Meowy Christmas: 15 of Our Favorite Christmas Cats

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The holiday season is the purr-fect time to spend with those you love – especially our furry family members. And there’s no better way to get into the Christmas mood than seeing these Christmas cats!

Read on to see how some of our favorite feline friends and how they’re enjoying the holiday season!

Why Do Cats Like Christmas?

This may seem like a silly question, but any cat owner can tell you that something’s in the water for cats around the holidays. Is it the promise of a catnip toy under the tree? The more snuggles from owners who have snow days? While those are all great, we think these are the more likely culprits:

1. Christmas Trees

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s like a giant scratch post with built-in adventures (branch climbing) and side quests (knocking over ornaments). Not to mention all the great smells, warm lights, tinsel, and sparkles. If we were cats, we would also spend all of our time terrorizing the tree.

Christmas Cats A Cat by A Tree
Photo by @maddiecooncat

2. Presents

For cats, the world is their oyster. Nothing is really off-limits. A present under the tree labeled with someone else’s name? That’s theirs. Apparently, they think all that paper and ribbon that’s perfect for chewing, gnawing, and eating. “Great roughage and fiber,” as my grandparents would say. Note: be careful; ribbon and paper can get caught in their digestive tract and cause issues. Keep your cats away if you can. Although we acknowledge that’s a challenging feat.

christmas cat peeking

3. Empty Boxes

If only we could scan cat brains and figure out why they’re so obsessed with squeezing their bodies into tight spaces. Since Christmas time, especially Christmas morning, is filled with obstacle courses of packaging, paper, and empty boxes, what’s not to love? You could buy them 15 cat toys, and they’ll still sit most contently in that empty Amazon box that’s a few sizes too small.

Our Favorite Christmas Cats

These festive felines have embraced the holiday season with gusto! Here are some of our favorite Christmas cats, enjoying all that this time of year has to offer.

Christmas Hats for Christmas Cats

Buster is not only the fluffiest Santa Claus, but he’s taking his job very seriously this Christmas. Are you naughty or nice? He’s got his list and checking it twice!

Christmas Wonder

Toby’s taking a more thoughtful approach, as he reminds us of the little wonders like Christmas tree lights. By the looks of things, he may be wondering whether the lights look better OFF the tree.

Christmas House Cat

Cat lovers know how much cats love their cardboard houses, and these kittens are enjoying the holiday season by decorating their home with Christmas lights. Although knowing cats, this one probably still opted for the empty Amazon box.

christmas cat with decorated box
Photo by @bad.hemi

Christmas Buddies

Christmas is a time of hope, love, and friendship, and I think we can all agree that Sodapop and Ginger exemplify Christmas spirit. Sodapop (the white cat) has a condition called heterochromia, meaning she has two different colored eyes. Fun fact: heterochromia is more common in cats with white coats!

The Tinsel Is Mine!

This fluffy kitten doesn’t want to share the tinsel with anyone this holiday season! Parents, are there any Christmas decorations you have to hide out of reach from rambunctious kids or kiddos? At some point, we transitioned to “only unbreakable decor,” and things have been much less stressful ever since.

christmas cat with tinsel
Photo by @crafts4cats

Funny Christmas Cats

Have you ever seen a more festive Christmas cat? Seriously, all the outfit is missing is the candy canes! Deep down inside, I think cats enjoy the attention they receive at Christmas time. VERY deep inside.

The Christmas Spotlight

Hallie seems destined for the spotlight this Christmas! And when she’s not posing for her closeup, she enjoys spreading Christmas joy by giving kisses. If only we could see the decorations from those high-up spaces, just like Hallie.

cat on ledge christmas
Photo by @rumiandhallie

It’s Christmas Everywhere

Here is another photo of Sodapop enjoying the great outdoors in the land down under. If Sodapop’s Grinch bandana and coordinating hat don’t put you in the mood to bring out the presents and cut the roast beast, nothing will. I think our hearts just grew three sizes today!

Rocking the Christmas Scarf

Luna’s favorite part about Christmas is wearing her Christmas scarf and wearing it proudly! We love your Christmas scarf, Luna.

Christmas Joy

Simba loves the Christmas season and is thankful to be spending his third Christmas in his fur-ever home. He bears the name of his lion king brother well. Simba’s favorite Christmas activities include eating delicious treats, taking long naps, and cuddling

christmas cats simba
Photo by @simba_zan

Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas

Who knew that what the season needed was a Santa Claus Christmas hat for cats? I don’t think my grandmother’s cat would be as enthusiastic as this cutie, but it is absolutely adorable. How would your cat react if you dressed them up for Christmas?

yawning santa christmas cat
Photo by @thebengal_luna

Christmas Box

Everyone loves having that cozy spot to enjoy the holiday season, and our furry friends are no different. And your cats can also have their own one of these luxury homes this Christmas. (Your cat will love it; you can thank us later!)

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Dora’s love of simple and elegant white lights is a timely reminder not to miss the Christmas magic. If only we all had such a sense of awe and wonder!

The Best Christmas Gift

Our feline friends are some of our greatest gifts, and this cat knows it! Not only does he have a box, but the box is placed perfectly to survey all the birds and squirrels. It’s the perfect scenario. Seriously though, there is no better gift than the joy brought by Christmas cats and dogs.

Your Christmas Cat Style

Our cats probably don’t realize what all the fuss is about during the holidays. Nonetheless, it is fun for us to include them in the festivities, and I am sure they love the attention. Whether it is a Christmas scarf, a gift box, a Santa Claus hat, or a whole Christmas suit, be sure to give your cat the attention they deserve this holiday season!

Have any great cat pictures of your Christmas felines this holiday season? Share them with us on social #getfamilyapp. 

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