15+ Creative Cricut Christmas Crafts Everyone Will Love

cricut christmas machine

If you have a Cricut machine, you’re probably excited about all the ways you can use it this holiday season! There’s no better way to kick off the festive season than with some Cricut Christmas crafts. If you’re looking for ways to stay crafty and busy, or maybe you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas, we’ve got plenty of Cricut craft ideas!

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What Can I Make With My Cricut This Christmas?

We’re big fans of personalized Christmas gifts, and with a Cricut machine, your creative options are endless. Whether you’re a beginner crafter or expert maker, here are our top 15 picks for Christmas Cricut ideas.

1. Gift Tags

This year, I may have to skip my hand-printed cardstock gift tags in favor of these! Christmas gift tags are one of the easiest Cricut crafts you can make! You can also find plenty of free Christmas SVG files so you can seamlessly label all your gifts. And if you’re looking for last-minute gift ideas, check out one of our gift guides!

2. Christmas Ornaments

Use the Cricut Explore Air to make commemorative or even just decorative ornaments. Whether it’s your baby’s first Christmas or you’re looking for a gift for the person who has it all, a custom ornament for the Christmas tree will be something to cherish for years to come. We love ornaments with a sleek Rae Dunn look. Make them all white with black lettering or all black with white lettering with her signature tall, printed calligraphy. Finish them off with a black ribbon for hanging. They’ll look so cool and sleek among the tree’s greenery, and of course, the cranberry popcorn garland.

3. Custom or Monogrammed Stockings

No fireplace around Christmastime would be complete without stockings hung by the chimney with care. But why settle for a plain, boring old stocking that everyone else has? Use Cricut to create a one-of-a-kind stocking that you’ll love and cherish year after year.

4. Coasters

Need somewhere to put that mug of hot chocolate? Cricut coasters with infusible ink printing are the perfect way to protect your furniture. They also make great Christmas gifts!

5. Christmas Mug

It’s that time of year! And those hot, cozy drinks just taste better when you’re drinking them out of an adorable mug, don’t they? Whether it’s a mug of hot cocoa you leave out for Santa or the hot toddy you drink by the fire on Christmas Day, your mug collection is about to get a lot more festive around the holidays. These also make great DIY gift ideas.

6. Cricut Christmas Cards

Holiday cards are one of the sure signs of the season. Whether you like to keep your cards hung up on the fridge or strung across the mantle, it’s fun to see photos and receive warm Christmas wishes from friends and family all over the country. Fortunately, Cricut takes the headache out of custom homemade cards. Check out some of our favorite funny and creative Christmas card craft ideas!

7. Custom Doormat

Using a Personalized Door Mat SVG File and freezer paper, you can make a custom Christmas-themed mat to welcome everyone who visits your home around the holidays! 

8. Custom Holiday Pillows

Around the holidays, no couch or front porch rocking chair is complete without festive pillows to set the tone. Use the Cricut Maker to make DIY Iron-on Vinyl Pillows as Christmas decorations. We love this festive gnome pillow!

cricut christmas pillow craft
Pillow by Cori at @HeyLetsMakeStuff. 

9. Matching Family T-Shirts

If your family likes to take a huge group photo around the holidays, wear matching pajama pants and make your own custom T-shirts with your Cricut as a DIY project!

10. Custom Cricut Christmas “Cookies for Santa” Plate

If your family leaves cookies and milk out for Santa, make it a custom project with fun font and pictures, signed with a note from your family. 

11. Shadow Box Wall Art

I love shadow boxes because they bring some dimension to wall art. You can put anything you’d like on your shadow box: a Christmas tree, Santa, an elf, a snowman, presents, or a nativity silhouette. You could even cut a hole in the top and fill your shadow box with “snow” (cotton balls), glitter, Christmas ornaments, sleigh bells, or any Christmas stuff you’d like!

12. Gift Wrap

My family’s motto: you can never have enough gift wrap. But it can’t be just any gift wrap. It has to be nostalgic but modern, shiny but not glittery, and after a while, it seems like it may just be easier to make our own. Use the Explore Air 2 along and Cricut Pens to make custom wrapping paper with hand-drawn snowflakes, holly, reindeer, or any other DIY ideas!

13. Custom Advent Calendar

One of my favorite Christmas decorations around my house is our personalized Advent calendar that’s shaped like our own house. Inside each window and door is a photo from one of our many travels. With Cricut, you can make an advent calendar that’s perfect for your family, whether you want to use family photos or pick a favorite theme (sports team, movies, or music).

14. Cricut Christmas Cookie Jar

Making cookies around the holidays is one of the seasonal activities I just can’t enough of. And of course, you need the perfect spot to store your cookies for easy access. If making sweet treats is your favorite Christmas festivity, you definitely need to make one of these.

15. Tea Towels or Bathroom Hand Towels

If you’re the type of person who likes decorating your spaces to match the season (cranberry and popcorn garland, am I right?), towels are a quick and easy way to spruce up your home with some embellishment. Use the Cricut Explore Air cutting machine to make some new tea towels as a DIY project.

How to Make Cricut Christmas Cards

Well, it all depends on the Christmas card you want to make. The beauty of Cricut is that you can create one-of-a-kind handmade cards, but that means there’s no set formula for your cards. The main point is that you’ll need a Cricut Machine (for cards, I would recommend the Cricut Joy), access to the Cricut Design Space, and SVG files.

In that program, you’ll upload your SVG files along with any frames and begin layering, adding shapes, and manipulating your project as you wish. Once it’s ready, you’ll click MAKE IT, which sends the file to Cricut. Then click CONTINUE on the next page. Then, finish your project as needed with your scoring stylus, Cricut pen, glue gun, and tape.  

christmas cricut ornaments
Ornaments by Amanda Refalo at @aketoingcalligrapher

How to Make Cricut Christmas Ornaments

There are so many fun ways to make and decorate ornaments for your Christmas tree, especially with a Cricut Machine! You can use any type of ornament you want (wood, glass, plastic, etc.). It all just depends on the look you’re going for. I personally love the look of 3″ plain white ceramic balls with black text that pops.

For this, start by opening your SVG in the Design Space, then hit customize to change it however you want. When you’re all done, hit the “MAKE IT” button. Design Space will then show you your image cuts laid out on a cutting mat. Arrange it, then click continue. Next, choose your material (I chose vinyl). The Cricut will then walk you through the next steps to make sure you have the right tool loaded.

Put the vinyl on a standard grip mat with the vinyl facing up. Load the mat into the machine and press the GO button. When it’s finished cutting, press the unload button. Turn your mat upside down and peel the vinyl and mat apart. Once you have separated (weeded) your designs, cut a piece of transfer tape slightly larger than your design. Peel the back of the transfer tape and apply it to the front of the design, pressing firmly. 

Then, peel away the backing of your vinyl design. Take your scissors and cut some slits into the borders of your transfer tape (this helps your flat design apply to the round ornament more smoothly). Apply the vinyl to the ornament, starting in the center, pressing down, and working your way to the outside corners. Peel away the transfer tape, and you’re done! You can even use your Cricut to make a custom tree topper, too!

Get Ready for a Very Cricut Christmas!

Put away the glitter, glue, and cardstock. Your Christmas crafts are about to get a whole lot easier. Share your favorite ideas with the people you love on FamilyApp, or start a group chat and plan a Christmas Craft Night with lots of Cricut Projects!

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