Classic Minimalist Mom on the Street: Pauline Wood-Smith

Classic Minimalist Mom on the Street Pauline Wood-Smith

Whether she's traveling throughout England or at home with her family, our Classic Minimalist Mom on the Street Pauline Wood-Smith is always on the go. And she's always looking stylish.

Meet Pauline

Pauline Wood-Smith is a stay at home mom and a freelance artist from Virginia Beach, VA, now living in England. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Animation from Regent University. She met her husband, a member of the Royal Air Force while he was stationed in Virginia Beach. When his post ended, they married and moved to England where they raise their two children.

When her family is not exploring the English countryside or visiting historic castles and palaces, Pauline loves designing invitations, fun baby shower game kits, and graphic designs for special occasions.

Classic Minimalist Style

Which three words best describe your style? My style would be basic, minimalist, and classic. I don’t really have a set style though I think I fall under basic or classic the most.

What are your favorite places to shop? Nowadays, I like looking at Zara’s sale section online. There’s also Loft and I’ve always liked Banana Republic.

Who’s your favorite style icon? That would probably be Jackie O. She screamed poise and elegance.

What article of clothing/accessory would you not want to live without? Definitely a good pair of jeans and a plain white shirt.

Classic Minimalist Style Tips

What’s your best style advice? My best style advice would be to tuck in your shirt to have a finished look and wear pointy shoes or have a nice go-to pair of shoes. Also, ironing your shirt, I think it’s a must to have that subtle finish look.

Which trend would you want to see make a comeback? Interestingly enough, I’d like to see fashion in the 1920s make a comeback. I think women put a lot of effort into achieving a cohesive look during that time. I love their hats and interesting dresses. Maybe if we could take some of the elements and make it for the women today, that would be fascinating to see.

What should NEVER make a comeback? Though I love the '80s, frizzy hair is a big no-no and maybe bubble gum pink color should be banned. Just kidding!

What fashion/style did you love at the time, but now cringe when you see old photos? My early 20’s called for really really short skirts. Thinking about it now makes me cringe. But, I don’t feel as bad about my experience, because my mom told me she wore shorter skirts than mine during her day. Haha, sorry, mom.

Whats your best style secret? Best style secret would be lining your inner upper eyelid with eyebrow pencil to make it seem you have thicker eyelashes.

Stilettos or flats? It really depends on where I’m going. Since I walk everywhere, a good pointy flat shoe is a must for me, or lately, I’ve been rocking my sneakers. I literally walk everywhere.

Classic Minimalist Family

What’s your favorite way to spend time with your family? Family movie night on Fridays is the best.

What’s been your best family vacation? Honestly, we haven’t been on a vacation since my little one. Perhaps, one is due soon and that would be to go to the US.

Best parenting advice: The best parenting advice is to say sorry to your kids when you’re wrong. I think it’s a good road map for them that they are making good choices and yes, adults make mistakes too.

Parenting true confession: I wish there were two of me so I can do all my work and spend time with my children.

What’s your go-to family dinner? Our go to family dinner would be chili on rice.

What’s your favorite family restaurant? Nowadays we go to Wagamama a lot, it’s a Japanese restaurant or if we are craving American, we go to Bluegrass BBQ.

Classic Minimalist Life

What’s your favorite show to binge watch? I’m loving Star Trek Discovery.

If you could pick anyone to star as you in a movie based on your life, who would it be? Maybe, Constance Wu from Crazy Rich Asians.

What’s your favorite beach read? Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. This book will show you how the world really works.

What’s the best song to dance to when nobody’s watching? Nothing in particular, really. If it’s a good credits song after a movie then I’ll dance to it.

If you could go shopping with anyone from history, living or deceased, who would it be? Marie Antoinette- I just want to experience that kind of luxury then probably tell her to cut the spending and help people. Haha.

What’s at the top of your travel bucket list? The Maldives- just because one day it will not be there.

What’s your favorite way to unwind at the end of a long day? Watching YouTube videos. If I don’t know something I’ll watch a YouTube video. There’s so much to learn.

Your Classic Minimalist Style

We love Pauline's fresh and polished approach to classic minimalist style. It's fun and versatile, but not too fussy. She is a great example of how you can look as beautiful in jeans and a tee shirt as you can in more formal outfits. We're also big fans of her fun shoes and accessories that make the rest of her outfits pop. She does a beautiful job of seamlessly integrating style and sophistication into her busy lifestyle!

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