Best Sandwiches in Virginia Beach

virginia beach sandwiches

Sandwiches… the best thing since sliced bread (pun intended). They’re easy, customizable, and delicious, and knowing where to find the best sandwiches in Virginia Beach is key to keeping your stomach happy.

So, before you slap together another PB&J, take a look at our list of the best sandwich joints in town. We’re positive you’ll be satisfied as you chow down on some of these tasty, affordable sammies.

Doc Taylor’s Restaurant – Delicious Sandwiches in Virginia Beach

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Specializing in both tasty breakfast and lunch, Doc Taylors is a household name that carries prestige. One stop at Doc’s, and you’ll certainly recognize someone you’ve seen before. The story behind Doc Taylors begins in the heart of a quaint oceanfront motel. There, Doctor Taylor himself found the vision to serve some of the best food Virginia Beach had ever tasted. Fast forward just a few decades, and you’ll find that’s exactly what he achieved! Doc Taylor’s isn’t just a local eatery– it’s a lifestyle. Located on 23rd street right next to the famous Tautogs seafood restaurant, Doc’s frequently hosts live musicians at their Seaside Market Lounge with no cover charge. Grab some food and enjoy life the way it’s meant to be lived.

I recommend the Turkey Reuben.

Beach Bully BBQ

Pulled Pork BBQ might be this eatery’s specialty, but a closer look at Beach Bully’s extensive menu will reveal a plethora of additional choices. From Hot Ham & Cheese to the always-delicious Grilled Chicken sandwich, Beach Bully is sure to leave your hankerings satisfied. The coffee is great, and the soda is cheap, so you’ll never leave without quenching your inevitable post-meal thirst. Wait, what’s that? Your decision is solely based on tasty side options? Don’t stress any longer– Beach Bully has all the classics. And yes, that includes hush puppies.

I recommend the Fried Fresh Flounder Sandwich Combo with onion rings and green beans.

Great Sandwiches in Virginia Beach: Wawa

If you’ve spent more than a week in Virginia Beach, then you’ve probably seen plenty of those iconic “Hoagie Fest” T-shirts. Are they just for style? No. Loyal Wawa customers wear them with pride. They’ve figured out where to find one of the best sandwich deals in town, and now you can join the movement. With unbeatable prices and dozens of ingredients to choose from, Wawa hoagies are quick and easy. After ordering your food on one of Wawa’s speedy touchscreen menus, you’ll be in and out before you can yell, “it’s hoagie time.”

I recommend the classic Italian Hoagie.

Zero’s Subs

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With plenty of locations around the Hampton Roads area to pick from, there’s always a Zero’s Subs nearby. But be warned… only serious submarine sandwich seekers are welcome. Each of their delicious options is toasted to perfection, and they’ve been converting Subway customers for decades with their ferocious blast of flavor. Zero’s offers plenty of chip and cookie options to partner with their meals, giving each customer the perfect savory-sweet combination they’ve always wanted.

Zero’s has the best BLT in town, but I’d recommend the Philly Chicken & Cheese to anyone.

Taste Unlimited – Sandwiches Unlimited

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Some sandwiches are best devoured in style. Offering food that belongs on the cover of a magazine, Taste combines flavor and aesthetics to bring its customers a true edible masterpiece. What’s more important than a delicious sandwich? A savory bag of potato chips to go along with it! That’s right– Taste is home to a wide variety of Route 11 potato chips, with flavors ranging from dill pickle to sweet potato. Many of Taste’s classic sandwich options are lathered in their famous house dressing. If you’re looking for a kick, they have a spicier version available too.

I recommend the Boardwalk sandwich with Route 11 “Mama Zuma’s Revenge” chips. 

Esoteric Craft Beer and Restaurant

When husband and wife duo Tim and Kristina Chastain joined hearts and heads to create their own restaurant, they had all the right things in mind. Craft beer, eclectic foods, and an especially diverse aesthetic all mixed together make up the backbone of Esoteric, and the product is worthy of high praise. Esoteric recognized a need for rich culture in an up-and-coming area, which gave them the passion to give back to the Virginia Beach community. Their philosophy on dining reaches far beyond the food. In fact, they consider themselves not only a restaurant but a place for inspiration and hanging out. They, too, grow plenty of ingredients in their garden just out back.

