetic to their uncluttered space.

In general, minimalist home decor is a sanctuary of white, neutral, and grey tones. However, by definition, minimalism is simply furnishing a home with few items. By reducing wall art, decorations, and colors, minimalist homes tend to embrace empty space.

Maximalist design styles are becoming more on-trend, but excess decor can look like clutter if misused. Whereas minimalism is fuss-free and much easier to execute. A minimalist interior design style is arguably more sustainable since it discourages consumer mentality and celebrates simplicity.

How Do I Make My House Look Minimalist?

You won’t find a lot of unnecessary items or decorations in a minimalist’s house. So, the first step in achieving a minimalist interior design is decreasing clutter. Once you purge unwanted items, you can begin to choose a color palette for your home’s fresh new interior. We advise that you opt for neutrals and highlight texture in your decor over vibrant patterns or colors. Many minimalist homes have light beige or all-white walls and use nature-inspired furniture with wooden accents for decorating. If you are looking for a chic minimalist vibe over cozy, your decor accents should be sleek with clean lines. If you are committing to having a minimalist house but do not have the right furniture, you could reupholster what you do have or invest in high-quality pieces that will last.

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How Do You Decorate a Minimalist Wall?

You do not need to have bland furniture and empty walls to create a minimalist house design. There are many ways to use minimalist wall decor, including mirrors, large prints, and simple designs to keep the design looking intentional. For example, when decorating plain walls in a living room or bedroom, many minimalists will opt for a mirror; one with a neutral border will emphasize its size and contrast the walls. Mirrors will highlight the natural light coming into the room, opening it up more.

Additionally, hanging simple light fixtures from the ceiling or wall will help fill the space and contribute to the room’s style. When it comes to hanging prints, you could either use a few larger ones or multiple small ones with a simple design. Most commonly, prints will be hung above sofas or beds in minimalist homes. You can shop for minimalist decor at any home decor store or Amazon’s broad selection.

Minimalist Design Room Ideas

Stylish Minimalist Kitchen

This kitchen designed by Maca Interiors is the perfect example of sleek minimalist interior design. The glass cabinets create a focal point to display dishes or simple decor. The shelves are also glass which creates the illusion of a larger storage area. Less really is more in this kitchen. The lack of cabinet handles contributes to the chic and simple design of the room, and the stainless steel appliances add a modern aesthetic to the space.

Laid-back Minimalist Living Room

This living room has everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t. Designer Tara avoided a traditional coffee table and instead used a wooden end table next to the sofa. This way, there is more free space in front of the sectional, and focus is drawn toward the texture of the jute rug. The natural elements in this sitting area create a cozy environment anyone would be happy to relax in. We love the wall art used in this space. Two large prints with a similar neutral color scheme fill empty space on the wall while maintaining a minimalist style.

Monochrome Minimalist Style Dining Room

We love this retro minimalist dining room by Laidel. She used light neutral colors for the wall and flooring but accented with darker browns. All non-monochromatic pieces in this room are eye-catching. The dark wooden dining table, rust-colored chairs, and plant in the corner were well thought out and cut out the need for excess decor. Since the table is the focal point of this room instead of wall art, meals will be focused on the company, not the decor in this space.

Minimalist Bedroom

Jenna designed this white and airy bedroom complete with natural wood furniture and chic lighting. The black wall-mounted lights contrast the neutral color palette of the room and add to the wall decor. She used only one decorative pillow per minimalistic interior design, but it complements the wall art nicely and adds texture to the bedding.

Modern Minimalist Home Entryway

Your entryway is the first thing guests see when coming into your home, so it is crucial to make a good first impression. This entryway designed by the interior designers at the curated group features a sleek and modern minimalist style. Thesleek black table matches the front door and has a glass tabletop that helps maintain a simple design. And the abstract painting adds texture to the room without venturing outside of the area’s color scheme. The bright white walls and light wooden floors contrast the dark elements of the room nicely.

Green & Grey Minimalist Design Living Room

Although many minimalistic homes are full of neutral colors, it is also common to use one brighter accent color. Jenny used a green pillow and plant to bring elements of nature into her home. She kept the rest of the room simple, using muted colors. We also love the painted wooden trim on the wall that adds texture and dimension to the room.

Minimal Bathroom Decor

Meisha continued her home’s minimalistic interior design into her bathroom. By having a clean white countertop with black accents, she decorated with an adorable black and white cat photo and white and grey linens. She also included a wooden tray to house a eucalyptus plant, a black candle, and a white rope sculpture. This bathroom design is a well-executed example of neutral and modern decor.

Simple Minimalist Design TV Stand

The homeowners of Casa Rafael showcased their living room area on Instagram. They used a simple white and wooden cabinet to set the TV on and used wooden floating shelves to decorate the blank wall above it. This space is intentionally styled without including unnecessary decor.

Bright Minimalist Dining Room

We love the look of this white, wood, and black dining room. This design would be easy to recreate with a wooden table, black wooden chairs, and white paint for the walls. The hardwood floors and wooden table are not the same shade, so Kass used an area rug to neutralize the contrasting wood. She also used a simple white china cabinet to display her glasses and dishware.

Cozy Pink Minimalistic Living Room

This relaxed room designed by Tahlia is the perfect place to spend time with family! Her neutral couch is accented with warm pink pillows and throw blankets. She incorporated coordinating prints on the wall and added natural elements to the room with the plant and wicker lampshade.

Minimalist Kitchen

This kitchen embraces all of the white and wood elements of a traditional minimalist design. Devin included light wooden countertops and small gold cabinet handles to contrast the white walls and cabinets. We love the addition of the wooden light fixture on the ceiling, as well.

Sleek and Modern Minimalist Kitchen Design

This sleek kitchen was designed by Natalia of Beautifully Done Interiors. The dark wooden floors contrast the white cabinets, drawing the eye upward! She included minimal decor in this space allowing the geometric light fixtures and marble backsplash to shine.

There are plenty of other home design and style options to make your house a home! Share your favorite interior designs with loved ones on FamilyApp!

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