Benefits of Aqua Fitness
Benefits of Aqua Fitness
13 March 2021 (updated)

What Is Aerial Yoga? Take Your Workout to New Heights

Has the treadmill become your nemesis? For many of us, these strenuous and high-impact activities can wreak havoc on our joints, muscles, and entire body. It may be time to think about a new way to stay fit. Read on to learn all about "aerial yoga," a new and fun way to revamp your workout!

With aerial yoga, also known as "flying yoga", find balance and enjoy the benefits of a gravity-defying, low-impact workout.

What Is Aerial Yoga?

The newly popular aerial yoga combines Pilates, acrobatics, and dance for a workout that is truly challenging! With this type of activity, participants use gear similar to aerial silks--called a yoga hammock for inversions and poses. Using a yoga swing or yoga hammock, this fun sport allows you to practice yoga in a relaxed, low impact way. Instead of the ground, you’ll be up in the air, free to float and find balance!

Fortunately, aerial yoga is beginner-friendly and it doesn't discriminate. Everything that is done in an aerial yoga class can be modified by the instructor for all fitness levels, so you can feel comfortable attending a class if you've never attempted aerial fitness before. Check online to find aerial yoga classes or studios in your area so you can connect with others who are ready to practice this fun and unique workout, too! You can even keep in touch with your class with a group on FamilyApp!

Or, if you have a little extra space at your house, you may want to consider setting up your own aerial yoga swing for an at-home workout. There are plenty of resources online and online instructors that you can follow along with if you aren't able to make it to a group glass. Although flying yoga equipment like a yoga hammock may take some extra money and set-up, it could be worth it.

What Are the Fitness Benefits of Aerial Yoga?

It may be time to break up with your cardio machine and think about trying a yoga swing! With flying yoga, you can get a balanced training workout!

While yoga is known for helping with breathing techniques and core strength, aerial yoga also improves body alignment. It's also known to help those suffering with chronic back pain or tension in the shoulders and neck, as the inversions you do with the hammock can increase blood flow to the back. Flying yoga can also help improve joint mobility by opening up tight areas while increasing your resistance, strength, and flexibility.

Another benefit of flying yoga is increased skill in regular yoga, as students often find the addition of an aerial yoga hammock can help deepen their pose and stretches. And an inversion pose typically difficult in mat-based yoga can become easier with the addition of a yoga swing.

The benefits of flying yoga are more than just physical! It can also be a great mood booster and a great technique for stress relief. While you're burning calories, you're also improving your memory and concentration by fortifying neural connections. While your body is getting stronger, so is your mind!

aerial yoga

It’s important to consult with your doctor first if you’re considering a new workout. Many exercises may not be ideal for those with certain conditions. If you think you might have health limitations, talk with a doctor before starting a new workout regime.

Are You Ready to Try It?

While conventional cardio can be convenient, it can get to be old hat. It's always great to take a break from the ordinary fitness activities. If you’ve tried flying yoga, let us know in our comments! Even better- tell friends and family on FamilyApp.Whether you need to reboot your workout or want to try something new, check out aerial yoga!

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