I recommend the Spicy Chicken Sammie (it gives CFA a run for their money).

Commune “Real Food”

Commune might be the MVP for our Sandwich shop list. That’s a big title, we know, but they’ve earned it. Serving delicious food is one thing, but GROWING that food puts Commune on a whole new level. That’s right– two years ago, owner Kevin Jamison made a game-time decision and purchased a farm out in Pungo, VA. Their dream of serving locally sourced ingredients became a reality. So many of the foods included on their menu are grown just down the road. From different meats to jams and cheeses, Commune is truly a one-of-a-kind farm-to-table eatery.

If you want a taste of the action, I recommend the Double Stack Pungo Tuck Beef Burger.  

Panera Bread: Virginia Beach Sandwiches

Before you exit this article, hear me out. While Panera is no local gourmet cafe, Regular Panera Bread customers are the reason local economies are thriving. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Netflix releases a documentary about Panera’s loyal following (you know who you are). They’re everywhere, and there’s a good reason for it. If their convenient delivery service isn’t enough to eliminate all other sandwich options, then their famous “Pick 2” combo will certainly do the trick. With half of a tasty sandwich and a hearty portion of hot soup, you’ll have enough fuel in the tank to get you through the toughest of days.

I recommend the Chipotle Chicken Avocado Melt paired with the Bistro French Onion Soup.

Bay Local

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Because this article’s primary purpose serves only to highlight the best sandwiches in Virginia Beach, I won’t bore you with all of the other wonderful things Bay Local does well. But don’t be surprised to find your grocery list cut short to make room for a few weekly visits to this fine eatery. Bay Local sources all of their ingredients locally, which is impressive considering the affordability of their menu. They’ve got a serious passion for impacting the local community with quality foods. Plus, their two locations are more than enough to reach everyone who’s willing to test that passion out. I recommend the Hot Pastrami and Swiss sandwich.

Iggles Cheesesteaks and Burgers

If you’re craving that Philadelphia classic but don’t feel like a 5-hour drive, Iggles does cheesesteak just right. This small sandwich shop with an eclectic Philly sports theme is known for its famous cheesesteaks. While you can go with the classic sandwich, you can also get cheesesteak fries, burgers, subs, hoagies, and more. Grab a taste of Philly right on Virginia Beach Boulevard! I highly recommend the Cheesesteak Eggrolls! They’re like nothing you’ve had before…in all the right ways.

Margie and Ray’s Crabhouse and Restaurant

One of the best local eats is the crabcake sandwich. Plenty of places have this delicious seafood sandwich, but you really can’t go wrong at this down-home seafood spot with a chill, rustic bar. With plenty of Old Bay seasoning and no fillers, this sandwich will hit the spot. Over the past several years, Margie and Ray’s has become known as one of the top seafood establishments in the southern end of Virginia Beach. You’ve got to stop in to see what all the hype is about.

Hop on over to Sandbridge and try their Crabcake Sandwich; you won’t be disappointed.

Philly Cold Cuts on Great Neck Road

Looking for authentic Philly cheesesteaks? Look no further than Philly Cold Cuts on Great Neck Road with its Philly cheesesteaks and Italian sandwiches. The classic deli provides a comfy counter-serve experience, so you can enjoy a classic Philly, a chicken Philly, or a meatball sub. Be sure to try their delicious sides, from crispy potato fries to dipping cheese.

I recommend the Traditional Cheesesteak.

Try Out Some of the Best Sandwiches in Virginia Beach

There you have it—the best sandwiches in Virginia Beach compiled above just for you. From sandwich classics to seafood spin-offs, we’re firm believers that each of these locations is worth every dollar spent. So, empty those piggy banks and see what the fuss is all about. Did we miss your favorite sandwich place? Let us know your go-to stop for the perfect lunchtime meal!

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