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The VB Local's Guide to the Best Fried Chicken

Is there anything more satisfying than a big plate of delicious food dished up by the locals? Read on to find where to get some of the best fried chicken in Hampton Roads.

Here in VB, we like to walk the line between southern charm and city-hip, but at the end of the day, we take our southern comfort food pretty seriously. If you're not looking for seafood, though, we've got a roundup of where to find the best fried chicken in the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads area.

Best Fried Chicken Takeout

BoBo's Fine Chicken Restaurant (Virginia Beach)

Not only do they have delicious chicken dipped in "BoBoQ sauce," their sides are worth mentioning too. Sides include fresh greens, Granny Wilson's scratch-made biscuits, Norfolk potato salad, macaroni and cheese, butterbeans, cucumber and tomato salad, and plenty of other seasonal sides! Also, try their homemade creamy, custard ice cream for dessert! Although their new to the scene, their dedication to family tradition and excellence makes them one of Hampton Road's most well-loved gems.

Pollard's (Virginia Beach)

I think they know my father's name and order at this establishment. Pollards is a locally-owned dive serving up chicken and barbecue for over 50 years. We highly recommend their catering, the chicken tenders are always a hit for any occasion.

Beach Bully (Virginia Beach)

Although roast beef is their claim to fame, it turns out their chicken recipe is also a hit! Since March of 1986, Rick Waskey and Chris Merrill have been serving up sliced, smoked, roast beef sandwiches at the Virginia Beach oceanfront to happy customers. With their roast beef reputation unmatched, their fried chicken is definitely something you'll also want to try.

Moseberth’s Fried Chicken (Portsmouth)

The perfect balance between crispy and juicy. They've been serving some of the best chicken to the Hampton Roads area for over 70 years. They were even featured on Diner's, Drive-ins, and Dives!

Best Fried Chicken at Dine-in Restaurants

Southern Fried Chicken at Union Alehouse (Virginia Beach)

A quiet, modern, restaurant with a comfortable feel. We highly recommend the southern fried chicken sandwich tossed in their signature wing sauce.

Terrapin (Virginia Beach)

A sleek, modern venue serving up locally-sourced American cuisine. Every Wednesday their special includes a glass of pinot noir and fried chicken entree for $22. You can't beat it!

Supper Southern Morsels (Norfolk)

A Southern-style restaurant and bar in Ghent serving up southern comfort food. Enjoy their Nashville Hot Chickendinner or deviled eggs with a signature cocktail in hand on their rooftop patio. Comfort food just warms the soul.

Do It Yourself

It may seem like a pretty daunting task, but frying chicken at home isn't so hard after all! Check out this super simple recipe! Serve it up with some baked beans, biscuits, corn pudding, coleslaw, black-eyed peas, or mac-n-cheese.

Southern Fried Chicken

Enjoy this delicious fried chicken your whole family will love!

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15 mins


20 mins


50 mins






16 pieces


357.0 kcal


  • 2

    whole bone-in, organic chickens


  • vegetable oil

    for frying

  • 2



  • 6


    all-purpose flour

  • 5



  • 4


    ground black pepper

  • 2


    garlic powder

  • 2



  • 1


    onion powder

  • 2


    cayenne pepper


  • Southern Fried Chicken

    1. Cut

      Cut the whole chickens into 4 breasts, 4 thighs, 4 legs, and 4 wings. Set aside.

    2. Preheat

      Preheat your oil to 325 degrees F, either in a heavy pan or cast iron skillet on the stove or in a deeper fryer.  As long as your oil is between 300 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit, your chicken should come out perfect.

    3. Combine

      In a large bowl, combine flour, salt, black pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, and cayenne pepper. Set aside.

    4. Pour

      Pour the buttermilk into a separate large bowl, making sure its deep enough for the chicken to be submerged.

    5. Prepare

      Prepare your dredging station. Place your chicken in a bowl. Beside that, your dry mixture.

    6. Coat

      Take the chicken breasts and dust them with the flour mixture. Then, dip them in buttermilk until they are coated.

    7. Coat

      Place in the flour mixture and push the flour mixture into the chicken. Make sure the chicken is thoroughly coated. When coating and breading your chicken, make sure to tap off the excess buttermilk and flour.

    8. Submerge

      Gently place the chicken breasts in the hot oil.

    9. Repeat

      Next, repeat the dredging steps with your other pieces of chicken: thigh, leg, then wing.

    10. Flip

      When you place the last wing into the fryer, you should have 16 pieces of chicken in the oil. Set a timer for 15 minutes. Flip several times to ensure the breading cooks evenly and does not burn. If you are pan frying, do the pieces in several batches, as overcrowding the pan may cause the breading to fall off.

    11. Check

      After 15 minutes, take a meat thermometer and check the temperature of a breast. If it reads 165 degrees F, the chicken is done. With fried chicken, white meat will be best around 165 F and dark meat can be cooked to 170 F for ideal texture.

    12. Remove and Cool

      Remove the chicken pieces from the pan or fryer and drain for 5 minutes. Let it cool for another 10 minutes before serving.



357.0 kcal


4.4 g


126.0 mg


21.0 g


40.0 g

Gesättigte Fettsäuren:

5.7 g






200.0 mg

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