12 Best Virginia Beach Gluten-Free Restaurants

virginia beach gluten-free restaurants

When you’re looking for gluten-free restaurants, or at the very least, restaurants with gluten-free options, you don’t want to compromise quality or flavor. At these 12 Virginia Beach gluten-free restaurants, you don’t have to! Read on for some of our favorites.

*Note: just because we suggest a restaurant, it doesn’t mean it’s a 100% dedicated gluten-free facility. Instead, their gluten-free options are quality meals we would recommend. Be sure to call a restaurant if you have severe allergy concerns or are concerned about cross-contamination between ingredients. 

Our Favorite Virginia Beach Gluten-Free Restaurants

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can’t go wrong with one of these local Virginia Beach gluten-free favorites.

Your Pie Pizza

This build-your-own-pizza joint at Hilltop is known for its gluten-free, vegan, keto-friendly pizza options that will make you excited about pizza again. They’ll even take special care to keep your ingredients separate if you have a gluten allergy. While you can always build your own pizza, their gluten-free specialty pizza dough is topped with basil pesto, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, black olives, chicken, and parmesan. At Your Pie, there’s something for everyone, even if it’s just a delicious cheese pizza with a classic pizza crust. 

Azar’s Mediterranean Grill

This locally-owned Mediterranean favorite now has two locations. Their gluten-free menu details the things on their menu that are gluten-free or can be made gluten-free. However, the crowd favorite is definitely the gluten-free chicken tawook wrap!

Pho 79

Pho is one of the best gluten-free options out there. Ingredients in Vietnamese Pho are typically gluten-free! Usually, you’ll find variations of broth, Vermicelli rice noodles, herbs, and meat. With three different locations in the Virginia Beach area, check out the one closest to you! 

Baker’s Crust

This has been one of my family’s favorites my whole life. Fortunately, they have an entire gluten-free menu listed on their website. You can find gluten-free items in every section, from starters to desserts. My personal favorite is the Malibu Sandwich (I even tried to recreate it at home, but there’s something about Baker’s Crust–they’re doing it right). 

Cantina Laredo

There’s no section of the menu specifically designated as “gluten-free.” But Cantina Lardo has a “plant-based” section. Here, you can order items like “Enchiladas de Vegetales” and “Relleno de Hongos”– perfect for if you’re looking for both gluten-free and vegan options. Speaking of vegan, they also have menu options that use Impossible™ plant-based meat alternatives!

Virginia Beach Gluten-Free Bakeries and Desserts

Now that you’ve had a meal, you might be craving something sweet. Tasty gluten-free desserts can be one of the most difficult things to find, so we rounded up some of the best Virginia Beach gluten-free spots.

Flour Child

This adorable, mother/daughter-owned bakeshop has been a staple for locals for years. Made from scratch in small batches, they have plenty of gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free options. Just stop in or call to find out more! You can also check out their website, where they have plenty of photos of their mouth-watering confections.

My Vegan Sweet Tooth

If you’re looking for dairy-free and gluten-free options, My Vegan Sweet Tooth is the way to go. Whether you want gluten-free brownie bites or their famous gluten-free cinnamon roll, there’s no shortage of tasty options that fit your needs. Check out our article on the Best Hampton Roads bakeries for a full review!

gluten free restaurants
My Vegan Sweet Tooth’s pastries

Kahiau’s Bakery & Cafe

Their tagline is “upscale comfort food–always vegan.” This is an all-vegan bakery and cafe that serves breakfast and lunch, too! With rave reviews and great staff, they’re ready to serve you organic, gluten-free, grain-free, raw, and vegan treats!

Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants 

If someone in your family is vegan or vegetarian, or even if someone is just trying to eat more plant-based foods, here are some of our favorite places to grab some plant-powered plates.

Baladi Mediterranean Cafe

In addition to serving authentic, healthy, and delicious food on a day-to-day basis, Baladi Mediterranean Cafe also sells imported goods & groceries. Check out the vegan/vegetarian section of their menu on their website, where they have tasty staples like moujaddarah, moussaka, and grilled portobello with halloumi cheese. We’re also big fans of their mission is to care for the environment they work in and contribute to the local community.


This fast-casual breakfast and lunch spot has vegetarian/vegan options. You’ve got to try the lemony kale and white bean soup. Another favorite is, “It’s Butter Baby” –a baby kale/arugula salad with roasted butternut squash, roasted broccoli, red onion, almonds, and sprouts in a creamy roasted garlic vinaigrette. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

The Stockpot

Attention soup-lovers: this health food restaurant has many options that will soothe your soul! Their menu boasts “feel-good food” made from scratch like shakshuka (v), chifrijo bowl (gf), zucchini noodle Greek salad (gf, v), and the fattoush salad (v). Not only that, they have an extensive drink menu. The great thing about tequila is it’s vegan. 

best healthy restaurants in Virginia Beach gluten-free
photo by @thestockpotvb

Zeke’s Beans and Bowls

This oceanfront stop near Shadowlawn is a small, quirky eatery serving Hawaiian poke & açai bowls plus smoothies, juices, coffee & tea. While poke isn’t necessarily vegan or vegetarian, they have plenty of those options

Share Your Favorite Virginia Beach Gluten-Free Restaurants

Whether you’re on a gluten-free diet due to celiac’s or just as a personal preference, lots of Virginia Beach restaurants have options for their gluten-free customers. Which is the next stop on your list for gluten-free fare? Share your favorite finds with the people you love on FamilyApp!

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